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It is a fictional post-apocalyptic world. 15 years after the disaster, you must leave your shelter and venture into a world without human life. Your survival is in your hands.

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You are on your own in a world full of dangers! You can drink only if you discover water, survive the night only, you have a safe place to sleep – eat only what you have found or hunted. Explore a destroyed world and experience a dark story.

Dead Man’s Diary is a unique blend of elements from several genres. The gameplay adopts typical survival mechanics such as crafting items or exploring a hostile world including the need to find places to sleep or food, but enriches the gameplay with a grippingly told story and realistic puzzles.


  • Photorealism! Elaborately designed locations built with Unreal technology
  • Exploration! Dunsmall forests, ruins of cities and abandoned industrial complexes
  • Think! Tricky but realistic puzzles
  • Story. A rich story told as fully synchronized diary entries and soliloquies of the protagonist
  • Survival! Food, water, sleep – the hero has realistic needs.
  • Crafting! All equipment can be upgraded at a workbench

Game duration! The large game world and the extensive story provide about 20-30 hours of gameplay.


Dead Man's Diary with Deadpool and Captain America in your ear

The voice to be heard is not an unknown one: German voice actor Dennis Schmidt-Foß (Deadpool) voices the main character of Dead Man’s Diary. Dennis Schmidt-Foß recorded about 23,700 words for the narrative survival title in the studio. While players explore elaborately designed settings like sinister forests or abandoned industrial complexes with the protagonist and solve tricky puzzles, they listen to the 458 monologues with a total length of about one hour.

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