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    From the brief look that I have had, you cannot make changes to the game from the JSON data. However, I am yet to fully understand the complete working of it.

    Currently, I am able to get the data out of the game and just read it. I shows things like stops, passengers (how many and capacity of bus), what is on/off (lights, WIFI, WC)

    I hope to be able to use this information and get it to display the information in a neat form. Maybe being able to see the phone from in game on your own phone maybe.

    And if I can find out how the input part works, I potentially make the buttons work from another device.

    I don't know what is possible or my own capabilities, but I will see what I can do.

    As for showing how to access the data. I will create a simple guide tomorrow.

    Right, so I have looked into the telemetry and it seems great. I press a button and if I refresh the browser it updates the JSON data so show the relevant information.

    My next task is going to be to see if I can create some sort of program that can collect this data and display it nicely.

    Quarney- hope you had a good weekend. Any response about the intercity Dlc?

    Im sure they don't need to be that high for the livery to show.

    I'm not entirely bothered about seeing the scenery in best quality. I was able to see the skins a few updates ago and settings were not that high.

    Can anyone kindly shed some light on what the new shuttle service is exactly?

    It sounds interesting, what is exactly the difference between "shuttle" and "flixbus"?

    I know with "Flixbus" before we could choose two or more cities and drive between them, how does "Shuttle" compare to this?

    Also, new bus stops for this mode?

    matt9529 From what I can work out:

    Freeplay: As before choose a city and drive

    Shuttle: Like in the previous versions, however flixbus skins removed and new phone layout (like TBS) to not include Flixbus. All coaches available

    Original: Real life routes from Flixbus, like before (Not BB40 / W906 when available) Flixbus skins available

    Flixbus: As the game was before, own route creation. (Reduced coaches) Flixbus skins available

    This is presumably, so they can step away from some of the Flixbus stuff

    I am sure TML will correct if not the case.

    does the modding tools will be released in this update?

    Lust No, unfortunately.

    As mentioned in the German thread this is telemetry, data such as vehicle speed.

    Quote from Quarney in German Thread

    Another program can use telemetry to connect to the game and read or set data. This enables vehicle data to be displayed on a tablet, for example. Here would be an example of how it was implemented in ETS2:

    In this case, we offer a connection option via telemetry, so that the game releases usable data at all and can accept it, so in principle it is a possibility of modding.


    In Flixbus mode the BB40 is removed (presumably because they don't use it)

    However, the Intercities are still available, despite them not being used by Flixbus (hence the reason the skins were removed before)

    Is this intentional or a mistake.

    Good weekend!


    They are human! They cannot everything fix everything instantly. Major issues are dealt with as soon as they can, but the minor issues are not the greatest priority. Poor TML, people complain if they spend time fixing bugs and not developing new games and features and they also complain if they don't fix the bugs and work on new stuff. They are a small team working their hardest. Things will be fixed when they can, don't forget what may seem like a small issue for the author may be a difficult one to solve in development.

    I would guess that the road signs are the normal speed limits along that road. However, most countries have a different speed limit for larger vehicles such as coaches and trucks. Therefore the satnav probably shows the legal speed for the coach

    Some computers have the functionally built in. However there is a lot of free software available online that can record your screen. Such as OBS.

    A quick Google search will reveal the many options you have Piotr1