SimUK_WIREFRAME_MAN_LionsCoach_C 1.0.0

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This can make the process of creating a repaint that little bit easier and quicker!

Welcome to Sim UK.

I thought this might be especially useful for beginners but also kinda useful for skilled re-painters too! This is version 1 if enough people are interested I will finish the wireframe properly to a much higher standard, just send me a comment or hit like on the YouTube video.

I recently released a tutorial for Custom repaints in Fernbus and to follow that up I have made a custom colour-coded Repaint overlay.

I call it a tool but it's not really a tool more like an overlay that quickly identifies certain areas on a coach.

Many thanks :)


  • Hello I am very interested in your WIREFRAME MAN LionsCoach C can also be one for the one of two axles (MAN Lions Coach) thank you for your work, I am also creator of skins on a forum but on the game ets2 :)

  • This really helps me at creating repaints. Thank you very much. I hope you will make that improved version that you are talking about! =)

    • Hi thanks, glad it helped you. Yes I'm trying to find time right now to get both models made in much better quality. Thanks : )

  • Thanks, SimUK!

    • You're welcome. If enough people request it (on the vid) I will make another for the other coach and make them more professional, as they are a bit simple right now.

  • Curious scheme, I recommend and thank you Sim UK :)