Crucial Roads to Improve Game Experience

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  • After playing the game for quite a while now, there is one thing that bugs me - illogical ways to get to certain cities! This can easily be fixed by adding a few small roads into the game! I know the developers are busy, but if they could add in a few of these short roads, It will cut down a lot of unnecessary driving time in game and improve the experience certainty for myself, and i'm sure many other players too!

    1. The one-way road in Rouen

    As represented in the green arrow below, there is a one-way road in Rouen, as true to real life. However this causes a massive diversion in game of over 2 hours driving time!! (look at images below comparing the route from Rouen to Paris, and from Paris to Rouen). In red I have drawn where another small road could go, along with the comparison of that road on google maps.

    2. A road connecting Strasbourg to Autobahn 5

    In real life, Highway 5 connects Strasbourg with Autobahn 5. However, currently in game there in no road across the Border unless you head south of Frieburg, or north of Karlsruhe. This is really incovient if you want to do a route Karlsruhe - Strasbourg - Frieburg, requiring lots of double backing on yourself. I can see that this section of Autobahn 5 currently has "roadworks" in the current update and there is already roads leading out of Strasbourg in that direction. So perhaps this is a road that the developers are already working on...

    3. A road connecting Bonn with Autobahn 3

    Many Flixbus' IRL come from the Frankfurt direction, call at Bonn and then head up to Cologne and further north. However, in game to do this, you have to head up to Cologne then back down to Bonn, before heading back up to Cologne again! A simple road connecting Autobahn 3 with Bonn would be brilliant, such as Autobahn 560.

    4. A road connecting Paderborn with Bielefeld

    At the moment, If you want to go to Bielefeld from Paderborn, you have to go back down and all the way round. When in real life Autobahn 33 continues south to connect with Paderborn. It would be great the have this in game!

    I do have a few more which I would like to post about at a later date (Regensburg & Marseille) however I can only attach 10 images per post and I can't reply to the thread yet.

    I would love the developers to have a look at this and add these at to the game at some point in the future to make the game experience that much better! If you have any ideas about small roads that could improve the game, post below!

  • Here is another Silly one I found today...

    You cannot head South from Tours. Instead you have to head North east to the closest junction, turnaround, and then go back past tours to journey south.

    This diversion adds another 1h30 to a journey towards Bordeaux. It can be fixed by adding a simple slip road to the roundabout (as shown in red above).

    Thanks :-)