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    Thank you for your explanations but to be honest they don't satisfy me. People don't want pay for a game which has lots of bugs. And beside this, they release paid DLCs for a game which is still "in progress". If everything would be "ok" ( in terms of everything optimization, gameplay, features... etc ) Yes, it could be reasonable to buy dlcs. And lastly I don't think that they will go a step further with unreal engine. Anyway, as a new player I don't have a right to criticize the development of the game. Have a great day to everyone!

    Firstly, I don't agree with you, everyone who buy the game have the right to criticize it, we all sincerely hearing from your advices. If you're new to FernbusSim, you might know this game had been long-time maintained for 3 and a half year since it's release, we kept fixing bugs, optimizing it, adding new contents and features both in free and pay. I think most of us would like a game is always "in progress" instead of "standing still". And it will surely be further improved in the future.

    About the paid contents, just like you can't get all the contents for free in other games, maybe some provide free vehicles, but it is just the differences between each studios. But hey, you know that our vehicles DLC can capable between two -maybe three in the future- different games. That doesn't provided by other companys, and you're surely getting benefit from it. In the meanwhile, we also provide lots of free contents including vehicle just as Surtur mentioned above.

    Welcome and hope you have fun in our games, if you find some bugs or any suggestion, please feel free to tell us in the forum here.

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    Could you please create a ticket in our support center?

    If you meet some technical issues, just send it to the support center, our crews will help you there.

    As Martin said, please follow his step to find the 'Crashes' folder, zip it and send it with your ticket.

    And you'd better provide a DXdiag, please follow the steps below:

    Press WINDOWSKEY+R, enter "dxdiag" and press ENTER. When the report is finished, click on "Save all information" and attach the created Textfile to your Support-Ticket.

    Again, you don't need to open a new thread for every topic. Thank you!:)

    I'm closing up this thread.

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    Hi, Scoop

    There will be an orange display on the cockpit, and the AC is actually controlled by the Knob under the driver monitor.

    Delays during changes in MENU

    bad color painting Neoplan no glass

    bad window when painting Setra bus

    Hi Martin

    You need to select the correct part of the bus then start adjusting the colour, e.g. if you don't want the black part be painted, just disable it by clicking those button there, those options in highlight is what you're controlling.

    Thank you guys above all, those issues of Scania are fixed, will be delivered to you in the next patch.:)

    CuzzystyleTV Hi,

    I can't reproduce the first issue you mention about Scania, could you please provide a short video?

    The mirror bug had been fixed, you'll receive a new update very soon.

    If you feel the sight blur, you can try to go into the Graphics setting, turn off the Distance field option to 0.

    The issue of that roundabout near Porte Maillot had been fowarded, thank you again for your report.;)