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    I'm not sure if I posted this one or not, I actually did TWO repaints for the Treff Hotel.

    I made first the livery for the Ahorn Panorama Hotel based on the new company that had bought the hotel, once in game I realised it was still showing the old company and it was still called "Treff Hotel" so I made a completely different livery to reflect this.

    I think I actually only ever released the second livery (Treff Hotel) and never the first one! (Ahorn Panorama Oberhof).

    Probably because I liked the second one better, both were made by my imagination hehe.

    I think I might start doing repaints again...

    Hi all,

    Just my two cents on this latest BETA.


    -Dijon is RIDDLED with trees in the middle of the road, I counted at least 8. There's no point really in uploading map screenshots as they are literally everywhere, more specifically on the inner ring-road and the toll booth. It was a disaster, AI cars ramming full speed into them!

    -Something incredibly strange in Flixbus route creator mode.

    I'm sure Frankfurt Airport is bugged out somehow.

    I tried to create Paris Maillot > Paris Quai de Bercy > Frankfurt Arrivals > Treff Hotel

    It's so complicated to explain I had to make a video which you can find here:

    -I didn't have time to try the announcements as someone mentioned before, but if I'm correct I couldn't get the announcements to work in shuttle mode but I could in Flixbus mode so maybe this is intentional?


    I don't currently have my steering wheel setup and can't play it properly yet.

    Can anyone kindly shed some light on what the new shuttle service is exactly?

    It sounds interesting, what is exactly the difference between "shuttle" and "flixbus"?

    I know with "Flixbus" before we could choose two or more cities and drive between them, how does "Shuttle" compare to this?

    Also, new bus stops for this mode?

    Many thanks!

    Hi Quarney and Maximus,

    Thanks indeed for your kind replies.

    There's something new I learnt about the resolution so thank you Maximus, I thought the scaler could only go up to 100 and didn't know you could manually type the numbers, that's really helpful. I tried 200 but the FPS start to go a bit squiggly but anything under this is fine and has certainly made an improvement. I've also set the sliders to more what you have and it looks good too.

    Nice to hear about the update Quarney, will look forward to that for sure!

    Kind Regards and all the best,


    Hi all,

    I was hoping to get your help, now I've got more time again on my hands to be able to play my sims properly.

    I'll give you some screenshots of what my game looks like and my settings and let you decide how to better adjust the sliders etc.

    I don't feel Fernbus is looking as "beautiful" as it could do, I know there was an update where it washed everything out a bit but I feel as if everything is a little bit "grey and gloomy" and maybe not as crisp as it could be. Again, I could be completely wrong and I might not be able to do anything. I'm not complaining how it is but if I CAN get it looking even better then for sure!

    I've got a perfectly capable PC for running Fernbus:

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor @ 3,6GHZ - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

    Running on a Dell S2716DG(DisplayPort) 2560 x 1440(p) (59.951Hz)

    I've attached a screenshot of my settings too, obviously running at 2560 x 1440 resolution, fullscreen borderless and vsync enabled.

    Field of view is 90 and all the quality settings are set to EPIC.

    Many thanks!! :fernbus:

    To be fair I don't think we should be reporting bugs or errors unless TML ask us to for France DLC, I think they've had enough stress for today!

    Like Christmas as a kid the presents, you can't help but peek under the wrapping paper. Was going to purchase the Intercity and saw the France DLC available so was going to purchase both and did. Doesn't matter if it's not polished yet I guess I can take a sneak peek and wait for the full version!

    -Everyone can relax, I've found where the Hobbit lives.

    -That's a pretty big drinks can!

    -Great to know in this toilet is where fascists died.

    -I'll try and remember to put the handbrake on next time I stop to take a selfie...

    [Blocked Image:]

    Just a few things I've noticed in 30 mins playing:

    -S519 HD Rear Suspension

    -Multicolored Bags a little overkill (do they really have to be primary colours?) and black straps not visible from further away

    -Windscreen wipers on MAN Lions wiping away rain effect is delayed, rain disappears after too long.

    -Laedle supermarket north east of Ahlbeck, fruit stands fall into the ground and disappear.

    -White floating car in Innsbruck

    -Frankfurt Airport, lorries (trucks) going full speed on the ground level and full speed turning the corner at the end scraping the column.

    Two here, somewhere in the mountains I can't remember where! And some AI Logic (The AI we love to hate).

    Just added a third photo, continuing on from the Ferncow simulator, thought I should take a photo with the Milka cow!

    I know in Bus Simulator 19 the passengers talk about a purple cow, I guess they meant in Fernbus!

    It even has some chocolate by it's feet!

    Hi all,

    The following is my 2 cents of ideas accumulated over time and would like to share them with you.

    I'm sure I'll make more posts but for now I'd like to post these. It's already a great game and could be really special with continued love and care by TML to fine tune certain aspects of the game.

    1) Ability to "show" or "hide" certain repaints in game on AI vehicles.

    -We can already activate or deactivate mods in game like repaints but I would like to be able to have them active but hide certain ones from appearing on AI vehicles. Maybe because I am using a repaint that is unique and don't want to see 10 other coaches with this livery or some other reason.

    2) Ability to send "gps" location in game to TML Studios with bug reporting.

    -Too often than not there are trees fallen in the road, bushes growing, flowers in places they shouldn't be, invisible obstacles which are very painful to crash into at 100km/h, flying furniture and floating cars. It'd be great as soon as we see something to hit a button and it brings up a neat module with observations box and automatically records the location of the bus so TML can fix what ever problem we find with an attached photo.

    3) More Airports & Hotels.

    -Since day 1 having Frankfurt Airport is a godsend albeit not true to life, it adds so much more possibilities and now with the Treff Hotel Panorama as well. I'd like to see more airports and hotels. Especially as with flight cancellations people are usually sent by coach.

    4) Traffic Information from Flash Bass FM.

    -Great feature for those that understand it, I'd appreciate English audio for this or at best subtitles on screen to understand this bettter. A "ticker" scrolling across the screen would be great.

    5) Fine tune passenger tickets.

    -Something I suggested 3 years ago and I still would like to see the passenger tickets more true to life, symbols, maps etc.

    6) An "Estimated Time of Arrival" on GPS.

    -This would be like ETS2, it's great knowing what time I have to arrive somewhere but it'd be even better to know what my ETA is so I know if I can relax or need to speed up.

    7) Change base without having to reset the profile.

    -Be able to change the base and keeping XP, unlocked cities etc as with new DLCs it's painful. I reset my profile to have a Swiss registration from Basel and currently unlocking all cities again but there's not much point as I'd much rather a French registration plate to simulate

    8 - Passenger load density.

    -Not sure how it currently is generated but driving different routes and only ever get like 16 or 20 maximum passengers at any given time (on a good day) and some routes I just have say like 4 people.

    An option to either have more or less passengers as driving say the neoplan skyliner for 16 people is a little sad and even with most other buses to be able to have full loads would be really nice.

    9) More game modes.

    -Not as a separate DLC but like we have Flixbus Original routes there should be other interesting routes.

    *A train has broken down or because of line maintenance and we have to do a rail replacement service by road between two train stations (I think this is a very good idea!)

    *We have to take supporters and even perhaps the team of football from one stadium to another (without all the management part) so within normal fernbus.

    *Airports-Hotels-Airports shuttles.

    10) Destination Display

    -Possibility to show a "symbol" instead of a route number. So for example we can choose a symbol of a plane, a train, a camping place etc...

    11) Lower intensity of headlights

    -In some vehicles the headlights are a bit overkill like the neoplan skyliner just on low beam at night is far too bright from the interior view I think.

    Nice to see a fellow simmer on my island, I'm actually up north in Pollensa.

    Hope you enjoy your time here! I think I know where you are staying, just up the road is the hotel Bahia Principe Coral Playa one of my favourites.

    Transunion have the monopoly here in Mallorca followed by Comas.

    You'd find it hard to believe, I'm a die hard Fernbus fan but for some reason I couldn't get into Tourist Bus Simulator, I can't put my finger on it and I wanted it for so long too. Will have to give it another go in the future, maybe it was the road markings or something with the scenery or perhaps living in Spain already... I don't know!

    Hi all,

    Many thanks for chiming in and taking the time to reply.

    Timo Thanks for clearing it up, I think that would actually be a very good idea to add subtitles for those of us that don't speak German.

    I might suggest rather than disappearing subtitles perhaps when the traffic information comes on, to show it on screen as a "ticker" so that it is scrolling across the screen. That would be in a very ideal world.

    Scoofy for a DJ it's perfectly acceptable and have no problems with this, quite immersive in Germany but perhaps important traffic information I think should broadcast in the user selected language.

    Don_Castor That's ever so kind of you, I will indeed send you an email tomorrow morning, thank you!

    LT586 I remember when there wasn't even a radio so it's really come far...Flash Bass FM actually plays decent songs and the traffic info is a neat feature, apart from that there's also 2 other radio stations from the internet which are really good. I'm constantly flitting between all three stations if I find a song I like.

    Hi Team,

    Admittedly this below post of mine was three years ago.

    I'm still a proud owner of the original box version I pre-ordered from Aerosoft but due to a slow PC I've never really been able to play Fernbus properly until now, I decided to upgrade my PC really just to be able to play the game.

    If it's alright, I'd like to once again reiterate what I most wanted to see a few years ago which I see still hasn't been implemented.

    Sure it's not a major thing but I'm one of those people that looks at the smaller details!

    I'm sure once I get into things again I'll be able to give more suggestions.

    For sure though something straight out of the bat I'd definitely say the addition of more airports and hotels would really be a good idea as it adds more ability for creativity into the simulation. Particularly Basel airport as it's so near to the city.

    Much appreciated as always thank you.

    Hi all,

    I speak English, Spanish, French and Catalan but sadly German isn't on my list :/

    Just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to translate for me more or less what is said during the traffic updates on the ingame radio?

    I assume it's actually linked to the real game and changes everytime?

    I hear the gentlemen read out firstly one list of cities and then he reads out another list of cities.

    As long as you can kindly tell me what the first list is and then the second I can get a general idea!

    Kind Regards,


    I do find it curious how a lot of people seem to have performance issues, I'm running Fernbus with all settings turned to "Epic" and get good frame rates.

    -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660ti

    -AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-core @ 3.60-4-10GHZ

    -16GB RAM

    -1TB gaming hard drive

    -Gigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming Motherboard

    I used to get the occasional stutter on my old PC that had a GeForce 650ti!