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    Can you fix the front windscreen rain effect. The puddles and rain on the side of the coach is fantastic. When raining there is no need to use to wipers as no rain appears on the windscreen?
    Staff note: Will be fixed soon!

    Reduce the green bus stop marker to only turning green when then bus is parked properly, currently turns green when anywhere nearby

    Menus look poor compared to ETS. ETS style navigation would answer a lot of problems

    Have yet to be able to make my G920 A,B,X,Y keys work correctly. Assigning the buttons doesn't work
    Staff note: Will be fixed soon!

    Include other buses in AI, also other buses in bus stations, more passengers

    Adjustable mirrors

    Map size is excellent, detail fantastic, bus modelling superb.

    Can't wait for the neoplan (maybe a free upgrade for early purchasers due to bugs in production game maybe?)
    Staff note: Let's see! Probably some free minor gadgets ingame?

    Hope you approve some of these suggestions