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    I also hope that there will be more work put into the motorways, as I've already mentioned last month in the announcement thread. To me, it seems as though the Usedom DLC was created with a different approach, of putting more work into the roads than the towns, making it so unique to the rest of the map.

    I haven't seen much gameplay of the new DLC yet, but I hope that TML reflected on France, and put extra effort into the motorways in the Netherlands, bearing in mind it's a much smaller country.

    don't know if it's planned for the future but since day one, I don't get a penalty for driving through a red light.

    And I think, because it's a simulator, it's breaking the immersion. At least for me.

    I remember someone from TML, I think it was UndergroundBerlin but don't quote me on that, saying that when you drive through a red light in real-life, you don't get a ticket immediately, hence why you don't either in-game. I do consider it a more technical issue though.

    Maybe group the cities by country or allow the player to type the name of the city.

    I also support this suggestion, considering that many more cities will be added over time. I think typing the city name would be the most practical solution.

    A bit late but happy birthday forum! 🎉

    I have less time recently to be on the forum because of studies but I try my best to catch up! ^^

    I'm excited to see how the community has grown since the release of Fernbus Simulator and perhaps the game would not be the same without its fantastic community.

    I also appreciate how much TML is engaging with the community in recent times because it really brings the community closer together. There is so much progress and news from you it's incredible.

    Let's see where the community and the games will be in another 5 years! But in the meantime, I wish you great success for the hard work you've been doing in the simulator genre of gaming because it's phenomenal!

    And... I have to also say that it's exciting to see that a new double-decker may be coming to Fernbus! ^^


    Problem with running Fernbus Simulator; the game does not run

    Witaj na forum!

    Jeśli jest to możliwe, załącz zrzut ekranu błędu lub crashlog abyśmy znali więcej szczegółów na temat błędu.

    Alternatywnie, możesz wysłać zgłoszenie bezpośrednio do Supportu.

    Języki które obowiązują na tym forum to angielski i niemiecki. Możesz używać Google Tłumacz do pomocy :)


    Welcome to the forum!

    Please attach a screenshot or the crashlog so that we can have more information on the error, if that's possible.

    Alternatively, you may send a ticket directly to the Support.

    The languages used on this forum are English and German. You may use Google Translate to help you :)

    Bearing in mind this is Work in Progress footage, I hope that there will be more work put into the motorways, as they still look very empty; the road signs are placed very sparsely, there aren't any billboards or advertisements placed besides it and the road textures/markings also look the same. I do appreciate that moving bridge feature as that's very unique. Therefore I think the motorways are what TML should focus on, as they just look like there's something missing, and I don't doubt that the cities will turn out great! :)

    I really hate that TramSim has recorded the sound of the environment (where passengers are laughing)

    I've only heard this sound effect outside the tram during the evening and I thought it sounded very realistic on that occasion. I'm not sure how it would sound during other times of the day and how repetitive it gets.

    I have, however, came across several bugs, like pedestrians walking on the road and the bug with the car in the second video you've posted. One time, half of my tram randomly fell under ground. :D

    But as hadi said, they are working hard on the fixes and updates. :thumbup:


    As much as I like it, I have to agree with you. Price-wise it's expensive for what it currently offers. I mainly bought it to support the devs but it still provides me more value than LOTUS for example. :)

    TramSim is finally here!

    Who has already bought it? What are your experiences? Do you like it or not so much?

    I really like this simulator because of the realistic graphics, realistic passenger models, realistic information/destination displays, and therefore I think it's good for 'Day 1' release. Although it lacks some features, I believe it has the potential because of it's enthusiastic devs. As someone else said in Steam Discussions, ViewApp seem to be going for the quality instead of the quantity, which can be seen through the attention to detail. We'll see how this simulator progresses! :)


    Wow, that looks cool! The game looks very promising.

    I've noticed that in the trailer we can see the Italian Pendolino Alstom EMU250 train at a main station in Poland, judging by the signs.

    That means we will be able to finally drive a high-speed train across Poland, which Dovetail have been ignoring ever since they existed.

    And the multiplayer... I'm excited! :)