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    Hi Guys!!

    I just update the game (Version 1.7.10692) and I notice 3 things:

    1. Some Trucks with trailer are bouncing (jumping) around.

    2. The cameras assigned to keyboard keys 5, 6, 7, 8 don't work anymore.

    3. Some passengers in the bus are sitting in a bad position with legs out stairs wall.

    Happy Holidays TML Studios.

    Update 1.6

    Hi Guys!!, Performance feedback: Almost there, for me the post-processing graphics need more improvement.

    I just update to the the patch and the performance for me is better after I can't drive at night, now I can yeah!!! the performance is now in 17 to 31 FPS and for me is a huge improve because is more driveable and we have lest lags.

    The lighting is beautiful and with this update more enjoyable specially at night, so TML thank you for your hard work, I hope you keep improving the game and the performance, for me it's almost there! (in performance) Keep working !!!

    PS.: Because my graphic card is not so powerful if you guys need anything just say it and I will be happy to help.

    It is a very cool game @Jon D. H., the varied patches are quite important, and the performance is fundamental. I think that each one of us will be pleased including the creators, and gamers. TML is doing a great job at polishing the game, while listening to its people.

    @Marcin26677 I hope so and is great the TML team is working along with the community that demonstrate the interest in their product and the gamers. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :fernbus:

    @UndergroundBerlin That's a great news! I'm already very excited with Fernbus Simulator no mather the bad reviews the game is really nice and I see a lot of potential in this simulator.


    the optimisation of the game will be improved in the upcoming update however, your graphics card doesn't meet the minimum requirements of the game.
    A GT 640 is much slower than a recommended GTX 560.

    Well I hope better performance with the upcoming update, with ETS2 I no have problem the settings are High in that game. Thank you for your answer.

    Hi, Im a new user and played around 6 hrs with fernbus, my GPU is a GEFORCE GT640 this are some issues i have:

    When I take the exits the FPS drops from 19 to 8.
    Fatal Error when I try to continue a route after finishing another.
    AI vehicules disappearing time to time.

    I notice when the FPS drops is when the foliage or trees are near to the bus, this is very common when i take an exit.
    When I approaching to the one city the FPS doesn't drop the game is playable.

    NOTE: The configuration for the game is Medium in the majority of the settings, the rest is low. I attach the log when the game crashes.

    Hello my name is Jonathan I'm from Guatemala (sorry for my english), I just buy the game 2 days ago and I played around 6 hrs. I read a lot of bad comments about the game in steam, but I decided to give it a chance, My computer is not powerful but the game plays OK the frame rate is between 14-20 FPS but drops in very specific moments but this forum is for wishes and suggestions so here are my :

    * Show the time left for a closed road (This is for take action maybe is better wait the reopen).
    * Optional Carry the costumer luggage and placed into the bus.
    * Optional Bus mechanic failures, like over heating motor and flat tires.
    * Manual Add delay time to phone app.
    * Add emergency vehicles to road crashes maybe an helicopter landing and taking off. (adds more things to see)

    Well I hope some of this suggestions maybe consider.

    And Thank you TML Studios for your hard work.


    Hello, I'm new in the community and I have a question: How i get the general information option in game, i dont see reference in the manual

    The example is in this video minute 1:59 :

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    Or in the attached image.

    Sorry for my english.

    Greetings from Guatemala. Thanks in advance.