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    One user from the community got a problem after the update, the textures are not loaded and the terrain is distorted. He has a weak system, but he says that everything worked fine before. Video driver updated. How can he be helped? She does not want to write in support, because she does not understand how to do it. Its system: intel core i3-7100, 8gb ram, HD 630 4gb.

    Today is definitely a good day! BB40 is coming out this week; now we see the Scania Touring DLC pages in Steam. Not only that, surprises await us all, remember the TML Event Center, and even that's not all! The future of Fernbus Simulator is becoming very interesting, it seems to me that SCS Software has a crown on its head, it can fly off completely and we will have a new king of simulators.;)

    Martin 40 Bus I talked with KishMish Games about blocking and here is what they answered me:

    Unfortunately, in response to our request to report what exactly does not work in the game with his steering wheel, he began to spam with the same messages wherever possible, instead of helping to clarify the situation for further solving the problem. The ban was received for spam, that is, a lot of messages of the same type.

    We are extremely positive about any messages reporting problems with any game wheels, because this is the only way we can improve this aspect of the game.

    I also asked to unblock you and resolve all issues peacefully.:)

    A lot of time has already passed since the last DevDiary and we would like to see something new on The BUS, it would be great if TML-Studios showed new screenshots or videos.;)

    If TML-Studios make a new island for Tourist Bus Simulator, it will be just that, lots of greenery, narrow roads, as well as impassable roads and steep climbs. I am sure that it will be so, you just have to wait.

    Martin 40 Bus The game will have the same Unity engines, and there will also be support for the wheels. The graphics in this game, I think, will be better than in Bus Driver Simulator 2019. The game was announced today and so far there is little information about it.

    The game can already be added to your wish in Steam. Bus in the trailer of the brand "Laz".

    The legendary Soviet and Ukrainian city high-floor bus of the middle class.

    Serial production of these buses began back in 1974 and continued until 2006. To this day, they are found on the roads of the countries of the former USSR.

    The most important advantages are simplicity of design and unpretentiousness in operation, covering some of the shortcomings, such as the tightness of the cabin and doors, as well as the frequent overheating of the engine.

    About 176 thousand cars of this series were produced.

    The history of the bus is rich. In the spring of 1986, after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a special bus was created on the basis of this bus to evacuate people from the infection zone and deliver specialists there. And for the 1980 Olympics, a small number of modified buses were released with more comfortable and softer seats and double doors.

    Today a new Bus World game has been announced.


    Bus World is a game about passenger transportation, from simple everyday life of a bus driver to saving people in various disasters.

    The place and time of action are as diverse as possible! Each map has its own atmosphere and its own set of scenarios.

    Chernobyl zone, Ukrainian SSR, 1986

    The game presents a unique opportunity to see the city of Pripyat, Chernobyl and the environs of the world-famous Chernobyl nuclear power plant shortly before the accident and plunge into the atmosphere of Soviet communism. Based on maps, videos and photos from different years, we tried to make the Chernobyl zone as close as possible to the real area: houses, key objects and roads are located in their places.

    Before the disaster, you have to work as a regular bus driver, transport workers to the station, bring tourists on a camping trip, and much more! You will also have to face various kinds of bus breakdowns and try to somehow get out of the situation.

    When an accident occurs, part of the map changes. You will see the blown up shop of the fourth power unit, the Red Forest and other famous places of the Chernobyl exclusion zone ...

    In an emergency, help the liquidators eliminate the consequences of the accident, take part in the evacuation of people and avoid getting a high dose of radiation!

    South of China, modernity

    Welcome to the sunny jungle and steep serpentine roads! However, nature is cruel in these places. You have to survive the tsunami and flood, an earthquake with a collapse of stones, a deadly tornado! Driving conditions are quite difficult - there are a lot of sharp turns, cliffs and off-road, where people rarely wander.

    Maximum variety of scenarios

    The game has three types of scenarios:

    1) Common scenarios for the transportation of people, flight and custom routes.

    2) Scenarios with vehicle breakdowns. Damage will significantly complicate your life.

    It is difficult to drive a bus when the steering wheel is constantly tilting to the side, and at this time you need to overcome twisting serpentines with cliffs!

    But sometimes the relief may help you, as in a scenario where a bus with a minimum amount of fuel in the tank needs to get to a gas station: when going down a mountain, you will have to constantly turn off the engine and move forward so that there is enough fuel.

    3) Disasters. From the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and forest fires to earthquakes and deadly tornadoes.

    During a storm, you have to constantly monitor where the tornado is moving so as not to get directly into it. This is even more difficult when you are driving off-road and falling into a pit at high speed can pierce the wheel!

    After the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, help the liquidators find specially infected points in the Red Forest. But remember that getting a large dose of radiation can be fatal!

    Off road and bad roads

    On all maps in the game a lot of off-road and pit roads. You must constantly carefully monitor the road! Having flown into the pit at high speed, you will pierce the wheel, and in peaceful scenarios too fast driving on bad roads will cause discontent of passengers.

    Gain experience, discover new scenarios, buses and improvements

    For each scenario you complete, you gain experience and increase in level. With each new level, more scenarios are opened for you, the ability to replay them on any chosen bus and with the desired improvements.

    Martin 40 Bus I actually do not know as much as I would like, but I can confirm that the work on troubleshooting is going on. On weekends, I could replace the position of a community manager, but I can tell you a little :)^^ When the weekend comes, it is not so fun to get on the forum, all TML-Studios employees leave to relax, which means there will be no interesting news in the next two days so I don’t really like the weekend). Although I can now talk about one new, very interesting game, but not in this thread.:)

    Mattuz  Changelog 1.5.29349

    • Fixed a crash with savegames from previous versions

    • Fixed a bug in the navigation's route display

    • Vehicle no longer receives damaged at Costa Calma coach-wash

    • Final preparations for free DLC BB40