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    Great performance improvement with this latest version!

    However, lighting is still a little weird at night. For me it looks as if the lights that are further away are brighter than those near me. Maybe my settings are wrong.

    DenisVarlamov88 can you share your current graphics settings? (Gamma, light distance, etc)

    Enjoying the game so far. There are some minor bugs that I’m sure that will be fixed but overall it’s really impressive what the base game offers right now in terms of performance and graphics, if the modding tools become real (maps, vehicles, assets...) and the physics are tweaked a little bit I think that most of the OMSI users will jump in for sure.

    Just one little feature request (maybe it’s on the list) are there plans to make the passengers per stop as a settable parameter? I mean via modding tools per stop or as an overall setting via game menu? It feels a little bit off that there are passengers at every single bus stop.


    I also noted that when reaching the latest stops from the route, many passengers still want to board. On OMSI, as you approached the end of the route, fewer passengers that wanted a ride were appearing.

    Today, using the latest EA version, I encountered an issue with the timeline. Departure and arrival time (22:36) were the same for all the stops.

    When I reached the last stop, end of tour was not detected. Destination was shown as "None".

    I then went back to the main menu and selected a new start time, but I was taken to the end of route screen right after I clicked "Start".


    With TrackIR active the mouse cursor can now be used

    I tested this today, the cursor shows up when you do right-click, and the view is not centered when you right-click, as I commented here:

    Early Access for The Bus: Your questions, feedback and reports

    The problem I encounter now is that when you right-click, the cursor appears, but the view doesn´t move when you move your head around using Track-IR. When you right-click and the cursor appears, tracking stops.

    In my opinion, tracking should not stop when you right-click to make the cursor appear. Another solution could be, that if Track-IR is enabled and mouse control is disabled, cursor appears when you move the mouse. (OMSI did it this way, the cursor was always available at all times, but dissapeared after some time if mouse was not moved).

    Hello all!

    Some thoughts about the game/sim.

    I bought the game on Early Access status because it looks very promising. I was (and am, but I have it abandoned from some time now) a user of OMSI and OMSI 2, I don´t know if you know or played that title, but it is the best bus simulator in existence.

    However, OMSI is obsolete, and OMSI 2 is outdated, and has some issues, on perfomance and on graphics.

    I think that The Bus should replace OMSI as the new bus simulator, and that is why I joined the early access, to be able to contribute to make that possible.

    The sim looks very promising at its current Alpha status, but I think that on phase 2, it should be very similar in features to OMSI. I think we are on track to achieve that, and that it should be achievable.

    Following up is some feedback I would like to provide.

    The first time I tested the sim, I sent a feedback report via F1 about my T300 RS not being recognized. You can cancel that "bug", because it was on my side. I connected the wheel incorrectly to my PC. After I realized that, I was able to enjoy my T300 RS with T-LCM pedals and G27 shifter on The Bus.

    As many reported, everything is too bright.

    Yesterday I tested Track-IR, wich worked good. But there I found an issue. I can move my head around, but I cannot click on controls. I have to use keys 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, to show the different "panels" of the bus. On the AC panel, if I click the knobs, I can´t change the positions of the rotary switches.

    Related to that, when I was moving my head around with Track-IR, when i wanted to show the cursor, with right click, to click on some control my head centered, and I couldn´t click on the desired control. I was forced to use the keys to show the desired panel.

    Maybe this is bullshit, sorry for the word, but yesterday I encountered rain during my trip, and I thought it would be nice if pedestrians were using umbrellas under this circunstance. This could also affect boarding/deboarding time as passengers have to open/close their umbrellas. I think it would be a nice detail.

    Now some feedback related with my earlier experience with OMSI.

    When you select time and date for the start of a trip, there is a feature that allows you to sync with current date, but not time. Can we also sync with current time and make it that when we spawn on the world, it is actually the current time? When I select the start time, I appear on the world some minutes on the future...

    On OMSI you had the possibility to load real weather based on a METAR. Could this be implemented before Phase 2?

    On OMSI you had the option to load an online real radio station via a multimedia URL. Could this be implemented before Phase 2? Maybe an integration with Spotify ot others, also?

    On the bus, I can´t find a gauge for Outside/Inside air temperature. This is important to set the A/C properly. On OMSI passengers complained if the "cabin" was too hot, too cold, or too dark.

    On the bus, I can´t see an indicator that shows if I am ahead of schedule or behind schedule.

    Well, those are my thoughts, majority based on my earlier experience with OMSI.

    Best regards, and keep up the good work. :thumbsup: