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    From TML Studio talks, i felt that you will not do new maps etc after Denmark, Czechia and Poland (To cover all Germany-neighbours), but i hope that's not true feeling :)

    I doubt that's true. I think that adding all of Germany's neighbouring countries is just a priority before implementing any further countries, which is just a logical order of expansions. For example, you can't really drive to the Baltic states without driving through Poland :) Besides that, new map DLCs are a win-win situation for both the developers and players.

    I've just purchased both the Netherlands and Belgium for the ultimate Benelux experience but unfortunately I had to cut my journey short because of a steering issue. :(

    I cannot disable the auto center steering wheel option in this latest update. What I mean is that the option is on, regardless whether I turn it off or on in the game settings. It's an essential feature for me because it really makes it easier to drive with a keyboard imo, so I hope it'll be fixed!

    I have also managed to encounter egudek257 's problem of not being able to walk up the stairs onto the MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Gen (C2). I had to jump my way through to the driver's seat which was very interesting. The C3 and the standard variant don't have this issue.

    Nonetheless, it's nice to see a new update for Fernbus, especially the new lighting and physics! :)

    Kreator  Gregtz.LT

    It's funny how you both sound exactly the same. What a coincidence...

    Anyways, if you expect the physics or sounds to receive an overhaul one week after release in Early Access, then you should take a look at The Bus' competitors like LOTUS-Simulator. They haven't even managed to complete one bus model after almost two years time. But what about their official map and the rest?

    I saw that you're hating a lot on TML on Steam Discussions (and now here) but you fail to see all the things TML are doing right :) It's also no secret that TML is getting a lot of things right this time, hence the very positive reviews on Steam.

    I'm sure everything will be worked on (physics and sounds included) because it's just the beginning of Early Access and I think we just need some patience :)


    I agree that using coaches on BVG routes doesn't make much sense, but I think Quarney herself mentioned that it's more of a gift to the community. However, I do believe that it's something that modders can take advantage of i.e. creating some special routes across Berlin, or even on new maps created by the community ;) On a side note, I would like to see these coaches in traffic as you do see a lot of them irl.

    I like that in Fabian Boulegue's video we can clearly see that the map is not flat and there are ground elevations :)

    Also we seem to have a teaser of the new destination display in the video's thumbnail :huh:


    I remember when I first started playing X-Plane 11. I was completely lost in the cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. After doing some research on how to start up the plane, I wrote all the instructions down in a notepad, which I looked at every time when in the simulator. This really helped me memorise things and now I remember everything without any help. Don't give up on flight sim, look up tutorials, learn & practice as it will only get easier over time. It will be very rewarding! :)


    Great screenshots, and butter-smooth landing in Berlin! ^^


    For me it doesn't pop up at all, I'm not sure how I managed that but I will edit my post when I find out ^^

    Edit: Actually, for me it only appears when turning on/off the destination display, but not when opening/closing doors. I'm still not sure what option can trigger that.