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    As it is said, not neccessary to open a new thread, there are places to write like in every forum. Second, they said they are working on this issue, it takes time as they have 3 games to develop and according to their statement, it creates some fps problems, so that they need to work and change something which they are doing and trying right now.

    You are not the only person who asks for this, we all do.

    Is it possible to create a Trip Recorder (Like flight recorders in flight simulation world, i mentioned before here, check for example) , if possible, it would be good to have something like fsairlines or trucksbook in ets world. Along with economy and company issues.

    I will wait until the full version of update comes out, i don't like joining BETAs as they have many bugs etc. I hope it is fixed, try to open flashers or axle turning buttons etc. they work but lights on them not illuminating, wrong button illuminates.

    Is the issue with MAN cockpit fixed? If you remember i had shared a problem with buttons on the left side of the dashboard. (Others are normal)

    Marcin, it seemed ok to me, only angle issue. (I mean the last brightness thing, i liked the lights and brightness in the game and i still use upd 24)

    I found yesterday another issue. The traffic lights randomly disappearing, and traffic signs also, in every city.

    Before update 24 even i had this issue but not in all city and not always, i think something happens while loading and it makes problem. It happens with me sometimes and in a few minutes, when i go on route, it starts being normal again.

    Buses added to ETS are spreading too much. Yes, you are right, some people are preparing extravagant mods on this subject. Actually, the bus I mean is not spreading constantly. Suspensions are especially activated when the bus first moves and stops when you apply the brake. On rough roads, it makes a very nice swing to the right and left. The one I like the physique in the game is the bus comfortclass 516HD / 2 model. If you pay attention, it oscillates from left to right occasionally. The reason we do not feel the suspensions too much may be because there are no physical pits on the roads and the roads are not felt too much. Visually, there are distortions on the roads, this is a nice feature, but we do not feel physically yet. Suspension needs to be coded in every detail on the roads to act, this is a difficult task.

    I recently use that coach in the game. Meanwhile, in Paris, things on the road has physical effect. I noticed when i drive to Bercy. Around it, manhole covers etc. affects the bus and it shakes, also force feedback on the wheels.

    Kadimbey I don't mean it is perfect. Yes, the physics should be improved more but not people want in Turkey, i watch many ETS2 videos, they wanna see a bus to shake/swing without stopping like a ship at the sea. In ETS2 they do that way, they brake and the bus never stop swinging. It is not the way it should be.

    Another issue, i especially checked how it looks when we move over pavement etc, it seems just like the videos you shared. (I also watch the same channels you watch and follow)

    Meanwhile, regarding turning wheel, we don't have a support to see that degrees. I wouldn't like to see that much turning degree while we don't have more than 900 or 1080 (Thrustmasters) degree.

    I used to play Omsi and i know how it is, plus i watch videos on youtube, you share details, i will be happy to see what is the big difference. I don't know, as i travelled with bus many times, i mean coaches, it satisfies me what i see, as i said, it needs improvement, i agree but it is not bad like the first days. Just watch the video above, it is the Setra we have in the game, i don't see so much difference while we drive on highways.

    Please write about the details, so that the developers can work on it to do better.

    I wanted to watch it again, i sent directly while it is moving on a bad terrain. The coach goes up and down so hard way like the Fernbus' first times. Not smooth. It didn't come that realistic to me here.

    Guys, what do you expect exactly? When Fernbus came first, it was so bad, i agree. But after the improvement, the phsycs are not bad at all. Snow Runner is very different type of simulation, they do off-road with different type of vehicles.

    Coaches are there for comfort and safety for passengers. Okay, it may be better but don't compare it with trucks or off-road. I also have complains to improve it a little bit.

    But did you check the coaches from exterior view while you climb up or go down to/from a pavement etc? It doesn't have almost any difference from the videos Kadimbey shared. (Otogar geçiş videoları). They behave almost same. As far as i see, people wanna see the coaches to be like vessel on the sea, when you stop for red light, to shake for 10 mins? Suspensions at the moment don't seem bad to me. You can also check it from passenger view and see how it looks if you didn't do before.

    However, it needs improvement. For example, while climbing it may feel difficulty and spend more power, even sometimes speed down. While taking off on a climb, it may be hard a little bit. Or while going down, it may speed up and force us to use retarder to slow down etc.

    I also wanna see improvement on AI Trucks physics. They go like they are empty and climbing better than our coaches even. We should see them even going with less than 40 km/h sometimes. They are carrying 20 tons in average and they causes traffic jams while climbing etc. in real life.

    Check this video or any others, you won't see Snow Runner truck kind of physics.

    The first issue is about the shadow and perspective. They touch the ground but shadow makes them like not touching.