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    I noticed something very good, the game no longer freezes when changing radio channels in TBS. I hope this problem is solved for FBS too. :thumbsup::saint:

    -While driving on the Scania bus, there is a mixed noise to the engine noise. It sounds as if the bottom of the bus is rubbing against the ground. So strange.

    thank you. Timo

    Normally, I was going from the bus route, but since the GPS showed a different route, I thought about going that way without paying attention to the traffic signs. I thought a different way was added to the game.

    -I know this is not the right place, but I made a few comments about DLC Scania. Especially the redesign of the side panel and steering wheel will make me and many players very happy.

    -I couldn't see a button for the passenger monitor on the Scania bus. Will it be added later?

    -In the Scania bus, half of the keys on the console are named Turkish and half are English. Can you do it completely in Turkish?

    -I think TBS has no announcement sound. Can a simple announcement be added? In GPS, voice opening can be added. For example, "Welcome, Good evening, Good day, Good morning". I'm not talking about voice navigation. just a voice message for the opening would be nice. Now I can see that there are important things from voice navigation.

    - I would love to see a few buses I bought at TBS side by side. I can only choose a bus right now.:(

    We can not see the sun like this now, I think there is a problem. Can this image quality be offered to us optionally? As a nature lover, I attach great importance to such details visually. For example, this quality may only be valid in ultra settings.:/:/:/  Quarney

    -FPS in bad condition at night and rainy weather.

    -Daytime FPS is better. (30-35)

    -However, FPS falls in urban areas.

    -Crashes seem to be completely resolved.

    -I sometimes hear strange noises in DLC Scania engine sound. The retarder sound sometimes spontaneously occurs on the Scania bus.

    GPS tells me to get out of here, but the bus doesn't fit here.:(

    -It would be nice if the reflections on the windshield are added to FBS.

    I have been saying the same for about 6-7 months. however, there is no improvement. There are things to do before the new city and buses. There are complex sounds on some roads for DLC France. I shared many screenshots, but I still hear the sounds I hear on the bridge on the straight track. I listed the important shortcomings for the Scania bus. But nobody even cared.


    DLC VDL issues

    DLC Scania


    General İssues

    I brought many problems to the fore in the issues I mentioned above. All I want is to solve the problems as soon as possible but nobody cares.

    Nah looking from it I prefer this version, is it a newer generation?

    While searching on google, I came across. Probably this year will be released. They called it the design of the year 2020. It would be nice to see this new design in the game. If the manual transmission is added to the game, it attracts many people. It will be very enjoyable to drive the minibuses manually. Of course the buses.

    I chose this because there are many vans Renault in Turkey. It is used for transportation to towns. It would be nice to have a manual gearbox.:)

    I also see these buses in urban transportation. Very quiet and fast.

    faulty road noise. I hope these road sound issues are resolved in the next update. There's too much of this problem. In addition, the menu and game loading screen freezes too much and sometimes does not respond.

    does not give an error. I'm waiting a bit and the freezes are going through but it's very boring. Strange. I didn't have this problem before the last 2 updates.

    Martin 40 Bus

    Yes you're right... but good appearance very important for me. I hope that there will be developments in all aspects in 2020.

    Hopefully a raffle is arranged for The Bus. I'd like to be among the first to do the review. :saint:

    * The headlamps operate as a single stage. To adjust the headlights, we should be given the option.

    *The passenger lights are operating in single stage. Night light can also be added as an option.

    * steering wheel buttons do not have lighting. That's why the steering is virtually invisible. There is a cabin light, but adding lighting to the buttons and eliminating the above-mentioned deficiencies of the steering wheel would be the result of more careful work.

    -lighting should be added to other buttons as in the first photo.

    - The cabin light seems to be on even though I didn't turn it on at night or day. We can also press the button twice, but it works as a single level.

    -I think the indicators should be clearer on all buses. Especially on this bus the indicators are very small and not clear. This may be in terms of the camera. A more advanced camera angle can be added to the game to give us a better experience. It is an important factor in making us feel as drivers. Sounds like something's missing. Actually, I mean a more detailed seat and steering adjustment.

    -I recommend that the steering be redesigned....

    I have passed on my suggestions to you, it is in your hands to make the good one perfect. The choice is entirely yours.

    Good luck with. :saint:

    Note: Since I use google translation, what I write can be understood as a mandatory request. In fact, I'm just writing my suggestions and ideas to make the situation better.

    Today I bought the DLC Scania Touring.8)

    A nice gift for TML Studios.:saint:

    I will tell you about my impressions and suggestions.

    I liked the design visually. Close to the original all the details added to the game.

    Not an oval look, but a muscular look down. inclination in the direction of the arrow.

    The steering wheel is incomplete in some respects. The steering wheel, which has an oval appearance in the game, actually has a more muscular appearance. some buttons are not added in detail. You can see this in field 2 in the image. On the other hand, the instrument panel is beautifully designed but we cannot see it precisely because of the position of the steering wheel. Therefore, the position of the steering wheel must be readjusted and steering adjustment should be added to the game in general. In this way, we can adjust the steering as we want. You can see the details in field 1. I have a nice suggestion in area 3. Why don't you add a key contact to all buses?

    (( It can even be added to the key alias animation.^^))

    Another issue that I think is missing is the detail level of the screen of the return camera. In the real Scania bus, we can watch the cameras inside. At least the camera at the rear door can be added. In this way, instead of teleporting in the future, we can see the landing of passengers landing with their feet.^^

    These shadows behind the wipers may be an error. It didn't look nice to me.:(:rolleyes:

    And I'm sharing the moment I'm disappointed . Oh, my God, what's this? 8|  

    a place that disturbs my eye taste in interior design. Would you please redesign this place?:S:saint:

    In addition, the lines on the side window make the window more visible. I don't even understand visually that I'm opening and closing the side window right now.

    Here are the original images. It may have been overlooked.:thumbsup::thumbsup:The best thing about TML is design.:thumbsup::thumbsup: my expectation is the application of this request.:saint:

    The names of the buttons are written in English, please translate them into Turkish. It is applied to all buttons on other buses when Turkish language option is selected. But for Scania the situation is different.:(

    Passenger monitors do not work.

    To comment on the sound of the engine, I would say it is the best bus with the VDL bus. However, I want the original engine sounds to be added to the game. Hopefully it will be among the innovations to be added in 2020.

    I hardly hear the sound of the retarder. In the settings, the volume is set to 100%, but it is still low. Can you increase the retarder sound ?

    <3Overall it has been a very nice bus. I congratulate you.:thumbsup::thumbsup:<3 Quarney   Timo   Mathias   Eriic   mk0 Sonja  

    Videos I used in review.

    VİDEO 1

    VİDEO 2

    sometimes a darkening of the game in the night view is experienced. Also the weather doesn't darken in time. At 20.00, the night view is still not activated and the sun does not disappear completely.

    Passengers are experiencing problems in the landing and boarding.

    I can only pick one bus. I want to see all the buses physically side by side.:(

    Wheels do not come into full contact with the ground. And there's no dust cloud on dirt roads.

    He disappears when we get close to the mirror.

    strange object in the air.

    It would be nice to win XP on the drivers' trips. We earn a fee from our driver's sightseeing tours, but we can not earn XP. Level is a nice feature to jump. This is the case in many games.

    In order to use skill points, more features must be added to the game. When we use our skill points for fast travel, a fast selection point is allowed outside the bus stops, but we can only select the bus stops when selecting a fast travel point. That's why our talent points can be wasted. This should be solved.

    The FPS is quite low, especially in the city. The sea should look more detailed and with accurate color tones. It would be nice to see the moonlight over the sea. Physically, I want to see my employees and all my buses side by side.

    Quarney   Timo   Mathias