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    -the sunrise looks beautiful.

    -but the white sun that is evident throughout the day is really bad.white sun rays destroy realism. Everything is white.

    -I generally felt that optimization was better.

    -There seems to be no problem with the night view. A better view is obtained if the game automatically adjusts the gamma setting between day and night.

    -Night FPS is very low, compared to daytime.

    -Daytime FPS is normal but there are too many drops.

    white sun and white sun rays spoil the realistic atmosphere of the game.

    There are strange white lines in the night sky.

    nice to have two games. Diversity is always good. But I put forward this view because I know the terms of TML studio. I'm sure they work hard. But they should also care about personification. There is a lot to do and TBS appears to me to be an unnecessary project as resources are scarce. I understand that there is a different planning right now. Sometimes everything is not what we want.

    Hi, Cola Industries

    I want both games to be improved, but TBS requires a lot of work. Since I know that TML studios have limited resources, I talked about the development of FBS, if I were in their place, I would never make a game like TBS. But I think there are some conditions that bring them to this state.The two games are very similar to each other and if the resources allocated to TBS were used for FBS, a much better product would have appeared.

    Since there is no economic system, I cannot satisfy my desire to win in the game. I know you are focusing on the new game, but you have to develop FBS specifically for the necessary financial resources. Every day your new competitors enter the market.

    A new game will be released soon, although not exactly your opponent. The suspension system looks quite beautiful.

    When will we get rid of the white sun ?

    Please remove the white color from your imagination, such a view does not occur in real life. everywhere is white.

    In order to see the night so bright, we need to increase the gamma setting. But when the gamma setting is high during the day, the vividness of the colors disappears. Therefore, the game should automatically adjust the gamma setting.

    (sample photo)

    The clouds and the moon look beautiful, but as in the sample photo during the day, I would love to see the clouds.

    traffic signs are too close to the road.

    remote and close-up view, different trees

    -you need to increase the overall saturation in the game. Colors should be more vivid.

    Hi, friend Martin 40 Bus

    -The reason why the night is dark is because of the gamma setting. When you increase the gamma setting during night driving, you get the views shown above.

    -But there is a problem, you need to decrease the gamma setting during the day because it looks very bright. The game needs to do this automatically. Quarney  mk0

    There is a grammatical error on the character selection screen. The correct software in Turkish will be as follows.

    Erkek 1

    Erkek 2

    Erkek 3

    the moon looks very realistic, but I couldn't make sense of the glow inside.

    The brightness and glow effect of the sun is nice, but the sun is not white. It looks more like a shining white ball than the sun.

    The sun on the fernbus looks more pronounced and yellowish. That makes it look more beautiful.

    In our country, I see the sun in a mixture of yellow and orange lights. I think it is not different in other countries. Guys, is there a white sun in your country?

    -The night view is nice but a bit dark and the FPS is low compared to daytime. The moon looks realistic but does not shine much. . The current month is more realistic but I don't feel the moonlight.

    You can realistically observe the sun and the moon in these videos. Of course, it is difficult, but not impossible, to reflect completely on the game.

    I love nature and I know how they look. There are good developments, but you have to work a little more.,,

    walking on the water :)