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    Um Hi ...... It seemed to somehow increase when I submitted my Thread cause I now I get my XP Points after I finish the route..... but looking forward'
    to updates to fix the problems :D ......its ok now though :thumbup: .....but just that I now save my game when there seems to be a problem and then I'll let
    you know if there are any more bugs. But you guys work so hard to deal with a lot of issues its understandable. :thumbup: :thumbup:
    Anyways keep the good work up :thumbup: .... Thanks for replying....


    Hi all, I hope the day finds you all well.

    I use the steering in the game from my windows Xbox 360 Controller. its really hard to have keep the steering straight as it goes to one side sometimes, um the passengers get upset when this happend's. But I'm not to sure how to fine tune that, so that it's not hard to use going around a bend too. And when this happens it only wants to go pull to the left..... Thanks

    I hope you guys can put another window when you are playing the game with a direction GPS. I always have my view half way to the GPS already on the bus and to the left mirror and its a bit hard to look behind and look at the GPS in the bus at the same time.
    Maybe you guys could have another assigned key to open a little window on top right for a clear direction GPS. It can be especially good for people like me who does not know were the direction of the route takes you.

    Everyone that has seen this Thread well there is a GPS direction tab I found it in controls theirs no need for a GPS tab cause there is one I'm a dill should of looked probably.

    I can't get in the bus as now in carrier mode you start at the depot and the bus is all locked instruction on this new this update cause the door is locked and the key to open the front door in the manual shows that the F9 F10 so it so pose to open and close the front door, I still can't play the game...I don't want to complain as I know you guys that got it going were happy to have it developed and playable, please i don't want to seem like I'm complaining ....I just updated it and it took for ever only 1.4 gB but it took like 2 hours to do but someone is hacking our user data on our internet lots of it happening though on our end here.....
    Now the only problem is getting in the Bus as I set the Route From and too, that's all..Thanks