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    I read the German branch and then the English one and I can say that I constantly see the same thing in my community. People write in comments on posts in community messages that I see only, and even in private messages on my VK account.

    It’s always the same why there are still no pedestrians and animated passengers in the Fernbus Simulator, although they promised to add them shortly after the release of Tourist Bus Simulator. They also ask why developers find time for new free cities, but there is no time and resources for what players are really looking forward to. Always the same:

    1) Pedestrians and passengers.

    2) Economic company.

    3) Tools for mods.

    4) The fullness of the world. (detail)

    5) Manual gearbox.

    6) Optimization.

    This is most expected of players. Although it has been known for so long, as many times already wrote about it here on the forum. Ordinary players share what they want to see in the game, haters simply trample the game and always put pressure on these painful topics, thereby damaging the game’s reputation and TML-Studios themselves.

    Fernbus is a great game with great potential, if you add at least the first three points, the game will go to a new level and the Fernbus community will grow significantly. Of course this is easier said than done, but we really hope that the talented guys from TML-Studios will be able to realize this.:)

    Guys need help setting up the Logitech Driving Force GT. In the community, the player doesn’t manage to adjust the steering wheel, the file that can be downloaded here on the forum also did not help, maybe someone has a fresh Logitech Driving Force GT settings file, or maybe some advice.

    The new Renault Master. Quarney What body will be the Renault Master Minibus in the Fernbus Simulator and Tourist Bus Simulator? In old or new?

    When you turn on the photo mode, the driver disappears from the cockpit, it is not critical when you take a static screenshot, but when you take a screenshot in motion, it is dynamic, it turns out that the bus is traveling at speed, but the driver is not in the cockpit, mysticism. Need the ability to clean and return the driver in the cockpit of the bus. There is a function to remove the player, but the driver is not removed, but the entire bus.

    The photo mode is very cool, but not all screenshots are saved, as if you can store no more than 4 screenshots in a folder, after four, the next screenshot deletes the previous one. Workaround, look carefully and copy the finished screenshots to another folder. Screenshots are not saved only in high resolution, in normal resolution everything works fine.

    Quarney The Russian community, over and over again, raises the same question, why does SCS Software launch new trucks for free, and TML-Studios for money? I understand why this happens, but I would like to give a clear answer precisely from TML-Studios for everyone about this and so that in the future this question no longer pops up time after time.

    It is very cool when the team of game developers decides to help the team of athletes, and does not put all the money in his pocket. Among Russian players, it used to be said that TML-Studios are a very greedy development studio, they sell radio for money and buses for the price of the whole game. But recently, such an opinion I hear less and less. This is due to lower prices for DLС, and free add-ons are also often coming out. Undoubtedly, the support of a sports team will very well affect the reputation of TML-Studios.

    I myself love sports very much, although a little different, I like to lift heavy pieces of iron :) My motto is “No pain no gain”.

    I wonder what products TML-Studios will offer us? What are your assumptions?

    Quarney I thought this news did not get to the forum and stay only in social networks, so I decided to talk about it here on the forum. The world must know its heroes :)