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    Hello! I already commentend about the beta but i want to do here too. First of all thank you to the team for the continous effort to improve this game, big step forwards have been made even if there's still some work to do.
    About the update:

    First things that comes to mind is a funny bug i had about ambience sounds: i ended up in a small town and i could hear pigs and cows like they were in the bus... that made me laugh but it's not very realistic.. please fix it!

    The game seems quite good about performance and graphics.

    Some other hints: i started a route at dawn and it was raining, AI headlights were just too bright. I think there's something wrong about reflections when raining at night. They were almost blinding me.

    Last thing that i can remember is about ai traffic. I arrived in Leipzig at about 11 am and the city was almost desertic. (i have 100% traffic density in the settings).

    In the end a suggestion about sounds: if you would be able to add some "vibration" sounds it would add a lot of immersion. I mean the sound of the parts of the bus just vibrating while you drive or when you hit some irregular road.

    That's all for now! Hope to hear about new updates soon. Keep up the nice work

    Just a few more suggestions:
    - regarding the sound system it would be nice if you add a simple vibration sound while you drive, it would be simple to do but add a lot of immersion for the simulation.
    - There's a problem with ai headlights since i can see them under bridges
    - speed limits are not right on some of the roads (for example there are some roads with 100kmh limit and you suddenly have a traffic light)
    - again, physics ! please fix it since it's very annoying for a simulator not to feel a difference on uphill or downhill roads!

    that's all for now.

    Hi! I haven't been playing the game for a while now but i decided to test the beta when i read about the new sound engine. I have to admit i was really pleased ! It sound much better now even if i think, like other users stated here, that there's some adjustment to be done (for example the sound of ai traffic is too loud when driving).
    Performance is quite good and also the graphic is nice. I didn't encounter any problem after a 2 hours long drive. Something i hope you'll be working on is physics especially regarding the fact that i don't notice any difference if i'm driving uphill or downhill.. i hope other users can confirm that! There's also something strange about steering that i'm not able to describe at the moment: i'm using a steering wheel and when driving on an highway it seems that i need to steer too much even for a smooth curve and that doesn't feel right (hope to get some feedback from other users on this too). What else to say? Keep up the great work and i think i'll support you by getting the upcoming dlc. But please don't stop the updates! The game is getting really nice but it can still be a lot better!

    So, i finally had the chance to play the game and these are my feedbacks:
    - The game has a really nice "feel", even if i'm having performance problem and i think i will have to upgrade my system. Lights effects are awesome, i love the way it renders the sunlight and the shadows, it feels very real!
    - Cities are quite well modeled even if they still look a little bit empty at the moment. (i've read somewhere that maybe in the future pedestrians will be added, so maybe this will be fixed)
    - Having the chance to get off the bus and checkin the passengers is great

    Taking a look now to things which need to be fixed in my opinion:
    - Sometimes the highway has too many curves or they're just too sharp for an highway
    - Speed limits and passengers complaining about low speed. They're just generally too high in my opinion, especially on the junctions of the highway and the passengers are too anxious about my speed!! :P
    - Very low performance in tunnels
    - Rest areas and passengers complaining. No need to explain, there are few resting areas and it would be nice if the time you spend on a stop if you arrive early can be used as resting time. It would be great if you can actually see your passengers deboard and smoke a cigarette :P
    - Bus sounds. There's something i don't like about the internal engine sound. I think it can be improved. It would be also nice if you can hear some rattling noises when you drive. Also passengers chatting would be good!
    - Steering. I've read here that someone explained a problem about the streering differential or something like that. I can't really explain it but i feel there's something wrong in the steering.
    - Weather changes. It's clear that it should be more gradual.

    That's all for the moment! I just wanted to share it with other users and with developers with the aim of making a great game!
    Overall i really liked what you put togheter and i strongly believe this game has a great potential!