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    Epic Games and Nvidia has a deep partnership to optimize the engine for Geforce cards. We're doing our best to optimize the game. This is a lot of work and we are a small studio. So we're not able to optimize as lot as AAA Studios can do.

    Is that means the engine itself has been optimised by NVIDIA? I hope so, and believe that CBS: Berlin can be better at optimisation.
    BTW, which AO will be used in the new CBS? SSAO or HBAO?

    There's a long time I haven't been here. It's good to see such a bus simulator, though there's still some bugs in the game. I like the feeling of steering, but I hope to turn off the automatic steering-back , or set the steering speed customizable, just like CBS2. Does somebody know how to set these?


    Good evening Chris
    This DevDiary must be one of the best one you've made! Ridding on a real Flixbus from Berlin to Erfurt? Sounds great! It's a little pity that I cannot be there (Many thousands of kilometers I away from Germany ), but your video must will bring me a good experience! Also the Skyliner looks better than I thought, when the testure completed, It must be better than ever. The performance is getting much better, small details are attractive as well. Just one problem :the shadow makes me cannot see the keys on the dashboard, can it be changed? Some of our Chinese in Baidu Tieba has told me this problem after they watched the Let's play videos. Most of them enjoy the excellent details in the game, I represent them to say thank you to all of the developers. And they also asked the pre-order date on Steam. Most of us are using Steam but not Aerosoft. Totally, I just want to say: two weeks later is worth waiting! :) :) :)

    Best wishes

    I'm back here after getting rid a busy week!

    I want to buy a miniature bus as well, I've seen one on the site of Meinfernbus ,but I don't know whether they can ship it to my country. By the way, I've seen the latest Beta video on YouTube , it seems like becoming better and better, especially the screen which shows GPS and camera. the AI cars seem no longer floating in the air, also I love the sunshine in the afternoon, everything seems awesome. But I found that all the crossroad and entrances of the Autobahn just have the same look, I hope some of them can be different from other. ( just like the highway in ATS Arizona DLC).

    And I believe that Chris will reply me the fastest! :D

    Best wishes

    Good to hear you again Chris

    Just some small idea, how long will it take from Munich to Berlin, more than 2 hours? And what about the progress of the Skyliner, hope you could post the modding progress of Skyliner like lion's coach(Dev11) in next DevDiary.
    One more suggestion, when we are creating our bus route, can we choose any route we want to go via? For example, from Munich to hamburg, we could use A9->A3->A7, as well as A8->A7, I would rather to choose it on my own than let the computer to decide it automatically.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hi manager
    Since you are making the fernbus simulator, I suppose that you might alse bring us a long-distance trip by railway. How about the S Bahn(especially Berlin S Bahn) or DB Regio, even the IC and ICE. With UE4, we must get a special experience on railway simulator.

    Hope that can help bring your new idea

    Good morning Chris
    I would like to ask if we can use the keys on the steering wheel to do something? Such as pausing and changing the music or radio, if we can add our own music in the game, just like ETS2 ,and do it better than ETS2. ;)

    Best Regards