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    Angustruck Glad, that you already enjoy the game. Feel free to use the in-game feedback tool to report any bugs you encounter. The more tickets we get for the same issue the more likely it will be that we fix it (sooner).

    Regarding passenger embarkation and disembarkation frequency: Yes, it is adjustable in the UE4 Game Editor how many people are waiting at a particular bus stop. We will also add more parameters to the bus stops. At the moment too many passengers exit the vehicle at bus stops where they usually wouldn't disembark én mass in real life and at others where they should they don't.

    There will also be sliders for overall passengers and ticket sales but at a later phase of the Early Access.

    TurryBoeing the Lighting will probably be adjusted along with the Early Access as a lot of people are complaining about it being too bright at the moment.

    Hi there, we've been running closed alpha tests for a while now. Today we've expanded the test group. This group contains members from this forum, which already help us test updates and DLC before release. Guess, things are closing in for the Early Access ;)

    Thanks for the feedback GamingWithMe

    ivan thanks for your feedback. Please, be aware that the world map is in a scale of 1:10 and the resolution of the height map is very limited, thus we have to make some artistic decisions which don't always match with the real world simply because there's just not enough space. Same goes for gameplay assets like toll stations. Fernbus Simulator tries to achieve realism with its vehicles, physics, AI and graphics but not necessarily with its game world in a scale of 1:10. So, we offer "Germany", "Switzerland", "Austria" and "France", because it is impossible to replicate the real world as it is if the scale isn't 1:1.

    Our in-house G29 steering wheel works fine. You might want to try this:

    • In your Library you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Fernbus Simulator"
    • In the drop-menu you click on the entry "Properties"
    • Go to General -> "Steam Input Per-Game Setting" and set it to Forced Off

    This hotfix majorly fixes the incompatibility with Windows 7 OS systems and additionally updates the lighting issues and further reduces other graphical issues.


    HOTFIX 1.26.36004

    • Fixed a crash caused by incompatibility between Windows 7 and the current Unreal Engine version
    • Faded lighting system further corrected
    • Corrected incorrect light settings in the dashboards of the individual buses
    • Corrected speed limit within Leverkusen.
    • Lighting of the world updated
    • Lights in and on the vehicles updated
    • Emissive values of all assets updated
    • Extremely slow driving AI vehicles fixed
    • Backward driving AI vehicles fixed
    • Missing grass on the terrain fixed
    • Incorrectly placed grass further reduced
    • Shadow artefacts on bridges further reduced
    • Road blocking buildings, fences and other objects further reduced
    • Fixed a bug that caused multiple glittering particles (disco)
    • HUD now hides correctly when activating photo mode
    • Other graphical errors fixed

    DLC MAN Lion’s Coach 3rd Gen

    • Adjusted the lighting conditions in the Optiview mirrors
    • “White Coop” repaint added

    DLC France

    • Tours is accessible again (collision at toll station has been corrected)

    Nicolle.nick The Hotfix is already available in BETA testing and has the Tours issue fixed already. Unfortunately, this Hotfix is quite large and complex thus it has to go through BETA testing like a regular update.

    Furkan6134 The grass on the roads will be fixed along the next updates. Sadly, it needs to be fixed manually. The issue of traffic lights disappearing is known, but we still need to figure out what is causing this issue and then how to fix it.

    Which MAN Lion's Coach do you mean exactly? 2nd or 3rd Gen?

    Optimization is an ongoing process and the results may vary from system to system. However, further optimization is a mainstay on the list.

    PeterS it is not about the size of the team that matters, but about the development process. VR was not a planned feature in the beginning of the production of The Bus, thus the game would never be fully optimized for VR and it would be too expensive to overhaul the entire asset pool, camera, speed of movement and gameplay for an optimized VR experience. We've made some VR showcases lately - after we started the production of The Bus three years ago - thus we learned what needs to be done before you start a project in VR.

    So, if there would be a VR option for The Bus, it would certainly not be well optimized at all and currently we're not sure if we would be ok with that as in "really bad VR is better than no VR."

    The thing is, if i'm not mistaking, you only can set the scaling up to 100% max, but if you type it manually you can get 200%, right? So if that is the case, the game isn't optimised to let you pick 200%, so that is why you get low fps. But if you can afford it, i think a gtx 1660 super or TI model is a better card for as you have gtx 1050ti.

    I really can't agree that the game isn't optimized for 200% resoltion scaling. It is optimized for a 100% resolution scale for PC systems with recommended system specifications. That's why you have to override the resolution scale manually to over 100% if you PC system is capable of running the game in a resolution scale higher than 100%.

    Just like the gameplay is optimized for a FOV between 60 and 90. Any other FOV will require the user's PC system to run the game accordingly. We will surely not optimize the game for a FOV of 180 just because it may be the maximum value of FOV. Same goes for the resolution scale. We optimize for our system recommendations and beyond that it is in your hands. However, it's a recommendation and not a guarantee.