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    Is access to this road allowed?

    If you want to drive this roads, then you have to steal a car, you cannot drive then with coaches, because of invisible wall.

    It's good to explore, i've done exploring, but won't ruin what i found, shall i say "let yourself be in for a surprise"

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    The Alexander Dennis bus in Bus Sim 21 is great but it's not enough for me; I would've preferred a UK-style map to go along with it at least ^^

    Maybe Bus Simulator 24 :lol:

    i'd love a UK map, when the Europeans have to contend with driving on the Correct side of the road :saint:

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    Hi ItzQuackerz,

    Firstly, That's a heck of a long list ;)

    Please bear in mind, TML won't Add into the Game Mercedes Coaches (As they cannot easily obtain licenses) they will be unbranded if they do come out.

    And that TML most probably won't add coaches that Aren't used by Flixbus or that aren't well known (i've never heard of Yutong (Chinese Brand i presume?))

    Finally, can you please not open a thread for every single thing, a more appropriate thread is this one: Fernbus Simulator: Your Wishes and Ideas, having tonnes of open threads clogs the forum and may lead to important information being missed, which is something TML wants to avoid on the forums.

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    Although I’ve got reservations about some aspects of the game, I’m thrilled that Alexander Dennis/AD (A British Bus Manufacturer) is coming to the Series, AD Buses are my favourite (Maybe slightly ‘Slightly’ Biased as I’m British 8o)

    can’t wait to drive that exquisite Enviro200MMC and the Enviro500, I do hope that the Enviro 400City is released as a DLC, as that’s the bus that is most common in my city ^^

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    Pedestrian movement looking good. I don't know why, but I really like the way the vehicles wait to let them pass. I know it's very nitpicky, but if the pedestrians - no matter what direction they come from - would turn to face the road (to being able to see when the light switches to green). But, anyway looking forward to the Early Access.

    JonasD - this is because under German traffic laws, pedestrians have right of way over turning vehicles, however when continuing straight on, vehicles have right of way over pedestrians.

    Hope this clears somethings up for you!

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    Excellent! If pedestrians are now successfully implemented in The Bus then hopefully they can come to Fernbus soon! Would really make the world feel different with pedestrians moving about.

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    Hi nyithantag,

    TML announce Vehicle DLC's about 1 month before they're due to be released, right now they have their hands full with "the Bus" and "Netherlands DLC/Belgium DLC" for Fernbus Simulator.

    So i don't think anything is planned right now, but hey we can always dream!

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    I think this is a new DLC in the form of a map for Fernbus Simulator. "C" and "D" are rather letters to denote order :)

    Denis_W - that is possible, but if you look at a map or Europe (i did about a hour ago) countries beginning with "C" and "D" border countries that are already available in the Map of Fernbus (TML clearly aren't going to add a country that has no connections to a existing country already on the Map)

    That's just my opinions and could be completely wrong.

    But i love your theory, that is plausible.

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    hadi - yeah TramSim should be good, and it released on 29th October, so will be buying that for sure! But Bus Simulator 21...., need more information on it before its released.

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    Let’s conciliate curiosity shall we!?....,

    Ooh!...., well my guess for D is Denmark, a road was added that leads to Denmark but isn’t drivable right now, as for C, maybe Czech Republic, I’m really not familiar with the geography of Europe, but I could be completely wrong. :S

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    Hey everyone!

    Didn’t see a thread for Bus Simulator 21 so here it is! What do you think of the new Bus Simulator, I think that while it’s a huge improvement in many areas, it’s just copying TML studios, (e.g The Bus) and doesn’t bring anything to differ itself from The Bus, and being as it also uses UE4 if your going to use a common game engine, you need to utilise its abilities, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a knock at stillalive or their games, I love Bus/Coach games in general, and also own Bus Simulator 16/18 and will probably buy Bus Simulator 21, but I’ve always preferred TML products over competitors and have no intentions of that changing, the Bus is going to be a fantastic Simulator and Bus Simulator 21 just doesn’t give me that “wow” factor that TML products give me.

    What you guys think?

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    Fernbus 1.26.36286 BETA

    - The new "Beta" watermark in the bottom right-hand corner of the display is a cool touch, but also subtle that it's not intrusive, this is TML all over, making subtle changes that improves the user experience and overall happiness of the game.

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    Hey Quarney,

    Could my questions possibly be answered, they was missed by accident.

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    This forum is English Only, please use English in this Forum.

    The TML team is aware of the performance issues, it will be fixed in a Update which hopefully is coming soon.

    It is also not necessary to open a thread for every new issue, it clogs the forum with loads of threads and could lead to important information being missed.

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    Fernbus 1.26

    - Just finishing up last minute things before I’m done for a long weekend (it’s my birthday on Saturday) so I’m having an extra day off, think I deserve the break :S

    I’ll be back next Monday

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