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  • hi, if one day you need Thai language translation you can contact me:) I'm happy to help many thai people play your game too.

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  • Hi

    I got a way to edit the language files, the Portuguese translation of Brazil was with several errors and phrases without agreement, I made a new translation using English based is using German as a help, some terms were difficult to translate, I would like that the developers officialize the translation if they like, or even the Brazilians, thank you right away.Sorry for my English

  • I'm not sure if this is the right topic to submit to, but I will share a Tobii configuration screen that many translators probably don't have. This will help the translator in a small way.

    Some of the features are described:

    • Extended View - The screen rotates according to the movement of your head and gaze trace.
    • Clean UI - It disappears when you remove your gaze from the game screen UI (e.g. GPS screen) and reappears when you return your gaze to the UI.


    You can see in the screenshot that TrackIR and Tobii coexist, but if you do this, TrackIR will malfunction and cannot be used. Because Tobii always emits infrared rays. If you want to use TrackIR, you need to stop the Tobii service via Windows Task Manager.

    Best regards