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    hello, I have an idea for the tourist circuit.

    currently, we can bring the passengers to the 2 restaurant places where to take the photos.

    It would be good if we could get them to do other activities for example

    bike, muscle building

    it will vary

    otherwise the poor people will only eat at the restaurant + the drinks on the bus

    they will take 15 kg

    shame that there are no uncovered places for example swimming pool, tennis etc ...

    that would be good if it is possible one day to add other activity apart from eating lol

    I too agree with you

    on the consumption for gasoline that we have to stop to take gasoline, that will give a little more realistic ..

    on the sale of drinks chips etc ... that must be bought at a rest area at the gas station

    with drinks, chips etc ...

    and on AI traffic

    I would like to have coaches and buses coming in to park and leave their parking lots.

    in a station, car park, etc.

    I would like to have cars which park, and which leave their parking lot

    especially this point that I would like to have in priorities.

    cars can back up on certain streets in towns.

    because when you turn on a small narrow street, the car defies it annoys for past and that's why we should make sure that the cars can back up and not move forward

    if it is possible for AI traffic, it should be done on the 3 fernbus games, tourits bus and the bus

    hello, I haven't got a game yet, because I'm thinking of waiting for the official one;)

    I would like to know if in the official game.

    you can put gasoline, wash the bus each time you use the bus where you cannot.

    the ones I am concerned with in games are driving, fueling, washing buses, etc.

    it will spice up the game;)

    Thank you for your reply

    hello, I have 3 little ideas,

    1 / is it possible to have a new employee who will be used just to do the cleaning in the office and in the garage.

    we bring it in on the day we want.

    we will have a gauge to say

    green: clean

    orange: medium

    red: dirty.

    when, it's orange or red, we call the housekeeper.

    I do not know that it does not matter, but just for fun

    2 / about the provisions

    currently it is only used for passengers who make tourist circuits.

    Is it possible to ensure that the provisions are also used for drivers, mechanics and guides.

    it will exhaust the provisions a bit more. it will give a bit of spice in the game

    3 / there this idea is a little far-fetched even if I know that you are not going to do it. it will be having a dog and a cat, we can buy croquetes and milk etc ...

    Me personally, I would like to have that, afterwards it is you who will decide.

    you are going to say that the 3 ideas are good but for you, you are going to say that it does not serve much.

    hello, I have a little idea.

    I would like my employees to send me a short text to suggest that they would like to go on vacation

    and they offer us a date and that is to say yes or no.

    if it is not, in this case it is we who propose a date later.

    we will go to the dashboard

    pierre is on vacation from 08/15 to 09/01.

    and another idea that joins.

    It would be good to give them a weekend of rest and on the dashboard it would put a rest on 09/15 where a 2 day or 3 day rest

    that will allow to put another employee

    in any case, I would like to have this function of rest, vacancy for the employees.

    and if in the bus we can hire jobs.

    it would be good to do in its 2 games

    tourits bus and the bus.

    hoping that TML is ok to have these functions

    hello, I am joining you on some points

    me too that I would like to have.

    1 / is that we can refuel gasoline along the way.

    2 / buy provisions for our little pasagers.

    3 / see the other coaches that can enter the station and park

    because currently the coaches are stopped, and we would like to see them leaving their parking lots where they are parked, that would be good.

    4 / see cars parking and leaving their parking lots, that would be good.

    (for the tourist bus and the bus games, we should do the same to see cars leaving their parking lots and parking and that would be good and it will be a bit realistic)

    I think that would be good in order to give back one can want to play.

    because there by dint of making a trip from point A to B it is not very motivating, apart from stopping once or twice in a parking lot.

    in any case, it will take a bit of novelty in the game.

    to re motivated a bit to play fernbus again.

    hello, I know that is not the order of the day at all.

    but while driving, on tourits bus.

    I thought to myself that it is a pity that we cannot play online in order to see other players driving their bus.

    same for fernbus

    it could be nice if one day you think about doing a multiplayer.

    it can give a second of life to the games of fernbus and tourist bus

    after that is just my opinion, i think everyone will be ok for a multi version.

    Hello Quarney

    Here are 2 shots.

    Buses allow you to travel 1 km to avoid damage to the bus.

    There are 3 types of road with a slope followed by a hill that I was able to meet

    I don't know if you can change this stretch of road.

    If you can do it tell me I'll send you the other routes it affects once I'm back on the roads

    If you don't want to touch it isn't a big deal, just be careful


    we currently have

    1 / missions that we have to do there and back.

    2 / you can do tourist circuits.

    But, there is a little thing that I would like.

    in my opinion it does not exist.

    for example, 1 group of people will offer an excursion from 08/01/2021 at 9 a.m. to 08/10/2021 at 4 p.m.

    you will have to pick them up at their hotel and of course before their meeting which is on 08/01/2021 at 9 a.m. (we will leave a bit to arrive at 9 a.m.)

    then we will leave them for the duration of their stay.

    and then you will have to look for them on 08/10/2021 at 4 p.m.

    (we will leave sooner rather than arrive at 4 p.m.)

    hoping, that this idea will be liked by the members and TML

    I hope I was specific about my idea.


    we would have to re-do some roads.

    because, there are roads where you have to drive at 1 km, because you put slopes and 1 second after you put a slope

    So obviously, it wreaks havoc on the bus.

    they would have to be redone.

    I can't tell you where, there are so many badly done roads.

    unless you have done expressly so that we can spend the money.

    please redo all the roads

    hello, I don't know if that will be planned in the future.

    here is my idea

    1 / currently, there are people already on the bus stop, they are getting on the bus.

    It would be nice, we see people running where at the last minute people arrive to take the bus.

    as in reality

    2 / when I watch the videos, apparently the timetables are too long and sometimes we have to wait 10 minutes at each end so it's too long, so we will have to reduce the horror times

    I do not know if it is planned in the future updates otherwise I suggest

    hello, I had an idea for a supper that I don't know what TML didn't think of and that no one suggested.

    it is to make child and aldo characters.

    on vera, the parents who will accompany children under 18

    and like that with our bus, we will be able to have children, aldults and also elderly people

    and perhaps in the menu, we can check the following boxes:

    child transport

    aldulte transport

    elderly transport

    transport for all generations.

    that will allow to vary a little the transport that the aldults see each time.

    and we will do the same for tourits buses

    and also, in the bus.

    hoping that this idea will be accepted by TML.

    But, in my opinion it would be good


    I have 2 suggestions:

    1 / I would like to have people in wheelchairs so that we can unfold the gangway to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

    2 / the money we earned, it would be nice if we could take gasoline, wash the bus, buy a new bus and repair the bus

    if we can earn the money without spending it, I don't see the point of making money

    unless it is planned at the end of the beta;) my 2 suggestions otherwise I hope that there will be my 2 suggestions in the final the bus