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    Is it possible to allow us to change the radio station, without having to HEX edit the game files?

    Perhaps add a config file, it does not even need to be in the game menus, just in the config files is good enough.

    People talking in the background while driving - Great.

    Butttt - At night, the headlights shine dimly

    Hehehe tru tru xD

    I need help O.O

    I reverted my game back to the Original version, and my profile is gone. :(

    All the bus stops are locked, and my routes don't show up anymore, altho the .route Json files exist in the folder.

    Please tell me how I can force my profile to open up the routes again, I have 3K exp and my map was fully opened before the revert.

    Took me too long to unlock all bus stops with all the map DLCs, I don't want to have to do that all over again. ;(

    Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it myself, by editing the Profile.sav file I have backed up here, just changed the 4.27 to 4.25 to be compatible with the official UE version. :) Worked like a charm.

    Here is a list of improvements for the Passenger checking:

    • Allow us to order the list alphabetically.
    • Perhaps a search box also help.
    • Remember the tab we previously selected for each interaction, if I select to see only Pending passengers, stay in that screen no matter what, until I change it back.

    When we are checking passengers after Taking a Break, please don't pause the game, just show a notification on the screen instead and hide the phone.

    I have other suggestions, but these are the most simple ones and will bring a lot of Quality of Life already.

    Thank you.

    Hello, I just tested this new Beta and the AI is too much broken.

    Here is a list of things I noticed:

    • Cars spawning sideways, they also drive super slow, they over take you, and then slam the breaks in front of you, where it is just impossible to stop.
      It feels like I am playing Enduro game. hehehe.
    • The issue where when you press C to get out of drive sit, the mouse cursor is showing and you cant move unless you click the screen.
    • After taking a break, if there are passengers in the front seats, it wont let you scan them easily, because it will make you sit down at driving position.