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    I'm interested in changing tires.

    The real bus driver said, it seems that a good driver is good at using front tires. In other words, it seems that when you understeer, the front tires quickly become useless and your seniors get angry. In reality, the curve needs attention to the front tires.


    I wholeheartedly agree with your review.

    Especially, I've always been bother about the highway chicane too, and I've mentioned it a few times in the past, but my broken English probably hasn't gotten through to the developers.

    Maps are made on a scale of approximately one sixth. That's nice, but also the scale of the important roads is the same, so it seems that there is a problems such as chicane (and the merge lane you mentioned in another topic, etc). I think it's better to realistically deform these parts of the map without sticking to the 1/6 scale. Probably ETS2 is made that way.

    The steam will be a lot of positivity reviews when these things you mentioned are improved;)

    But I think it will take a few months or years for the game to improve it all, so I have to understand that.

    I was glad today because you wrote almost everything I wanted to say.


    If traffic is jammed, press the backspace key. Then you can erase the car in front of you. This is the hand of God:saint:

    I did an experiment on mileage today.

    When departing from the garage, the odometer showed 1392.8 km.

    When the route (Munchen - Berlin) is completed, it shows 2198.3 km.

    2198.3 minus 1392.8 should be 805.5 km.

    But the trip meter shows 839.47 km. Where did this 33.97 km come from?

    I don't know if this is a bug, but it's strange.

    I'm still not sure, what to do if there is no rest area.

    There is only a gas station in the parking area, so I cannot take a break. It would be great if all parking areas were equipped with rest areas.

    Don't you think there are too few rest areas in the first place?

    Despite keeping the speed limit, it becomes a speed violation. Stationary radar is fine. There seems to be a problem with mobile radar.

    In this video, I'm taken a speeding despite traveling at 98km/h.

    Maybe you can go back to the road by pressing the backspace key at that time?

    • Why aren't there ticket sales in shuttle mode? I'd like to see ticket sales in shuttle mode as well.

    • And here is a video of the W906 lighting problem. This midi-bus has a lighting problem as long as it is facing the front.
      As long as I am facing the front, I will be attacked by darkness.
      This is a video using TrackIR, but I had to keep facing down to avoid the problem. However, I finally changed the viewpoint setting.

    • By the way, it would be nice if the viewpoint settings were saved for each vehicle.

    Photo mode is a very awesome feature. To enhance that function, press the Home key to get an external perspective regardless of the current perspective.

    Furthermore, it is good to eliminate collision detection.

    And even more importantly, I want more control keys. This is something someone has mentioned in the past, I also want to easily adjust the height of the perspective.

    For reference, in iRacing (this is awesom racing sim), press Alt + W or S key to move the camera up and down. And press Alt + A or D to tilt the camera.

    I'd love it if you would implement it @TML-Stadios.

    I read the update history of Update 2.5 Beta properly and noticed it.

    It says as follow:

    Changelog 1.25.31989

    • (BETA) Added telemetry output and input option for modding

    If the data can really be input to telemetry, then very interesting things can be achieved.

    But so far it fails when I send a json data with the Post method. Is there a specific way to send a data?

    Mathias Oh, I see. Thank you for your answer.

    One more thing, It would be nice if the number of tickets sold, the number of check-in failures, the number of accidents and the kilometers driven were added to the telemetry. Maybe some virtual company will need them in the future.

    Added navigation data to telemetry data

    What does mean by "Added navigation data to telemetry data"?

    I thought the "localhost:37337/Route" page was the navigation data?(

    I enjoy looking at telemetry data so I want to know clearly where and what was added:)


    In Telemetry, IsRadioPlaying, ActiveRadioChannel and RadioVolume on the "localhost:37337/Vehicles/Current" page don't seem to work.

    The problem that traffic lights and street lights etc disappear has not been solved yet.