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Welcome to the new TML-Studios Community! Please read through the Community Rules and Guidelines and Tips & Tricks. Have fun!

    A very special online event will take place on the weekend:

    MEDIC - The Gamer‘s Health Kit

    A donation stream in favour of the Kinderhospiz Berliner Herz, organized by Invite Gaming, Gaming AID e.V. and Games & XR. All proceeds go to the Berlin children's hospice.

    You can see the timetable and all information about the event on the website shortly, TML Studios‘ slot is on Sunday afternoon. The stream takes place on Twitch.

    We have prepared a little interview for you on the topic of Fernbus Simulator, new and upcoming DLCs and of course The Bus :) We'll tell you a bit what to expect and how computer game development actually works.

    Tune in, we look forward to seeing you! And thank you very much to the organizers who are starting this call for donations!

    P.S.: The stream will be in German, but in the course of the next week we will make the clips available with subtitles on our YouTube channel.

    Oh there is criticism, don't worry. There is plenty to criticise about our products (more than we care to admit:)). People definitely do not praise us all the time, maybe you should check out some threads ;) Criticism is very important and encouraged, that's the only way we can grow and make our games better. The community makes every game stronger!

    It is just that we want constructive and respectful reports and keep an eye on the tone of the messages around here. That is what makes this forum different from platforms like Steam etc. You can give negative feedback in a way that is non-toxic. There is also room for positive feedback of course. We also like a pat on the back sometimes :)

    Maybe you've got the impression because we polished the games in the last updates a lot and the community noticed. There is still a long way ahead of us, but let's just enjoy the good times shall we?

    Best regards


    We plan on bringing Multiplayer to The Bus, but it won't be there at the beginning of Early Access though. You can read all about the proposed phases on the Steam page: . We can't give out any more detail at the moment.

    Please note: Do not open a new thread for every question please, they have mostly been discussed in already existing threads like these:

    The Bus - official information

    Let's talk about The Bus

    Just take a look around our forum and you will get plenty of information :)

    Thanks and best regards

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    Hi CherryadeGaming,

    chrisvdhoorn is absolutely right. Right now, The Bus has absolute priority. Porting a game from PC to console is quite time consuming and additionally there is the graphics aspect which has to be done right in order to present our game on a console. We know many players would love to see it and we have it on our minds, but it won't come in the foreseeable future.

    Best regards

    A brief overview of the coming year:

    For us, 2021 will, of course, be all about The Bus. We will make full use of the announced time, so Early Access will begin in March. We are concentrating all our forces and energy into the EA right now, but beforehand, however, there will be one or two glimpses at the game.

    Fernbus and Tourist Bus Simulator will of course not be forgotten. On February 9th we are releasing the VDL double-decker FDD2 for both games, the Steam Store Page is already online so you can get a first impression. In addition, our next map DLC will be launched in the first half of the year: Belgium will then complete the BeNeLux countries! Furthermore, updates for both games will appear at regular intervals.

    We are also currently working on another game that has nothing to do with simulations this time: The release for Dead Man's Diary is also due for the end of this year. Thanks to the German computer game funding, we can realize this title and take a step into a genre that is new to us.

    So it remains exciting! Follow us here for more information, we are looking forward to the year ahead with you!

    The repaint of the week was created by SergioS419!

    A few days older, the Scania Touring for the Tourist Bus Simulator impresses with its simple design :)

    You can see more of it here on Steam:


    Wow, ok, you seem to have opened a new thread for every single issue you have with the game.

    Please don't do that and try to use already existing threads like those:

    General Feedback on Fernbus Coach Simulator

    English Fernbus Discussion

    Sorry that you are dissatisfied with the current street lamp brightness at night, but this is clearly a personal preference and we can't take these into consideration. We are also very busy with The Bus right now (our upcoming new simulator) and can't afford any delays in the form of reworking all street lights. Your leaves will therefore remain withered.

    Best regards

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