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    Thanks for the report. Please don't open a new thread for one bug report. You can just use already existing ones like this or corresponding ones:

    Update 26.3 Hotfix - BETA

    Unfortunately, the image you added is not expandable, so I have no idea what and where this is. Please add pics by using the function below the text field.


    This thread will be closed now.

    FYI: some of the recently reportet bugs could unfortunately not be considered anymore. They are not forgotten or are already fixed and will be included in the next update, which will be released this year. Regards

    Another Hotfix has been officially released!
    We added a colour blindness mode, improved the mirror quality at lower settings and fixed many many graphical bugs. See the complete changelog here:

    Hotfix 1.26.36470

    • Added colour blindness feature
    • Incorrectly placed grass on roads entirely reduced
    • Distance field issues mostly resolved
    • Road blocking buildings, fences etc. fixed
    • Shuttle mode routing fixed
    • Inconsistent speed limits fixed
    • Other graphical errors resolved
    • Bus window textures and interior textures fixed
    • Building textures corrected in Kaiserslautern
    • Shadow issues reduced
    • Lens flare issues resolved
    • Mirror quality improved even at lower settings

    DLC W906

    • Dashboard display adjusted

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Fixed jumping of bus when braking


    We reworked the characters, so there will be new ones in the game, we just tried the moving passengers with the older models.

    Yes, Tegel will remain in the game, it is set in 2017/18 and we surely not gonna overhaul a big part of the game, at least not if you don't want to wait for it for another +1-2 years :)

    We are developing a bus simulation, so after-work-happenings and stuff like this will be very very few if at all. Focus is on the on the driving.

    Best regards

    I already did. Please read the last sentence of my original comment. We didn't go there without a plan, so the community has to trust us on that. BTW. due to Corona, the funding got postponed till now, so that's how it is now. We wished for a better timing as well, but so far, everything is according to plan.

    The repaint of the week comes from Paul Au!

    This time our Neoplan Skyliner was used again and refined with the design of the Filipino company Premium P2P.

    You can see more here on Steam:


    Some time ago the German Ministry for traffic and infrastructure advertised a grant for computer games. Developer studios from all over Germany could register. We were one of them and well, we got the funding :) We are very happy and curious what you will think of the upcoming title.

    You can get a little impression on the BMVI page, but we don't want to reveal that much yet. Suffice it to say: It won't be a simulation game, it will be released for the console, our other titles will continue to run and be developed according to plan.

    #DeadMansDiary ☠️☢️

    ↑ what Cuzzy said

    We are working on several DLCs right now, you might be lucky in the future :) It is indeed always hard to obtain licenses, so some manufacturers are way further out of reach than others. Let's see what the future holds.

    Please use for your wishes an already existing, appropriate thread the next time.


    This thread will be closed now.

    Hi there!

    Glad you liked the little clip, it is still not final. As soon as it is and we figure out, how we can implement pedestrians into FBS without a huge performance drop, we will do that. But it will probably happen after the EA of The Bus.

    JonasD I think you meant, why are the pedestrians not looking in the direction they will actually cross the street, but instead are slightly looking to their left. Well, that's something we are working on.

    About the right of way, here in Germany, as soon as the pedestrian light is green, pedestrians have it and are good to go. It would be very very unusual for such a big crossing in such a city to have no traffic lights. And Germans love their traffic lights, the more the merrier :)

    This time we found the repaint of the week on Steam by KugelMane!

    Our MAN Lion's Coach C was painted in a dark Flixbus design for Fernbus Simulator. Simple and elegant, fits every occasion :)

    Can be seen here on Steam:

    Hi kingof50,

    great to hear, we appreciate that.

    We are currently working on DLCs to complete the BeNeLux states and are pretty busy doing that, besides developing The Bus. We would love to include as many countries as possible, but they all have to be somehow connected, meaning you should be able to drive to them through the countries between, starting from Germany. Turkey is definitely interesting but as for now, too far away to even think about a map DLC. Sorry!