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    Bug Report:

    I have created a two city line, and about half of the way, the game had frozen, and when it came back, the night turned into day. I had set up the time to mirror my system's, and because of that, the trip was set to night time.
    I have seen too, cars under the pavement as well some boulders near the center of the road, and pieces of grass atop the asphalt.

    Well, i dit all the steps, but for me, it did not fix.
    To clarify: walking around, entering the bus, using bus functions (doors, lights, etc) all work, with good performance. The issue is when i turn on the first stage of the bus engine (electrics).
    @UndergroundBerlin i will send you my actual Fernbus appdata folder, since it is still having problems.

    We're very glad to hear your feedback, @Gennesys X. We're currently investigating the issue with the extreme frame drop, and we'll post news as soon as we can.

    Thanks to all the others as well for all the feedback!

    Hey Chris!

    I did some more testing with different settings (other bus, other drivers, etc) and the result is the same.
    I think there is some hitch in the bus electrics, dunno exactly what is causing it...

    There was one day that i lost the hope on the game, but with this update, at least part of my wishes come true, and the game is loading A LOT faster, in both the first instance and to the game world itself.
    It is now a lot easier on the graphics and processor, meaning, it is running at both high graphics and fps with no major slowdown.
    There is only one problem until now: when i start the bus electrics, the game goes 1fps and does not change, until i shut off the bus again.


    These plans for the future ae very nice, but I think you guys need to focus more on improving the core of the game itself, and I speak about IA, graphical performance and some game behaviors.
    Please, don't understand this as a bad or raging reply. I just think the game needs more dedicated time to fix some of its problems than giving DLC and some updates that adds more features.
    Don't get me wrong, the game is very nice, but i feel it needs more dedication.

    Remember: graphics alone does not make a game great.

    Knowing that the new game will be on Berlin mainly, will be possible to drive in other roads, inside and outside Berlin? I say this because, I live in a main city, that I will point as "A", and there some small villages nearby this main city that I will call them B, C and D. Will we be able to drive from point A to B, C or D, or it is just point A to A(main city, in this case, Berlin) drive?

    Thank you for your answer, Chris.

    I had an explosion, and I apologize if I made myself too angry in this feedback.
    I do understand that you guys are working on it day and night. I will give it time, as I do for the games I believe in. If I made myself angry at something, it is because I still believe in it.

    Work hard, and you will get a bigger fan, for both games (and I am pretty excited for the next one, based on features mentioned. Hope to see gameplay soon).


    Hi everyone.

    I'm playing Fernbus for a couple of hours now, and I think I got my opinion on the game so far.
    I could write about it in Steam Review page, but I felt like posting it here, since the Fernbus comunity is always here, and the Devs could see this more easily.

    So, I must admit I had good feelings about the game, since it is a bus simulator who let you travel between the states of Germany in a very nice scale, that make you travel very far and take some hours from you, depending on how your set up your lines. This may be good, but not all that good.

    I had played lots of bus simulation games (and there is some of them that are not great), with OMSI getting the top spot of the functional ones. The game may not look very good, because the details are on the buses, but the game can run nice in some rigs. Fernbus does not.
    I understand that Fernbus is still a alpha game, and there is a LOT of improvement comming, but I am not convinced that the game will improve more than this. The use of the Unreal Engine is a nice choice, since some developers prefer another engines for simulators, but yeah, Fernbus uses it and try to be a nice game, but sadly it is not. The buses have great detail, the roads, wheater (not the raining, sadly), and some other details. The game may look nice but performance wise, it does not look nice. Some players may play this game with good frames, with no lags nor stutters at all, but another people may play with all these i mentioned (me for instance, and i have a decent rig). Already got support, talked some with Timo, but I simply can't play it in its current state. To make it a bit worse, TML is planning to sell us a new bus, a DLC bus, for this "not optimized" game. We bought this alpha game by a high price, and they plan to sell us another bus, when they should have working and releasing at least a update that improve the performance. The IA may be bad, some mechanics too, but at least try to make the game run better. This will help take out a very bad hitch. The game in it's current state, is a game for people with nerves of steel.

    And tell you what? TML is planning on releasing a new bus game. I watched the dev diary (thank god it is in english now) and the features of the new game looks promising, but with that said, I started to think: why they want to create and release a new bus game, if they are still learning to keep Fernbus pieced togheter? I will not buy another bus game with the same problems as Fernbus. I think instead of releasing a new game, they should learn how to improve Fernbus.

    Gameplay features are not too important for now (i know they are, but they have more demanding problems to deal with), but making the game run better, will keep your fan comunity in touch. They will play, will enjoy, and will give feedback, more than the usual. I lost count on how much broken simulation games i have played, but i played anyway since they was fun, and had a decent performance.

    Sorry if i have not make myself clear in some of this big text, but, for now, that is what i feel right now.


    I don't know if anyone already posted it but, I will try anyway (please, feel free to tell me if this is already posted).

    I was playing, and I think this will be good, to the variation perspective: a random button for date and time.

    Maybe you guys from TML already tought about it, but yeah, this just hit my mind.

    This random button could work with two or maybe three ways: One random button for date, one for time, and maybe one for both. I think with this, the game will have more randomness, and for simulation, random things is great. You guys even have random events, so why not let us have a random button for date and time?

    Edit: another idea came to mind: it is possible to give us the option to adjust the mouse steering / acceleration / brake options? Actually, we need to pull or push the mouse too far from it's starting position to change between acceleration and brake. As a reference, in OMSI 1 / 2, you have a cursor on the screen that shows when you are accelereating or braking, and it is very sensitive. I think this feature on Fernbus should be more sensitive, but of course, could give us the option to optimize. For example, we don't need to push too far from the mouse position to change between gas and brake.