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An XXL route with (almost) all stops for the Beta 1.3 of The Bus.

Based on the beta 1.3 of The Bus, I have created a service plan XXL.

This includes almost all stops between Tegel airport and Indira-Ghandi depot which are currently available.

The only exceptions are stops that do not "fit on the route" or where there are known problems/bugs.

There are 2 routes, there and back, with 2 courses each 1 hour offset.

The timetable is designed so that you can switch to the other at the end.

Currently there is only a timetable for Monday to Friday without adjustments for express routes or adjusted waiting times, etc..

Route 1 Route 2
Betriebshof-Indira-Gandhi-Str. > Flughafen Tegel Flughafen Tegel > Betriebshof-Indira-Gandhi-Str.
45 Stops, 24km, 2 Hous 10 Minutes 42 Stops, 25km, 2 Hours 7 Minutes
Monday-Friday, Course 01 Monday-Friday, Course 02
Route 1 Departues:

0 Uhr, 1 Uhr
3 Uhr, 4 Uhr
6 Uhr, 7 Uhr
9 Uhr, 10 Uhr
12 Uhr, 13 Uhr
15 Uhr, 16 Uhr
18 Uhr, 19 Uhr
21 Uhr, 22 Uhr
Route 2 Departures:

1:30 Uhr, 2:30 Uhr
4:30 Uhr, 5:30 Uhr
7:30 Uhr, 8:30 Uhr
10:30 Uhr, 11:30 Uhr
13:30 Uhr, 14:30 Uhr
16:30 Uhr, 17:30 Uhr
19:30 Uhr, 20:30 Uhr
22:30 Uhr, 23:30 Uhr

How do I install the routes?

In the ZIP file which is downloaded, there is a folder called XXL TB1.3 v1.0.

Copy this folder to the following path: %localappdata%\TheBus\Saved\OperatingPlans\Berlin\.

Everything after the colon you can mark and copy and then paste into the address line of the explorer to open the path.

Copy the unzipped folder into it, done. The folder should then look like this. "Peter13" is a different operating plan, it does not exist in your system.

Will there be updates?

Yes, the operating schedule will get more courses, also with express trips, adjusted times that make it more difficult to keep the schedule and more.


  • Hi, the link is currently changed, and it only works in this example, thx ...good job! ;)