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    I'm sorry to insist in saying that the game needs to be optimized, but I decided to make the comparison at the level of requirements between Fernbus and GTA V. Comparing the minimum requirements of Fernbus and recommended requirements of GTA V and found that GTA V It requires best settings that Fernbus, but to my dismay GTA V works 5 stars on my computer and Fernbus not.
    GTA V processes many more data, AI traffic is much more complex, among other things. The only justification that meeting to the game does not work very well on my computer, is the game is programmed wrong. I'm really discouraged with the game. At the time of providing the beta only bothered to make available to those who had top computers, now everybody is complaining, just shows that even the beta of the work was not done well.
    How can I explain it?
    Enough people are tired of talk about it and you do not give a justification. Show that they are man and take responsibility in my opinion the game was not ready to be released.

    @UndergroundBerlin to tell you more my laptop runs GTA V almost everything to the fullest and is a game with many more details than the Fernbus. Optimize the game, or do you think people will go to buy computers over € 1000 just to play Fernbus. I think this should be your next priority.

    Luís Navio

    Good night I have a portable MSI CX61 2PC-1486XPT (Red) liked and what is the best graphical configuration for it.

    Processor: ntel® Core™ i5-4210M
    Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600 Mhz
    Graphic: nVidia Geforce GT820M, 2GB DDR3

    Things like to see in fernbus simulator
    -Have usable coffee machine on the bus :)
    -The glass fog when it was raining
    -Add to random delayed passengers events, which would then knock on the door to let go as it has in bus simulator
    -Add irizar i6 // Staff note: They are not common on Germany
    -Add another driver for longer trips as in Flixbus where part of the journey did we and other party would make the driver controlled the game, naturally would have a key to be able to move forward in time to when I had it the other driving
    -To reach some bus station we would have to ring the bell to be told where in we would park and to open the gate
    -Being able to start the game in the house of the driver and driving a car to the warehouse of Flixbus // Staff note: Fernbus Coach Simulator is not a RPG game :)

    -Be more random activity in the warehouse as employees to wash buses, repairing buses, among other things.
    -- A game mode to company management that would buy more buses, set their routes, routes buy, buy deposits, hire drivers, hire mechanics among other functions (That to think only of the future)

    Good Morning,
    Although not yet had the chance to experience the game (must arrive by mail today) I wanted to leave here a board and two tips for Fernbus.
    My advice is that before you start thinking put more content in the game, should be focused on fixing all the bugs of the same and then start thinking about launch DLCs, I know that the sale of the DLC is that will give monetary conditions in order to proceed with the improvement of the game, but the game has bugs to launch DLC few are those who will risk buying them.
    How many aces tips one of them is that it would be good in the future have the ability to adjust the driver's seat, adjust the steering wheel and mirrors to our liking. The second tip is to be possibel customize the driver from his appearance to the clothes you wear, because I believe that all or most of the staff would make the closest thing I can possible puppet and talk of clothes because once you leave the tools to do the repaints with umpa I paint for example the EuroLines will not be in uniform with clothing FlixBus. I hope you enjoy some of the ideas and take into account what I said at the beginning embrace all Fernbus team after all did a great job.

    Good Morning @UndergroundBerlin,

    Regarding the map editor, it will be accessible only to people who have expertise in some program or will be accessible to anyone, that is, anyone can easily expand the map?
    Only two more questions, I have not received the game hence my doubts, traffic will have other buses running? In steam says it's possible to make repaints, this already well in hand or just when you leave the moding tools?

    Luís Navio

    Good afternoon @UNDERGROUND BERLIN
    I did pre-order Fernbus by chance do not you tell me if aerosoft will make submissions before the day 08.25.2016 for those who live outside of Germany, in my case when do you think I receive the game in Portugal?
    By the way I once gave the suggestion of creating a website that allow form virtual bus companies, will do something?
    Once again my congratulations on the game, since I pre-order the 12.21.2015 I hope looking forward to its release and now that will launch the game will wait anxiously for DLCs :-).

    Luís Navio