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    -It would be a good idea to see our employees in the office and the workshop.

    -It would be a nice detail to be able to turn the lights of the office on and off.

    -It would be good if it can be opened on the windows.

    -In this area, I want to see my other buses. Now I can only choose one bus. Also, it would be nice to be able to expand my workshop even more.

    mk0  Timo

    I had a chance to review some of the DLC W906. In every project, TML studios develop themselves. So I had a positive impression.:)

    Right policies have been followed regarding the DLC price. I hope we have even cheaper DLCs.:S

    I would like to mention a few negative aspects that I have observed.

    -When I stopped pressing the accelerator pedal before, I said that the engine noise disappears in all buses and that this is not true. In this DLC, there was an improvement and a sound addition. This development is nice but still does not reflect the truth because the sound produced when the car is idle should not be the same when we do not press the accelerator pedal while driving at 25 kilometers. Since the cycle is higher, there should be a different sound. Of course, this situation requires real voice recording and financial resources are needed. I understand the situation, but I wanted to indicate.

    -For some reason, I feel like driving in a car while driving from the cockpit camera. In order to feel that I was driving a van, it needs to be a little high.:/

    In general, I think you model the buses very well, but the wheels are also important for simulation games. When I look here, I cannot get the impression of a flexible tire. This is valid for all buses. The rims are very ordinary.

    You can see the difference in image between the HUD screen and the Reversing camera on the vehicle screen. Also, if you pay attention to the return camera on the screen belonging to the bus, there will be freezing and delay.

    The center console is beautifully designed. And I would like to make a suggestion. I would be very surprised if the storage box on the right was opened. Such improvements would be exciting, albeit small.Sometimes I mean the small cabinet where we put our files or things like water bottles, wet wipes, pens.:)

    -Manual gear is an important missing for me, but I noticed that when the accelerator pedal was pressed, the engine responded very well and sounded to the sync with sound.

    mod support should now be added to the game.?(?(

    The steering wheel vibrates when starting the car in the video above. It's a nice detail, but it's not in the game right now. mk0  Timo

    I would also be happy to BETA test the bus before it’s full release, we’ve been waiting 3 years for this, and it’s getting harder by the day that it’s not here, I’m kind of expecting smooth gameplay here as it’s been in development for such a long period of time.

    Kind Regards.

    Yes, TML studios has had a great experience for a long time. All of us have high expectations. In addition to a smooth game, I expect mod support and bus personalization to be adapted to 3 games belonging to TML. At the same time, differences in driving physics, engine sounds, suspension systems and modeling of vehicles in traffic are among my expectations. Before we forget, the dream of all of us is among my expectations in manual gear.

    -A new map needs to be added to the game.

    -FPS is very low, especially during night driving. Driving in city centers turns into a troublesome situation.

    -Vehicles in traffic disappear completely at times.

    -Suspension system should be developed.

    Timo  mk0

    I have the same problems for shading at the highest settings.


    The problem is that English and German are not my native language. I write here using translation. There are many people in my situation. A competition or raffle may be held on more equal terms. I have participated in a contest before and won DLC. But there was a different situation, we were told what to do before.

    I congratulate the winners anyway.

    All right, there was a keyword in a radio show that had already passed that evening that had to be forwarded by email. So you could participate. The radio show is unfortunately already over.

    But this is not fair, I don't speak German.:huh:X/

    -Thank you for the information.

    Since the discount is not steam, I cannot benefit. Buying in dollars and euros is too expensive for me.:(It would be more meaningful if the discount was in steam.

    Congratulations to the friends who benefited from the discount.:)