How to clean the windshield or the bus?

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  • juls2008 , this is right. But in real life, you have the possibility of cleaning your car. So, if the intention of TML was to make the game more realistic, it should not have added the characteristic of dirty windows without the possibility of washing the bus.

    THAT would have increased the realism of the game, not only the dirt in the windows.

    I think we are not demanding too much. Has it been included for realism?, Ok. Then include the possibility of washing the bus. Is it so hard to understand?

    Also, as Martin 40 Bus has noted, if this was only for raising the realism...Why have not they implemented it in the other buses? I'm not satisfied with that excuse, sorry. :/

    PD.: remainder: is not only the annoiyng dust in the windows.

    What about the dark layer that adds to the driver's vision? I can not drive at night even with the lights on, because it's still too dark.

    I increase the gamma level but when it is day it dazzles because it is already too bright.

    It is definitely not a feature that increases realism, it is a BUG.

  • here is nothing to write because the matter is clear MAN's car in fernbus has defects in the windshield, it should be improved to make it clean

    the matter of this lighting in the game at night all day is probably improved, we will see how it will be in the next update, work takes place over lighting Toni2k16 .

    I would rebuild it completely from scratch , mirrors in buses because they cause poor visibility and, however, very much burden the performance of computers are large drops FPS, when we reduce the quality of mirrors are not suitable for anything anymore.

    If our remarks were taken into account for the work, the game would be refined more quickly as we want, but sometimes I do not see such work or confirmation. I am asking for Beta's plan of work with colleagues , it's still missing.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: