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In recent years, a large and active community has emerged on our Discord server. Many members are therefore no longer active in this forum and contributions from new users were not answered or only answered late. We are therefore closing this forum with immediate effect. Old posts will still be visible, but it will no longer be possible to write new posts. You can find our discord server here:

    This update doesn't have anything significant to say about the game as a whole. The physics is still crappy. The sounds are terrible. Sun glow and flickering in the eyes - painful to the eyes. It is in vain to release such updates And after years of experience with you, this is the first time I refuse and return the game back to the store.

    This game was still being built since 2018 And you haven't learned anything, just like with Fernbus sim, where everything is just as lousy to date...

    "I am sorry that I have not been able to bring your Majesty's business to a more successful conclusion."

    You forget the situation that the game is still in EA, relative to EA the game is excellent, and of course do not forget that it will only get better with time, in my opinion the reviews are a bit too sharp, the game overall is just fine in relation to EA.

    Actually you'm right, but I think it could have been done like

    Such a board inside the cockpit, where there are tasks you need to perform, and where there are the steps to everything that needs to be done. I think it could be a lot more accessible

    I really like the photos,

    I usually really like simulation games and really like flight games, but in the case of this game, I never managed to understand the keys and what to do (and how to play, as if I know the basics but I always had a hard time understanding all the keys, and what to do) Run and what not), even in the older game it was always like that

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    looking good, Where can i get into on this game? i can find it in steam?

    It could be that you aren't in the Discord, because there stands that the BVG MAN DD and VDL Citea will be added. It could have been something new in your mind, but it was already mentioned.✌? Have a nice day

    Oh good to know :D
    I really not in discord thats why i not see that (Join now to get updates) :)

    * I was thinking of something that could fit as a DLC for further development, if we are already in the idea of berlin, then I thought of adding later only buses that are in Berlin, the intention is not to add all the DLC from Fernbus / tbs but to add unique buses, which are in Berlin,In fact, my intention is that buses
    exist today in Berlin, and not the previous DLC, but to make something unique just for this game, so that it will differentiate it from others

    * And another idea, later to add maps that have a border with Berlin, and allow the expansion of the map and travel

    Ok and In principle it would be like servers like this that I could see against who is on a particular server and go in there and play with it?

    * And I have another question, can anyone buy the early access to the game?

    Thanks for answer :)  Quarney

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    Gil looks tired. Looks like Quarney words were really true about the TML-Studios team working day and night :sleeping:

    Thank you for this hard work by TML-Studios and for keeping your promises regarding the release. Take care of yourself and thank you for your work! This is valuable. :thumbup:<3

    It looks really good I'm already waiting to play it, I'm just missing one thing about the multiplayer, is it possible maybe to show a video of how it will work, how I can get into a certain company and how I can play with friends, I think it will make a lot of order for everyone. Quarney


    I've already expressed how important it is for the IBIS system to be introduced here so let's hope that the team will implement this crucial feature in The Bus.

    I hope, also in my opinion the game should be different from TBS, FBS for the reason that they are both the same / similar, the bus should be made more unique which is like it will be a game in itself

    Will it be possible to enter the line with a GPS or ticketing device in order for it to take effect? For example you are on an empty journey and you want to start line 15 so you put the code in the GPS or the ticketing device to start the line and it will appear in front of the bus and inside.
    Similar to what was in Bus simulator 12, only more advanced

    I think you need to add (as I said before) places of entertainment that you can go with friends and not just work, breathe life into the game, because if you just drive and work all day then you have no after-work routine, add some pubs clubs restaurants and the like to do more Stuff :D

    I have another idea, to eliminate the possibility of moving and turning on lights and everything related to buttons inside the bus, and even add to the door (front door only) open and close button when you get off the bus, and put everything in the buttons inside the bus to give the most realistic feeling.

    I think the game should be made more realistic, as I wrote in one of the previous posts, and give a variety of possible situations that can happen once in a while like for example: that the bus gets stuck, that you have to order a tow, even a bus quarrel, ticket problem, engine and more. I think it will just give real situations of things that really happen to the bus drivers, so you can also add it to the game, in addition I personally favor that while you "do not" work or finish the trip / travel and because the game is online, you can sit with friends in all sorts of places, For example restaurants, bars and the like to give the maximum feeling of reality, in principle this thing exists partially in tbs / fbs but it is not possible to really sit, you can just "mark" the place as if you were there. So I thought to myself if this thing would really be in the game or would it be possible to add the option, because basically the whole point of a simulator is to simulate reality. Quarney :D

    have option to get more videos? about the game in addition to the others videos. Quarney

    Maybe you can really add an option that the bus can get stuck, or it will show you a particular problem in the dashboard and you will need to fix it,

    Or for example adding a ticketing device and similar things, things that really happen on a daily basis.