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Welcome to the new TML-Studios Community! Please read through the Community Rules and Guidelines and Tips & Tricks. Have fun!

    Our new DLC W906 is available for purchase right now!

    Initially only available for Tourist Bus Simulator, it is perfect for narrow streets and to comfortably transport your passengers. The price for this stunner is € 7.95 or your regional equivalent.

    Have fun!

    You guys found these critters a bit late, eh? They're part of the game since its release and we don't have any intention to remove them. Fuerteventura's cuisine is not only known for its fish and seafood dishes but especially for its goat meat dishes. Wild goats roam the island in real life, that's we we've added them.

    Martin 40 Bus Of course we will continue to work on the game's performance. Just don't expect every update to have an equal impact like update 23. Improving performance takes a lot of effort, people and time. Due to our limit staff we cannot focus on everything equally at the same time. Thus update will mostly have somewhat of a focus rather than a fix everything with one swoop kind of job.

    CuzzystyleTV That's correct. The goal is to release DLC W906 for Fernbus Simulator when Update 25 has been released. And yes, both games will continue to release updates. However, the amount or interval of updates for a particular game should not be any indicator for how we treat a certain game.

    As a token of our gratitude to our community and escpecially the listeners of our weekly live show on FlashBass.FM we rewarded all participants of the raffle for the DLC W906 with a Steam Key. Thus we have sent out way more than the original 10 Keys which we originally intended to share with the winners of the raffle. We hope all the participants will enjoy the new DLC W906 on Wednesday the 8th of April for Tourist Bus Simulator!

    #rideathome #FlashBassFM

    We will release the DLC W906 for the Tourist Bus Sim on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020. For Fernbus Simulator we have to make a few changes to the gameplay for the DLC W906 before we can release it, we ask for your understanding that both DLC cannot be released at the same time. The compatibility will therefore be activated by Steam at a later date.

    Lurhem This traffic jams can occur in cities due to the traffic AI not fully recognizing right before left on junctions without traffic lights.

    Mathias could have a look at Hamshentsi issues?

    Kadimbey I'm sorry, I don't see any issue with the post-processing. You've hit the curbstone at the bus stop. I know this spot very well because I got stuck there too. You just have to take a closer turn.

    MatVitaL8 We don't want to add fake logos when we release vehicles without official license.

    yacine20052019 In real life situations like this you would actually turn on the high beams. You can activate them using the F key on your keyboard.

    Subscribe to our pages of our social media channels and listen to the radio show on FlashBass.FM this Friday, 3rd of April, at 8 o'clock pm (UTC+2). The moderators of the radio show, Tom and René, will tell you what else you have to do in order to have a chance to win one of the keys. Send an e-mail with the correct content at and we will draw the winners out of the e-mails with the correct content on Monday, 6th of April. The winners will be contacted via Direct Message.

    Here are the conditions of participation and the privacy policy:

    Denis_W In facxt you can return to Update 6 by choosing the "previousversion" from the BETAS in Steam. Everytime we make an update we switch the previousversion branch to the default branch and then teh default branch to the beta branch. This is to ensure everbody is still able to play a previous build of the game and at the same time is not running a too outdated build when we make updates of the games.

    Apart from the fact that we added Flensburg in the north of Germany and the active gear can now be seen in the minimap, we have of course also fixed a lot of bugs, like especially all these wild trees. Distance fields now give the game more contrast and of course we also took care of lags and performance.

    The list with all changes in detail can be found immediately below.



    Changelog 1.24.31709

    • Performance stabilizations (fewer lags) and some performance improvements
    • Fixed vegetation bugs (trees on the road, etc.)
    • Fixed the lag when changing web radio stations
    • Vegetation shader updated
    • Autumn colors of the vegetation have been restored and updated
    • Animation of the vegetation updated
    • The braking power of the buses has been updated
    • ABS of the buses has been updated
    • Localization errors have been corrected
    • Highway construction sites in northern Germany updated
    • Fixed crash when changing to main menu
    • Fixed a crash which occurred at runtime
    • Autosave function added with adjustable interval
    • Distance fields added
    • Fixed dimensions of some levels to improve streaming
    • Fixed bugs in the roadmap
    • Fixed malfunctioning speed traps
    • Bug fixed in connection with the Post Processor, which caused the lighting to be too bright
    • Fixed steering errors when exiting photo mode
    • Added a slider for depth of field in graphics options
    • Added buttons in the main menu, which will open the TML forum or TML support in the web browser
    • MAN Lion’s Coach: The material of the sunblind is now visible again in the action cam
    • Symbols are now deactivated correctly when a vehicle is inside the marker
    • Added a new repaint for all vehicle with customizable colors
    • Added display of the active gear in the Minimap HUD
    • Improved lighting of the bus stop in Freiburg (Germany) at night
    • Final preparations for a new city in Germany: Flensburg

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Luggage hatches no longer open and closes randomly while checking in passengers
    • Missing switches have been added to the dashboard
    • Fixed bug where the passenger's feet were in the first row on the right in the partition
    • The entire temperature display is visible again
    • Collision of all variants update

    DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    • Fixed a bug that caused the non-existent toilet to be shown as not working

    DLC BB40

    • Fixed a bug that causes objects to appear in the headlights
    • Fixed a bug that caused flashes of light on the window panes and navigation screen
    • Rain no longer runs along the inside of the door
    • Fixed a bug that caused the dashboard to be blurred

    DLC Luxembourg

    • Luxembourg license plates added
    • Luxembourg police car added
    • Fixed a couple of graphical errors

    DLC Football Team Bus

    • Fixed a crash when a saved game existed

    DLC VDL Futura

    • Geometry error in cockpit fixed

    DLC Switzerland / Austria

    • Navigation of the route from Linz to Graz fixed

    DLC Neoplan Skyliner

    • Fixed incorrect engine sound while driving with the 3rd person camera

    DLC France

    • Light performance optimisations in Paris