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    From what I hear the AI does not recognize that there is enough space to pass, you may be able to work around the issue by giving them a bit more. Improvements to the car AI is still on the todo list. Just hasn't happened yet.


    Thanks for the reply.

    It also happens when I'm on a bus lane. (traffic pile)

    I just wait patiently.

    It'll be fine.

    all confidence in 👍

    @ Chris,

    [UK] Hey, Chris,

    I think it's that KLB mod. Now have the latest version ( 0.7.42465) and still it does not close.
    The usual standard does.

    It's now 11:28 and I have to leave at 11:31.

    The traffic behind me isn't happy with me.

    When they can just pass.


    [NL] Hoi, Chris,
    Ik denk dat het aan die KLB mod ligt.

    Heb nu de laatste versie (0.7.42465) en die sluit ook niet af.
    De gewone standaard sluit wel netjes af.

    Ze zijn niet blij met mij. Verkeer stroopt nog steeds op. 😥

    I've got the last update now, but I have trouble with ending the game.
    When I use the "Exit door" to end the, the game is trying to close.
    But there is a spinning wheel on the bottom corner and the game is not closing.
    Now I'm going to the Windows taskmanager and use End task
    Am I the only one ?

    Ah. Great.

    BTW Do you what to do when you finished the first trip ?
    For example:
    I drove from Tegel to Alex.Pltz and the shift ends.
    The Bus ask this:

    Screenshot 2021-05-21 171742.png

    Then I accept that and the navigator tells me to go to the left and make a 180 degree turn.

    Screenshot 2021-05-21 171954.png

    The payment instrument refresh, but on the way back to Tegel I got never new passengers.

    What I am doing wrong ?

    I got from another member to click on the paperclip.
    So I was wondering where that was.
    Thanks, man
    Have a nice weekend.

    I have a new suggestion for the Wishlist.

    I used the beam light for the first time on an evening ride.

    But I don't see the point in this.

    When you use the beam light, only the dipped beam becomes brighter.

    But the field of view is not extended.

    When using your beam light, it would be desirable that the field of vision should also be expanded as in reality.

    And where did the rain option go in the weather?

    You can only choose now for sunny or dynamic.
    And if you choose for storm and thunder, you get snow.

    Is this already known to you and is it already on the wish list somewhere ?

    I don't think it's necessary to create a ticket for this.

    First, my compliments to the developers of The Bus.

    Low priority suggestion for "the roadmap"

    When you drive with rain, the rain drops will remain on the windshield and you have to use the windshield wipers. Realistic.

    But when you drive with snow, the snowflakes do not stay on your windshield and you can drive without using the windshield wipers.

    It would be nice if the snow would accumulate on the windshield.

    At the time, TML released World of Subways 3 (Circle line) and if you had to drive the early shift, the windows were all covered with condensation.
    You then had to turn on the fan to get a view. Was very realistic.
    So TML has the technology.

    Maybe an idea for The Bus?

    I think they did that for the future. They plan to add AI trams and cyclists. If there is a cyclist to the right of your bus and you want to turn right, then he is in your blind spot. This application is now mandatory in various European countries. The camera also changes when you open the third door.

    I have been working with the Logitech G29 including shifter for years.

    Works great.

    You will enjoy it a lot. Don't know if you also have ETS2 and ATS.

    Do install the Logitech HUB software.
    There you can make more settings in the field of steering angle and force feedback.

    As for the frame rate drop.

    Do not set the resolution of the mirrors to epic but to high.

    Switch off the VSync in The Bus and switch on the VSynch at the Nvidia-settings (if you have one) there.
    That makes a huge difference.

    <<Google translate>> I hope it works..............

    Я думаю, они сделали это на будущее. Планируется добавить трамваи и велосипедистов с искусственным интеллектом. Если справа от вашего автобуса есть велосипедист, и вы хотите повернуть направо, значит, он находится в вашей слепой зоне. Это приложение теперь является обязательным в различных странах Европы. Камера также меняется, когда вы открываете третью дверь.

    Я работаю с Logitech G29, включая переключатель передач, в течение многих лет.

    Работает отлично.

    Вам это очень понравится. Не знаю, есть ли у вас ETS2 и ATS.

    Установите программное обеспечение Logitech HUB. Здесь вы можете сделать больше настроек в области угла поворота и обратной связи по усилию.

    Насчет падения частоты кадров.

    Не устанавливайте разрешение зеркал на эпическое, а на высокое.

    Выключите VSync на шине и включите VSynch на Nvidia (если он у вас есть). Это огромная разница.


    I don't know what happened with update 1.2 but my performance is a lot worse than with 1.1

    I have a lot of "stutters" that I didn't have so many before.

    It can't be my system.

    i7 (5GHz) 2x PCI SSDs and an RTX 2080 and the latest NVidia 466 driver.

    Moreover, the Ai passengers now walk through each other at the front door with getting in and out. That was not before.

    What can I do to reduce those "stutters"?

    I have already reverted several graphic elements from EPIC to HIGH.

    Nothing helps. It is almost impossible to drive.
    Please help me......