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    The fog problem in the mirrors which we had solved a few months after the releasing sim seems back after the latest hotfix.

    By the way, there are trees in the middle of road while going out of Brussels, unfortunately i didn't take pic or map but i am sure you will find it easily.

    I hope you will return to Fernbus more soon. I know you didn't abandon it but you work on The Bus 95% and almost maybe 1 % on Fernbus at the moment.

    Is there any clue about new vehicle DLC?


    It was normal when i play today, it was maybe light issue. Anyway, i am happy but i will be happier if we have a better AI :) And some more improvement

    got the game today (already have Tourist Bus Simulator for quite a while) but in Fernbus, I keep getting steering behavious notifications.
    I use a G72.

    I have no problem with it, i made trips after the update too, if you enter the turns with 100 kph or whatever speed is faster than the speed you should be, it is possible to get such things. It is a bus and you should really drive carefully. You should not do sudden brakes etc. and many more driving skills.

    I have to agree with this, even for ETS2 this happened. It was the last brand to make it to the game. But no worries, the new MAN Lion's Coach is a comfortable one to drive!

    Yea but i will be ok to drive without license and fake names, Setra Top Class Series (All kind, not only DD) and Mercedes Benz Travego and Tourismo. They can be Top Class (Same way like ComfortClass DLC) and MB with fake names like The Star Travelo and Touristo :))

    Guys just a simple question (IDK if was answered before) but TBS and The Bus, all the passengers walk to the bus and proceed to their seats.

    Why don't we have this on FBS? Just a curiosity of mine lol

    I know it gives some feeling but is it really so important? To see 1 sec. of pass. boarding. If it takes longer and there is a button to make them beam up directly, 99% of us would click that button. So, it is not that important. Better other things to be improved, like AI Intelligence, i will be happy if it reaches ETS2 AI level at least. Second, light rain etc. And they i counted many things before to bring if possible :))

    That is what i meant in my message, i didn't say there is no light at all, its said not satisfactory light.

    You take dogs or cats, I take my bus out in the game.

    I think i will stop discussing after this dogs and bus answer, it was an example to say when it is dark, it is dark enough not to see everywhere. People searched for it in ETS2 for years,it was said that it has no realistic night view until this new update. I agree that full beam can lighten around more,not only ground, higher to see roadsigns etc. but it was seen ok to me in the video.

    Please open the link, i already sent from the second i want you to see, if there are no buildings or nothing around, what do you see around? I just see headlights and not 100 km far.

    What do you expect at night? Without any light source around? I am taking my dogs out to walk at night, i even cannot see when there is no light at all. And we are talking about roads passing out of cities among forests etc. It will be surely dark. I watched the video and VDL coaches light seemed normal, maybe high beam can illuminate a little more but nothing else.

    Meanwhile about headlight and full beam (long distance) light issues i mentioned; i have seen VDL Single Decker coach video made by Jason Reasonmill, and i can say that if Man Lion's Coach and any other coach lights also spread the light as it is in VDL, there won't be any problem. It is done quite well in VDL. Just a suggestion after watching the video made with VDL.

    I finally made a night drive after new update (I never use the Beta tests). These are my observastions about the lighting:

    1. Vehicle (Man Lion's Coach New Version) headlights seemed quite good and fixed even on the road texture i mentioned before.

    2. However, full beam (long distance) lights has a problem this time. It seems that it comes from one source. Second; it illuminates just in front of the bus almost same with head lights, it should illuminate far away, it illuminates a lot instead of spreading the light. (Check the screenshot)

    3. AI Headlights shows up so late, it was fixed before but it seems they returned how they were before. We should see their lights (both in mirror and coming from opposite direction) earlier and longer distance.

    4. There should be reflections of the turning indicator lights and bus' side led lights on ground but we cannot see these.

    These are the my observations from the night driving. Seems so much better than before but still there are things to be fixed. Thanks again for the great update.

    Night is night and dark when you are out of the city lights, if there is no full moon shining with open sky, it really makes a dark trip. And plus, dashboard also becomes dark, i know because i did such trip many times with my car either and i was not able to see something so clear except illuminated buttons. I didn't try the new updated light but only problem was about vehicle head light distances at night. Nothing was seen truly and especially there was one road texture, it was almost closed totally.

    And about this update and vehicle physics... I just loved it, it felt so good to drive and i think you got so close to the real coach physics. And optimisation also improved so good. I am also so happy to see raindrops back but i wish rain would be lighter in general :)) Thanks TML, so good and great update.

    From TML Studio talks, i felt that you will not do new maps etc after Denmark, Czechia and Poland (To cover all Germany-neighbours), but i hope that's not true feeling :)

    hello, I have a little little suggestion that will give a little more realism.

    at the tolls, it will be good if we can assign a key to open the barrier.

    As a bus driver; why will you have a button to open the barrier? What is realistic? If you mean to pay money, it would make sense, same like ETS2 but otherwise there is no point.

    We honestly can't say right now, we have to implement it first in The Bus and see how it goes before we can think about it for Fernbus.

    thanks for the answer, tough it is not what i wanted to hear. I hope when you finish the Bus issue, you will think and implement it, i told many times before. There are many kind of the Bus, but Fernbus is one and only, it deserves more value than the Bus in my opinion.

    Since we've got The us into EA now, we'll have time to hands on the new update of Fernbus, don't worry, update will come soon.:)

    I am finally happy to hear that, fed up the Bus priority for long time. Fernbus needs and deserves more interest. The bus kind of sims are many and it has many ways to go, but i hope Ferbus will be cared more after this.

    Note that i directly bought the Bus EA.

