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    In the Play Store it says that Ovilex games are safe and the antivirus on mobile has not started any security alerts regarding the game.

    In my gaming experience it was quiet on Android. :/

    I was very frustrated when I turned on the MAN Intercity headlights. I switched buses at the game because I like to drive at night and it was impossible. I hope my can play again with him now. :)

    The menu arrangement was something I was thinking about in the last few days when I was setting up the keyboard. I thought it could improve the organization, I need to see how it looked in this beta.

    Optimization is always welcome, especially on my PC where I feel the impact of performace. Any improvement is welcome. ;)

    I was forgetting the current version 5 (public) I noticed a considerable performance loss compared to the previous version 4.

    In several moments I have sudden drops of pictures and I have small crashes, this greatly hinders the game. ;(?(

    Leave my opinion on the subject of price.

    The price of Fernbus is equivalent to the price of Euro Truck Simulator 2 compared to the launch price of Fernbus.

    This is the purchase statement for both games in my Steam account with the data.

    Comprado em: 12/jul/2013 às 4:18

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 - R$ 17,49

    Subtotal R$ 69,99

    Desconto R$ -52,50 ( -75%)

    Total R$ 17,49

    Comprado em: 25/ago/2016 às 10:05

    Fernbus Simulator - R$ 63,99

    Subtotal R$ 63,99

    Total R$ 63,99

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 had its release on

    Oct 12, 2012

    I remember I voted for the game comes on Steam.

    I hoped to get a promotion to buy the game and in 2013 to get the game in a promotion with 75% off. If not for the discount would not have bought.

    Current price of both games in Brazil.

    Euro Truck Simulator 2: R$ 39,99

    Fernbus Simulator: R$ 71,30

    Brazilian currency is devalued, look at the quote:

    Dollar: R$ 4.20

    Euro: R$ 4.66

    Remembering that the engine used by SCS is the limited Prism3d. SCS extracts the maximum that the engine has but as I said is limited. The only advantage I see from using Prism3d is that it gives people with weak hardware the opportunity to run the game. The game works with the graphics of a processor. With that the range to the game is bigger with the promotions they sell a lot.

    TML with a modern engine like Unreal Engine 4 has more expressive and interesting possibilities for improvement.

    The downside is the demand for more powerful hardware where less developed countries are price conscious, so fewer people have access.

    I am having trouble myself with my current hardware.

    Ideally at the moment I would invest in a new video card, such as an RX 590 (lowest value) or a GTX 1660 Super / Ti (higher value).

    At the very least would have to invest R$1,100 reais, price of one RX590, to play in resolution 1920x1080 theoretically at 60FPS.

    In my view the issue goes beyond the price of the game.

    Even selling at the lowest price the game needs a radical optimization job thus improving the average machine performance. :|

    I passed briefly from the event, quick thing. :lol::lol::lol:

    I recently did an assessment on Steam regarding Fernbus, I recommended it. I pointed out some points in the analysis to soften the ignorance of some negative analysis. Over time I will do the other existing DLCs. :/

    Until then I had only done the ComfortClass DLC. ^^

    I don't know if I will have money to buy at launch. Maybe after the 15th of this month I get some payment.

    That's because I want to buy DLC France too. :|?(;(

    I played Ovilex games a lot on my phone. The games are fun and have the online mode.

    The beautiful graphic looks light to me and has nice features and effects. It is halfway between a mobile phone and a PC. If in fact it is a lightweight game it will stick to simplicity the price will take much into consideration.

    The physics need to improve a bit more for a PC start I particularly liked. :):thumbup:

    Looking at the video reminded me of SCS Bus Drive at the time it was release.

    Thanks Quarney for giving me an answer and forwarding to the person in charge.

    I made a lot of settings adjustments and I'm having a great experience playing on the keyboard very close to the settings I created in OMSI 2.

    If they can add steering wheel centering in the future as described above, it will further improve the keyboard experience.

    Thanks again. :)

    My doubt started today when I decided to use the keyboard because the Xbox controller had run out of battery. =O

    Looking closely at the "General" menu I noticed that you have the option to disable automatic centering. And that's what I did, I disabled this option. :/

    On the keyboard I prefer the steering wheel not to center automatically. Riding becomes more pleasant when I have control of this action, where I press a button (key) and the steering wheel centers again.

    Knowing that you do not have this option I am waiting for a response from TML, if it is possible to add this feature in the "control" settings so edit the desired button.

    I will be grateful if they do that.

    Thank you. :)

    Hello people!

    I have a doubt, if anyone knows answer me please.

    So I play OMSI 2 on the keyboard because I don't have a steering wheel like Logitch, so I play on the keyboard and set it up in a fun way that suits me. ^^

    In OMSI 2 I configured the keyboard as follows:

    - I removed the automatic centering of the steering wheel.

    And use the "D" keys to turn right, "A" to the left and use the "S" to center the steering wheel.

