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    Hi CeBeS486,

    looks great, hope you have a lot of fun with your collection!

    Unfortunately, the other two games are published by Astragon, with whom we are not working any more. We don't have a say on which platforms those games are published, so unless you beg them yourself, it is very unlikely these will come to Steam :( Sorry about that

    Best regards

    Hi Guys!

    Although it is kind of an interesting idea to just be a passenger, the main reason to play FBS or TBS is to ride a bus for yourself. We don't think many players would use the proposed feature in a way that would be efficient for us. And btw. it would be a huge load of work to create an AI which is driving every possible route in-game, we've got other AI problems to fix first, as you know :)

    So thanks a lot for the proposition, but it unfortunately won't come in the future.

    Best regards

    We have just released a new update for the Tourist Bus Simulator!

    You can look forward to a lot: We have further improved the performance, the input of Fanatec devices now works correctly, support for Tobii Eye Tracker and a completely new lighting and landscape system have been added. You can read the complete changelog here:

    Changelog 1.8.34527

    • Entering Fanatec devices now works correctly

    • Added support for Tobii Eye Tracker

    • The maximum head movement of the Tobii Eyetracker can now be set in the options menu

    • (BETA) telemetry output and input for modding added (BETA)

    • New landscape and lighting system implemented

    • Performance improvements

    • Fixed weather bugs

    • Fixed crashes when changing radio stations

    • further crash fixes

    • Level art fixes

    • MAN Lion’s Coach C: interior mirror corrected

    • Repaints of parked buses are now loaded correctly again

    • Fixed spray on vehicles on rain-drying roads

    • Fixed level LODs (flying objects, UFOs)

    • Fixed a few bugs when passengers leaving the vehicle

    • Bus stop at “Playa de los Matos” revised

    • Vegetation and other indoor assets no longer respond to the weather

    • Italian localization completed

    • Brazilian-Portuguese localization completed

    • Vehicles at the depot are no longer hit by the dirt decal

    • Shadow resolution revised

    • Final preparations for a new DLC vehicle

    DLC MAN Lion’s Intercity

    • Corrected rear door mirror

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen

    • Added sun protection sound effect

    DLC Neoplan Skyliner

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen

    • Corrected the position of a display

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen

    • Scania logo on mud flaps and “Scania Touring” logo added to the sides of the body

    • Missing speed limit added to the dashboard navigation display

    DLC Comfort Class

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen

    DLC BB40

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen

    DLC W906

    • Corrected upper brake lights

    Hi there, thanks for the reports. The unusual whiteness is still an ongoing problem, which will be fixed probably with the next engine version. Before that, we are not able to regulate it in a satisfying way ?( As CuzzystyleTV correctly stated, Update 8 will soon be released officially. The next engine version and update for TBS will hopefully seal the deal. Regards

    Hi! Thanks for your detailed report, it is forwarded. We are working on the distance field/ shadow issues, it is a progress and there will be more bugs appearing from time to time. We are on it!

    Please don't forget to provide shots from the in-game map to every bug report, "near to sth." is unfortunately often not enough. :)

    Best regards

    Hi Erilius,

    thanks for your report! It will be forwarded.

    For your next report, could you please use an already existing topic like those:

    General Feedback on Fernbus Coach Simulator

    The current update/ BETA update thread: Update 25 - Officially Released

    You can also contact our support:

    It is just easier to keep an overview and it would be chaotic, if everybody would start a new thread for every bug :)

    Thanks a lot, have a great day!

    I am closing this thread now.

    Hi! A new BETA has just been released! We finally added the Italian language and completed the Brazilian Portuguese localisation. Furthermore, many bugs have been fixed, the updated changelog can be found in the main article. Have fun!

    It is a city bus simulator based in Berlin, on a scale 1:1. You can see some picture and clips, if you scroll down our timelines in our social media channels, we gave out some information around christmas and easter. Regards

    Hi SimpleSim72,

    thanks for your message! We can't give you a release date for The Bus but be prepared to receive new information in the coming weeks :)

    Note: Only official employees of TML and members of the online team have the authority to reject or confirm dates, progress etc., especially concerning releases. Other suggestions are only conjectures unless they are confirmed by us.

    Best regards