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    Hey everyone!

    got a new Fernbus coach simulator video for you guys :)
    Im back driving a coach after quite a long time, and im really happy to be back! Today i take the new Neoplan Skyliner for a trip from Hamburg to Rostock via Kiel.
    enjoy this long video! ;) ohh and... sorry for the hissing background noise, i have to tweak my audio settings in the next one :P

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    Hey everyone!

    Today i drive the famous R33 redbird subway. I will show you everything from the lovely canteen till the end of the shift.
    You will see how to set up the train, and how to operate it. Also alot of beautifull scenery is going on! :D

    Enjoy the video, and have a happy and wonderfull 2017!

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    thats it for now :D

    Greetings from Holland!

    hi everyone!

    I made a video about one of my all time favourite simulators, wos3! not the newest on the market but i dont care :D
    lets re-live the old love for wos3 again and step back in the cockpit of an old C stock subby, driving it from Hammersmith to Edgware road(outer circle)

    I will show you how to set up the train correctly for your shift, and how to program the DVA correctly,


    Hello everyone here on the TML-studios forum!

    My name is Rick and i made a youtube channel called simstuff, here i will show you every ins and outs of as many simulators as possible!
    I bring you detailed but still straight to the point explainations of how everything works in the game, and you will also see how much of a laugh
    and fun you can have in simulators :D

    So far i made a video coverage of the new improved Hamburg innovationslinie in OMSI 2, where i will be driving a lovely ''citaro'' bendy bus from the 3 generations add-on pack on line 109 from Alsterdorf to the hauptbahnhof ZOB

    here's the link for the OMSI 2 video:

    Before that i made a video coverage of fernbus coach simulator, i made this video when it had just released on steam for a couple of days so the video doesn't show the actual state the game is in wich is MUCH better now :lol: (also the footage quality isn't to high.. noob me)
    But its still fun to watch and not unbareable :P This video is in 2 parts so here are the links: part 1: part 2:

    This is all the material i have at the moment and i sincerely hope you guys enjoy my video's and please comment on them! Tell me what i should make next for you guys? after all i want to make stuff YOU want to see ;) If you're like, well.... thats cool simstuff! please leave me a like and subscribe and i'll try to make more video's for you all!

    thanks for reading my post and have a great weekend everyone!

    Greetings from Holland