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    Hello everyone,

    I would like some information on The Bus map editor. Will it be different from OMSI 2? Can we use Google maps or other media to make maps with uneven terrain? .I ask myself the question because the editor is still in Work in Progress. Thanks you;)

    Either all this is in the Trello or not known yet.

    Also, I am perfect on time, so idk why you aren't

    Hi, Cuzzy! Sorry, I don't know how can I send you here, in the forum pm, so I write it down here my question! I made a The Bus group on Facebook, and I planned to make another one on Discord, but this Discord isn't important now. So, my question is, should I invite TML-Studios Facebook page into the group, or or shouldn't I? I'm using that group to share infos and updates that released for The Bus, and help to the members if I can. And I'm asking that too, can I keep the group, and use it? I'm asking, because I know some developers who don't give the permission to use that group, which made by me, but I don't know why didn't they gave me the permission, because I shared only infos, and updates like in that The Bus group.
    I hope I can keep that group, and make a big community on Facebook and on Discord, because there's neither too many groups on them.

    Thanks forward! Kind Regards! :)

    TML already has it's own Discord ;)

    Fernbus Simulator | 4k UHD | RTX 3060 | Epic Graphics

    Hey everyone, I hope you have an amazing day, today!

    My new video premiered at 12:00 CET on my Channel, Sim Today. After the release of the MAN DD last week it's time for a quick drive in the BerlinBus line 18! Join in on the route towards the route to Tegel Airport.

    Hello, as written on the official website, the early access phase will be lasting for around 8-16 months. It has been already 8 months after the release in March. However, the phase 1 is still going on and one-third of the work has not been completed. So I want to know, how long will be the early access according to the current work progress?

    Might still be 8 months to get to 16, we don't know if there come any difficulties extra, also on such scale it's (almost) impossible to tell when everything is done. With the things the community suggests, TML needs extra time


    You seemed to be a little bit too pissed..

    TML are probably making lists on what to fix in which game

    1. More fixes a year = less fixes each update

    2. Less fixes = bigger updates = much more time saving

    3. You seem to be the only one with that problem, bcs I haven't seen those bugs in the hunderds of hours I played.

    4. Check the update logs to see what changed;)

    Stop moaning please:thumbsup: