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    A couple of updates ago Track IR was implemented. I am not using an official TrackIR product but a makeshift one made by me using opentrack software to handle the data, it works pretty well with the game and now i can use my hands only to handle the bus.

    Update process is going on very well, but we do still need a bit of time to finalize all changes and features.

    Take your time guys and get it right. I bet nobody wants stuff rushed, at least not me. It would only be counterproductive and people will only complain. I am mostly excited about the AI, hearing that the AI won't be spawning / disappearing in front of us is pure awesomeness !

    My opinion after the last update today.The AI still does not work. Cars disappear in front of me.

    I subscribe to this too. It ruins the immersion. Seeing disappearing and instantly appearing cars in front of you ruins the whole experience. Also complaining passengers who whine about being slow while you are entering the freeway or passing through highway transition nodes is kinda irritating.

    The game is starting to get into shape, no doubt. Progress was clearly made. A bit more effort on the AI side and immersive features and it will be a solid title. Keep it up TML.

    After reading today's change log, i just dropped by to say i love you guys ! Resting feature overhaul, we asked you listened. Bam ! just like that, game quality improved ! If only more devs were as keen as you guys when it comes to listening to the community. Keep up the good work.

    Excellent update guys. Totally dig the headlights improvement, reflective signs and the turning camera ! It's shaping up really nice. Now, next stop the AI. It seems that it tends to create more jams in this patch. Even though i've read there was a tweak to it.

    in my country, depending of region and line, the support point is together with rest stop.
    in long trips the bus need to be cleaned and refueled, in one of some rest places while passengers rest the bus will re-supply and be clean and park back

    while others are only Bus Support stop, with refuel and vehicle cleaning

    Yeah that would also be a good feature, short maintenance at bus stops if taking long routes. I don't know if Flixbus operates this way though. Anyway as you can see right now in the sim, the only rest stops available are those that are made specifically for this. (The ones with the P - blue parking sign on the map). Reaching a bus station won't count as a rest stop (the passengers still complain about taking a break - this is really takes a big chunk out of the immersion factor) and if there are no rest stops along the route set by your navigation you'll either have to divert to stop the nagging or just endure it till the end.

    The way i see it, they should either try to add more stops and the option to create your own route (and by that i mean more freedom in route creation). Or even better add a manual rest stop feature initiated by a menu or some sort when you park in a gas station or designated rest stop.

    I would also like some more attention to detail when it comes to rest stops. How about giving us the possibility to initiate a rest stop. For example there are gas stations along the way or dedicated rest stops, parking lots, inner city parking spaces where we could stop there and through a menu engage a rest stop. Instead of placing fixed rest stops with highlighted areas and automatically pass time. If i remember correctly, 18 Wheels of Steel had this feature where you could just pull into a rest stop or gas station and through a menu engage the rest period.

    Of course it would be awesome and immersive if passengers would get out of the bus and smoke a cigar, have a sandwich, stretch their legs etc. (perhaps like a cutscene instead of a black screen).

    10. Another option that needs to be implemented is the radio of the bus, the silence leaves the middle monotonous game.

    In the rest of the game pleased me very much, I know it still needs many updates and I hope to continue with this game because it has incredible potential, even with some problems entertained me for hours.

    Nothing an external player and a multimedia keyboard can't fix. At least that's what i am using to kill the silence and enjoy a relaxing drive. They said an in game radio function will be implemented in the game, something like ETS 2 uses.

    I'm sorry to insist in saying that the game needs to be optimized, but I decided to make the comparison at the level of requirements between Fernbus and GTA V. Comparing the minimum requirements of Fernbus and recommended requirements of GTA V and found that GTA V It requires best settings that Fernbus, but to my dismay GTA V works 5 stars on my computer and Fernbus not.
    GTA V processes many more data, AI traffic is much more complex, among other things. The only justification that meeting to the game does not work very well on my computer, is the game is programmed wrong. I'm really discouraged with the game. At the time of providing the beta only bothered to make available to those who had top computers, now everybody is complaining, just shows that even the beta of the work was not done well.
    How can I explain it?
    Enough people are tired of talk about it and you do not give a justification. Show that they are man and take responsibility in my opinion the game was not ready to be released.

    Sir, how can you even compare a AAA game with a simulator developed by a small studio? The don't have the manpower Rockstar games have let alone the budget. They acknowledged that the game needs optimisation but this will take some time. In fact they have even more concerning problems regarding game mechanics that needs sorting. So let's give them some breathing room, updates will come i am sure. Keep in mind they switched from the old engine they initially used to Unreal 4 in just a small period of time.

    Guys anyone knows what to do when the message "YOU NEED TO MAKE REST?", it keeps coming up what were i do..!!

    When that message pops up and if your route passes through a rest stop (the big P blue sign on the map) you simply stop in the marked area, screen will fade to black and 15 minutes will pass. After that you can continue on your way. The main concern is that sometimes there are no rest stops along the way, and you probably have to divert to a rest stop that's close to you or just continue like that and ignore the message. They will probably add more rest stops in the upcoming updates.

    On a map is a bug selecting the city Karselsraurtern to Serbruckern there is no navigation map and a vehicle and distance are 0 all the time shown, marking orange line the road all the time map is gray not active. Please correct this thanks Marcin Poland

    I subscribe. Almost any route to Saarbrucken won't generate a navigation line (orange guidance line) on the GPS. You can finish the route without it but it's extremely tricky.

    Hello guys,

    First of all let me say that this is a most welcomed game game on the simulator scene. We had everything from trains and airplanes to city busses. But a coach simulator was nowhere to be seen, at least not a standalone one. So with that in mind since you guys are the first to dare with such a concept i am going to try and share my opinions without being too harsh. It might be a long read, but I hope you will take your time to read this as much as I enjoyed and will enjoy playing the game. I have about 11 hours of gameplay racked up so far.

    I hope you guys are keen on working on this framework you laid out and not be superficial about it, because this has a lot of potential and you can expand on it in the future via DLC (new vehicles, new maps etc.).

    Graphics wise the game looks great with jaw dropping lighting. The trees could use a bit of work because they look a bit awkward. The bags that people are holding could use a bit of variety. The passengers could be better, a bit more variety wouldn't hurt. Also make them a bit more human, make them get on and off the bus and not just teleport, add a bit of ambiance to the bus by making them cough, talk, sneeze etc. but I know you guys are working on that.

    The fact that you can get out of the bus and interact with the passengers is the delight of this sim. Such a small feature yet it adds a lot to the immersion.

    Some of the issues encountered is with the gamepad I am using to play the sim. There seems to be no sensitivity setting that I can fine tune and so i am getting a lot of steering misbehavior. I am trying my best to keep a decent speed and take the turns with caution but it seems I am pestered by that message too much. Perhaps you could tune it a bit to be less harsh.

    And this takes me to another problem that causes me to get the dreaded steering misbehavior message, the navigation system. Since it is hard for me to anticipate turns because there is no auto zoom feature i get nagged a lot . I urge you guys to please implement such a feature since it will be a major help.

    Driving long distances is a favorite thing of mine and the fact that you implemented rest stops adds to the immersion, I highly appreciate it. But be aware that I ran into problems because of this. There are not enough rest stops in the game. For example on the Nurnberg – Dresden route i was asked to take a break but there was no rest stop along the way. So I was nagged all the way to Dresden. Please do add rest stops into every petrol station or add dedicated rest stops along the way, i know motorways aren’t short of these so this sim shouldn’t be either. Perhaps you could also make the rest stop feature a bit more immersive than just fading to black and passing time. Perhaps you could let us park, stop the engine let the passengers out for a cigar and some leg stretching and also give us the option to skip time (just like before departure).

    Dynamic weather is a great addition to the sim and works pretty good but I found problems here too. For example if you set dynamic weather to on it will cycle good with periods of rain, sun, clouds etc. but the temperatures are off, for example in august in rainy or cloudy weather the temp gauge showed 9 to even 0 degrees Celsius which is really taking you out of the immersion. Also the transitions between weather cycles seem to be a bit rough and could be smoother. Be aware that rain droplets do not form on the windshield with dynamic weather on. They do form when you manually set it to rainy but don’t seem to work with the dynamic feature.

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with the weather or the way they are designed but my side mirrors seem to draw some sort of fog on them, even in clear weather, it is really a burden to change lanes since i can’t quite see the cars from far away to switch lanes safely. And the AI that seems to be coming one after another doesn’t help with that either so i hope you look into that too.

    But my biggest concern is the AI traffic. Like most of the people out here playing this promising sim, the traffic seems to be the most irritating thing about it. And for a sim that is about driving, I say that this should be your main concern right now. While I know you guys released a patch that fixed the red light bug, some of the AI traffic still manages to skip a red light getting stuck in the middle of the intersection causing a bit of a jam. Another serious problem is when AI traffic is entering the highway. The cars that are on the highway seem to be stopping to give way to the ones that are entering causing a bottleneck on the 1st lane of the highway and the merging lane. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible since it interrupts the flow of traffic on the motorway. I’ve also seen a couple of cars that were turned into oncoming traffic or were flipped on their side (needs ironing out). Spawning traffic in front of me at 50 m is also a big immersion breaker. Perhaps you could also add a bit more variety to the traffic, maybe some trucks with trailers and such because there are a lot of them on highways in reality, other buses etc.

    I know I have only underlined problems with my experience but these are the things that should get addressed as soon as possible since it will make the game perfect. I have enjoyed the game so far even with it’s quirks, driving long routes and kicking some tunes in the background is a really relaxing experience for me. I don’t regret buying it, because I know you guys will deliver in the end the best coach driving experience after all you are a german company, and It is known that germans are keen on delivering quality products. So with that being said I am looking forward to the upcoming updates.