    Now that comes my question:

    In Fernbus would have the option of automatic steering wheel centering in the "control" menu where I can edit a button to push and center the steering wheel?

    This option in OMSI 2 helps me a lot, I use it mainly at intersections, if it becomes very practical to press the "S" and the steering wheel returns to the center, in moments of curves and align the vehicle it is better to have this option when you need it.

    If I don't have the option I would like the TML team to add this option in the "Control" menu where I can edit the keyboard button I want and a speed setting that this steering wheel returns to its center axis.

    Thanks in advance. :):thumbup:

    I tested the Toyota BB40, visually the vehicle is great compared to the model's real image. ;)

    I enjoyed driving the minibus is very cool.

    The sound of the engine is hard to gauge it is quite explosive.

    I have no Toyota vehicle reference in this category.

    While researching the Toyota Coaster and trying to find video to have a sound base, I found similar models of the brand like the Hino Liesse Bus.

    Since this discussion is about Scania Touring I will not extend to the Toyota Coaster.

    In another publication about the model I leave my detailed opinion.

    About the Scania Touring I hope it has an approximate sonality of the real model. It would be great to have a model with the most worked sound. That would make it more enjoyable to play both games.

    I have to agree with my colleagues this black part on the front leaves the model with more identity, this would be the only bridge to stand out in the look. I found it strange without the dark part.

    I expected to see this image when they posted Dynek .

    If TML doesn't change, I think the people who create the paintings will change that. I will do it myself in my creations.

    But this subject leads me to another desire in the game, personalization of vehicles both internally and externally. The wheels of the MAN InterCity are perfect, I would like to see this set of wheels in other vehicles. I bought the DLC yesterday (Saturday) is a vehicle that surprised me when playing. I bought the DLC yesterday (Saturday) is a vehicle that surprised me when playing. I really enjoyed playing with him the steering is quite smooth, a pity the sound is unrealistic but it's something I try not to worry about. ^^

    Thanks Quarney for leaving a reply. I expect news of the work being done regarding the sonality of vehicles. This theme is very important to me. :)

    I also take the sound part of the vehicle seriously because I like the sound the bus makes.

    The vehicles are all unrealistic, unfortunately.

    In the video I posted earlier is a good example of what remains to be done in the game. The Irizar video has a Scania engine at 3:00 minutes and the driver will start to slow down the bus because soon the front will have a detours road just after the tunnel. If you pay attention you will see the warnings on the signs. The cool thing about this part of the video is the sound the engine makes with the downshift and the engine speed slowing down. The driver releases the accelerator foot with each reduction the sound changes as the speed drops.

    Soon after the deviation the sound change will change as the vehicle goes faster and that's all that is missing in the game.

    TML develops the modeling part with very detailed vehicles so well the sound evolution evolves little.

    It is not easy to capture sound efficiently but it is something that needs to be done in the future, much to talk about graphics but that is not all in a game the sound often surpasses something visual.

    I must be the biggest critic in this forum when it comes to this subject, I discuss about this subject because the game has potential and this change will raise the level of the game and gain even more identity.

    I will discuss and address this issue at another time and hope that TML does not see what I am saying as negative. :/

    I'm happy with the news of the new DLC and the trademark. :love::*

    Much has been discussed about the new vehicles and this one was undoubtedly on the wish list of many around here. I have always liked the model although I have never traveled on a Scania Touring for locality reasons. What attracts me in this vehicle is the fact that it is the Scania brand. The most where I die in Brazil Scania supplies components for bus assemblers like Marcopolo, Busscas, Comil which are Brazilian companies. The Irizar (Spanish) that was established in Brazil 1998 and is currently strong competitor with the national competition.

    With that next to my wish list would be Irizar and Mercedes-Benz. More confess that I prefer to Irizar first and then Mercedes-Benz, the European models are the same I see in Brazil, generation i6. Maybe it has some difference from the European model but it would be a rough model of what I see on the streets almost every week.

    At the moment what makes me upset is the fact that the vehicles have generic sounds that nothing comes close to the real vehicle. Engine-related sounds. This is the only point that makes me extremely disappointed. ;(

    I hope that next year TML people will be programmed to work on this problem the sound part mainly everything related to the engine of the vehicles, needs a reformulation. Perhaps the speed cycles need to be reviewed.

    Returning to Scania Touring, as I said happy with the news and looking forward to the release. 8):thumbup:

    Scania Touring HD

    Scania Irizar i6S

    I had noticed it was in Berlin in yesterday's Instagram post. :)

    I got into the game before going to sleep. I looked quickly. :sleeping:

    It was very cool. I want to know what would be the functionality of this place in the game. 8)

    When approaching the building a song begins to play loud volume without variation.

    You should adjust the volume of the music as it gets closer. Do the lowest when you are away and increase the volume as you approach the building. ;)