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    That user got a ban last year😂

    he told me that

    after I stop with the messages

    I just pass the message and there I stop

    JohannesKrause2003 He is from Fernbus start, TML STUDIO helps a lot, he plays and records movies all the time, he was wrongly blocked on the forum. Should be on the TML forum

    the correct content is

    hello yes i know they banned he told me that JohannesKrause2003 He is from Fernbus start, TML STUDIO helps a lot, he plays and records movies all the time he was wrongly blocked on the forum. Should be on the TML forum.


    Thanks for the reply!

    I’ll keep an eye out for future updates, good luck with everything!

    Very excited for this to make it to PS5, never thought it would happen so is a dream come true for me to be able to play Tourist Bus on there!

    Hello Gamer123 a friend from Poland shows you tourist bus simulator movies. it's his channel Martin40Bus

    hello, since the update

    I have the impression as soon as I turn the camera with a smile

    I have the impression that the camera is not fluid, it's not crazy, but it moves and finally slows down, I have to move the smile several times to make a complete turn on the driver

    whereas before the update, I didn't have the problem.

    I tried to play the other games, it's smooth except for the bus.

    me, I would like

    3 things they would be fine.

    1 / when we choose a mission on the fax machine, we should put the number of km so that we can choose the route according to the number of km and the duration.

    2 / is to put the number of km between 2 stops like fernbus and the bus

    I would like to have this on the next update.

    it is not for you bothered to code to put the number of km.

    it allows us to say. that we want to ride for 3 hours.

    and we will be able to choose a mission on the fax machine according to the duration of the journey in the game and in real time.

    hoping, to have this small system of the number of km on the next update + my 2 bugs that I put in support

    I am waiting for the steam sales to buy

    I hope there are sales on June 24 on this dlc;)

    I miss him

    1 / man lion coach 3rd

    2 / vdl futura fdd2

    3 / netherlands

    4 / belgium

    5 / the bus

    because I buy when there will be the sales lol

    hellon Cuzzy [TML Studios]

    I'm not kidding at all it's just I'm a teasing guy, who has ideas, but like every idea, it's not possible.

    hence my last sentence

    I anticipate the answers;)

    But it's not bad I always respect you;).

    so I expand on my question.

    I would like to see in the game

    1 / All the employees we have hired.

    In order to see the employee getting on the bus and then see him driving etc….

    And the mechanic employee, who repairs the buses.

    I want to see the people we hired.

    And when we hire an employee, we will see him return to the office and take the keys to drive the buses and when his journey is finished, we will see him handing the keys back to the office.

    and that's why I told you kindly "But as I know you, you will tell me that it will not be possible because of a little thing lol because it will be necessary to redo the code from a to z to set up this function. "

    2 And a little idea that would be good.

    Given that there are distributors that are not used much in a room,

    I thought we could have a coffee, coca cola, beers, orange juice etc….

    Either we can go to the store to restock to fill the dispenser and the coffeemaker for coffee in order to be in good shape for the trips;)

    Either via the pc we can order and have it delivered or we go to the store to buy.

    And so the boss and employ them can dig and take the food, in order to go a little more often in the store to buy food

    And a little idea that will be nice is to receive an alert or an SMS to say attention, there will be a shortage of food products soon.

    I think my first idea is not possible for x reason.

    But the second idea it may be possible to achieve.

    thank you

    Feel free to post your wishes regarding to Fernbus Coach Simulator straight in this thread. We'll evaluate your feedback and probably implement your wishes in the future.

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    hello, I allow myself to re put the 1 st topic of 08/23/2016 and the author who had the great idea;)

    it is to put 3 different colors.

    to say the suggestions

    1 / validated (green color)

    2 / uncertain for the moment (orange color)

    3 / this is not possible (red color).

    from 6/09/2016 this option was abandoned which was very good

    to see if the ideas will be included or not in the games.

    and it would be nice if someone from the TML members can take 5 minutes to put the colors back on the ideas, to see if our ideas are pleasing or not.

    and so we can do the same for the tourist bus and the bus.

    Hello, a little idea

    it is when an employee takes the bus to make a trip.

    I would like to see it roll

    currently, it looks like employees don't exist in the map.

    I would like, well if it is possible.

    But as I know you, you will tell me that it will not be possible because of a little thing lol

    hello, here is a suggestion for parking lots which would be very good and which does not need to go to the parking lot.

    there are 3 solutions

    1 / make 2 or 3 parking lots between the stops. that looks good to me

    2 / put a parking lot at each service station.

    but which is strictly useless being given, we do not have an economic system therefore, I do not see the interest of the service stations.

    and the 3 rd solution which seems to me + where - very good.

    it is when we arrive at each stop to take new passengers.

    there, I would suggest to my passengers that they can descend to make a mistake in order to avoid looking for a parking lot that does not exist in our journey.

    I think the 3rd solution will be very good

    I made a new trip, parking lots are missing

    I have to delete the trip to make a new trip accordingly where there are parking lots.

    I'm not going to have fun taking 150,000 photos to say that 1 or 2 parking lots are missing

    for information, there is not enough parking between each city.

    in my opinion, it would be necessary to make a parking lot between each stop in order to be sure to make stops.

    hello, just a question

    Are you planning to add other cities to the dlc de france after finishing the bus.

    otherwise, these are the cities that I would like in the future

    1 / brive la gaillarde (19)

    2 / brignoles (83)

    3 / aix e en provence (13)

    4 / carmals (81)

    and also why not the airports of paris, marseilles etc ...

    it would be nice to have other cities with the stops

    of course after the bus

    hoping to have other cities on the dlc of france

    hello, I have a suggestion that I have been submitting to you for 1 year

    when we are stopping to take and leave the pasengers.

    the pasengers should be separated from the bus and put a bit further away in order to better see the new passengers.

    and then after the bus,

    teleportation should be suppressed.

    and why not add other characters in the future

    person with a disability

    person with stroller lol

    etc ..

    thank you