    It is what i wanna see, i suggested it to TML many times and in one of my latest posts to Your Wishes In Fernbus topic, i wrote about it again. If i was developer or understand anything like this, i would love to do it but it is very nice to see someone got the idea. Please expand and do it, i can give some more ideas about it, also check which is same logic for flight sims. Sure, better to do a client to work on computer with game to record the route.

    Hi Hamshentsi,

    your GPU is potentially a bottleneck, on my old GTX1060 I was frequently having these unexplained drops of 1-2 seconds, after upgrading to a RTX 2070 Super this stopped happening, of course a GPU upgrade may not be an option, I suggest following my earlier tip about the Auto-Detect feature within Fernbus, it may help the game to run smoother, also toning down some settings (like anti-aliasing) could prevent these stutters from occurring as often or severely, if none of this helps then you could uninstall the game or revert back to the last version, which can be done via steam (Fernbus Simulator>Properties>Betas>Previous_Version).

    Kind Regards.

    There was nothing related with my GPU in fact, yes, it is because of my computer but not related with GPU. It works fine and getting so good FPS values with my settings. However, my Power Settings were set to Quality (Highest), that made problem and when i take it to medium, it just started to work normal. It was creating problem and GPU usage was going down suddenly. It was causing problems to CPU maybe.

    My wishes for the new year from TML-Fernbus:

    Before DLC's to improve the game more to attract people more. I know you need money, so keep making MAP DLC but other people concentrate on improving, it will be better.

    1. Driving/Bus Physics : Tough i am not thinking it is bad or something, there are things to improve as many people say so. I think if you keen on it a little bit more, you will make a great impression. A little more softier and right left suspension will be good. And also taking turns on highways etc. may need to be improved, maybe.

    2. Sounds : We all know that you already have agreement with EVR, which will bring us good bus sounds. I hope it will not stay with buses only, AI sounds and ambient noises also need to be improved. Especially, AI Truck sounds, i know they are noisy in real too but not that much while they are behind the bus or something. And they sound strange, not like engine sound.

    And please, remove that city ambient sound which has always ambulance/police siren sounds. Whenever we enter city, annoying sounds start as if we are in Manhattan center during the day. But man, i just entered Kassel at 3.00 am, it shouldn't be that noisy, and fake car horns everywhere.

    3. AI Improvements : Again something we know that you are working on it. However, i hope it won't be only about their look but their behaviours. It should be close to ETS2 AI as behaviour, it will be satisfying enough. Also interactions with them will be good, like "high/full beam light, blinking, horns". And please, improve their physics too, especially Trucks. They are going as if they are a sedan car. Climbing a ramp for semi-trucks should be hard something with 20 or more tonnes.

    4. Mapping improvements: I don't think it is bad or something but there are things to improve. Even ETS2's first DLC's were not that good but the latest ones improved a lot to make us feel "long trips". I mean villages, valleys, facilities in far scene or driving through ones. Road intersections, sometimes village roads to join the main roads etc. There are a little villages in Fernbus too but we don't even understand how they have connection, we are just like in a closed highway.

    For example, comparing France with ETS2, we don't feel France villages when we pass, that some narrow streets or houses etc. Unfortunately, road signs were even not done like real France road signs. Not only in city sights but also such things make long trips enjoyable.

    Another thing i want to say about it, there are so many sharped turns, i know, if we are among mountains etc. there will be but sometimes we should be able to turn with 80-90 km/h speeds, they shouldn't be so sharped always i guess.

    And some routes has no Break Points, if i wanna go to Hamburg from Kassel, i have no chance to give a break and i will lose points for it.

    5. In Game Map Interaction : I don't know if you are working or thinking to improve in game map to select our roads, but it should have been done already. However, even if it is not possible, please make us select break points like stops so that we will be able to select our route somehow and see how much it will take to the break.

    6. Economy System : You have already mentioned that there will be a small economy system in the game. This will be good but i have another suggestion, actually i did before. If it is hard to bring in game, just focus on a software to connect the game. Create online based economic system like Trucks Book in ETS2, or i showed before, FS Airlines in Flight Simulators. It is used for many years. It also gives us to establish our companies, create our communities by getting drivers and giving a Multiplayer atmosphere. It will be so much better than creating in game economy i guess.

    7. Weather : I mentioned before, we have 4 seasons and foggy weather. If possible, i would love to see real weather update for the game by getting closest Metar report to the place we drive. However, you are not able to do it maybe. But please, bring some climate system if possible. I mean, if we drive in a tropical place or close to mediterreanean, we shouldn't have so cold or snow. Or while we are between mountains, we should feel that cold and snow etc.

    Plus, i would love to see Overcast weather and light rain which we can use level one wiper and enjoy the long trip.

    First three numbers are so much more essential to improve and sell the game more. These are something TML can do, and along with it, Mapping team can go on doing new maps to bring money. But vehicles can wait a little more.

    Happy new year, happy holidays, i hope we will have a better sim. Fernbus has no comparison if you improve, but the Bus has many similar games. Tough i wanna play it, i love long trips but not city buses and there are thousands like me.


    Hamshentsi - we’re aware of the passengers sticking out of the sides of the MAN Lions Coach 3rd Gen Busses, this will be fixed in Update 28, which will be released next year, as for your FPS problem, what GPU do you have?, does your system meet the requirements? Have you ran the auto-detect in-game?, this allows the game to determine the best setting for your system.

    Kind Regards.

    I have no FPS issue, it started after the latest update and it happens often but not all the way, suddenly it goes down for 1-2 seconds then turn back to normal. i7-7700K with 2.8 Ghz, GeForce 1050 4GB and ram 16GB.