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    I bought "The Bus" a few days ago. Even in the Alpha version (early access) the game is very fun.
    With this update it will be even better.

    I found some problems in the version 0.15.53341 EA

    - Rearview mirrors in the minimum configuration do not work.

    - The cardboard boxes are very close to the road, causing a collision.

    - This structure at the airport stop is problematic with tall vehicles.

    - I have a doubt: In the MAN Lion's City DD I didn't find the Cruise Control function. In fact it does not have this function?

    The engine is not limited in do such tasks. We are limited in manpower to do all the things.

    A good justification, manpower.

    I see amazing stuff done with Unreal so I get upset when they blame the Engine.

    Bus Simulator 21 is built on the Unreal Engine. Great game.

    Fernbus is a good game, but it needs these minor details.
    The combination of these details makes a big difference when we are on the road.

    If passenger animation is not important, I wonder what would be important in a game where we transport passengers.

    These days I wonder why TML chose Unreal Engine for a bus simulator. The engine is so bad that it limits itself to a simple task like this.

    I didn't like this answer that was published.

    Fernbus will be celebrating his 5th birthday and some questions have been left out.

    Sorry to say that.

    I've been on this forum for many years and receiving a response like this is sad. :(X(X/

    I understand you, I thought like that in the past but I know that TML will not work miracles when it comes to correcting problems. I respect your opinion and that of any other member of the forum, my wish is the same.

    But I have discussed for years about performance, lighting and derivatives, I prefer to be absent from these issues.

    When I discuss these issues it is always in Beta versions.

    In this topic I prefer to express my ideas for the game.
    The points I mentioned are necessary things (I can't say the degree of priority), I see games for mobile phones with the same features.
    These functions are common and why in Fernbus is it non-existent?
    My question remains.

    OMSI for example, there are bus arrivals and departures at points and terminals with fixed schedules (emphasizing that the traffic and vehicle programming is passive).
    Despite being bad, there is an attempt to simulate a movement and make the environment more alive.

    Unfortunately the Fernbus was launched very prematurely and needs new features.


    Good suggestion for stopping points, I must have mentioned something in the past, plus your suggestion of programming where to stop is sensational.

    Fernbus Simulator: Expresso de Prata | Viena - Linz | VDL Futura FHD2 106
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    Tourist Bus Simulator: MAN Lion's Coach 3RD | Expresso Gardenia | Corralejo - El Mstorra

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    New vehicles are always good.

    I am hoping for vehicle improvements, new sounds and customization.

    I liked that the hubcaps were installed in the MAN Lion's Coach 2, but more need to be added in the other vehicles and include variations of these hubcaps. :/

    We still need to program a bus AI arriving and departing from the terminals.

    There is no point in launching a new DLC with a specific region if the location has no characterization with the real place. The cool thing is to go from town to town and notice differences with the real place.

    To invest money in something I see on other maps is to throw money in the trash. And to complete the game it loses quality and becomes tiring. Euto Turck Simulator 2 at the beginning was like that, the objects were repeated a few years ago that started this work of characterizing cities and countries both in new DLC and updating old maps.

    TML has to be careful with this, invest time in creating something like the neighboring country and lose the countries' identity, this is something serious.

    The question of performance is to know how to develop maps without impairing performance. In this case the files will be replaced by others and keep the data rate proportional to the standard files of the game regions that the performance is better.

    Paris is a big city, so performance is less, more other cities in France are smaller and the impact on performance is better.

    TML needs to work better with Unreal, the water quality needs to improve a lot. The lighting went so crazy that I don't know what to say, I WAS ON THE RIGHT WAY (in the past) but in the last few updates it got worse to the point of becoming discouraging to play.

    Some things I liked, the traffic lights were more visible from a distance and the brake lights of the cars. Night lighting needs to be revised, several places need light poles and the quality of light needs to be studied.

    I thank the team that improved the lighting of some bus stops that I drew attention to.

    I know that part of the problem comes from the Unreal graphics engine in the latest updates. But TML has to develop ways to alleviate the problem until they are corrected by Epic Games. The TML team is hardworking so I continue with my support, but I can't help expressing my opinion. :)<3

    I laughed a lot with your comment, version 24. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    The UK is more likely to be added "The Bus" in the future. :lol::lol::lol:

    I highly doubt that they keep this version and start adding base content and paid map DLCs and other content.
    The ideal project is a long-term project of at least 6 years. :)

    I hope "The Bus" will follow this path that I mentioned in the long run. Even more with the online mode proposal and if it comes with a modification and creation tool it will be a spectacle. :saint:

    Very good demonstration of pedestrians and movement of traffic, congratulations for the good work. 8o:thumbup:

    I wish that other games had an improvement in traffic intelligence, there are many silly accidents because of AI. X/

    Another point I touched on was the limited pedestrian variation.

    In Fernbus, for example, 15 passengers at least about 5 are repeated. I hope this is improved on The Bus because we will see a lot of people on the streets. :/

    Cool the new project.

    Probably a team will be destined for the development of this new product.

    And nothing will be compromised in relation to the existing games, I hope. ^^

    Yes I agree.

    I have version 16, it's a great game, I was hoping to be updated and improved, but that's not what happened.

    I'm sorry because I bought the 3 DLCs.

    When 18 came out I was completely discouraged and since then I haven't bought any more games from Stillalive Studios.

    If it were a matter of switching the engine, it is understandable that you redo the game again.

    Analyzing other games such as "Spin Tires" that had a studio exchange, it was fair. When the new version "Mud Runner" was released, everyone who had "Spin Tires" won a huge discount to purchase "Mud Runner".

    Unfortunately, this type of attitude is less frequent.

    I believe the problem is in the way they work. Few years of life from one version to another. Soon the 21 is released and after a period is discarded the same happened with the 16 and 18. Games of the genre generally have a continuity after it is published. Imagine all the content being discarded from version 18. ?(

    Conclusion: it is the same as buying a sports game from EA that releases a new edition every year (copies of the previous one with updated teams and few changes). A very bad investment for those who buy, same as throwing money in the trash. X/

    Happy with one more update.

    I encountered some problems:

    - After clicking on any button in the menu a selection is around this button.

    - The rear view mirrors in the medium configuration do not seem to work (disabled).
    Selection problem is also visible on the map (Example in the image below).

    - I found this grass on the asphalt (near the city of Essen).

    I didn't have time to analyze the lighting because I quickly entered the game and it was in the rainy weather, at another time I will check it out.

    I laughed a lot when reading your comment. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Sometimes I also forget to pay attention to size. Seconds before sending the files I check if everything is correct. :P

    I believe it is the prey to send to Workshop. ^^

    The game has improved in terms of lighting but it is still not ideal.

    I noticed that there is still an explosion of light and very dark parts dark.

    - The sunlight is strong to the point that the floor is completely white and we see very dark parts, for example the panel and the GPS, even when connected, is difficult to visualize the information.

    With the shadows, the GPS should be very visible because there is no external light on the panel.


    I think I got that error if the thumbnail size is over 1MB.

    Yes, related errors are always because of this.

    The correct thing is to be below 1MB the thumbnail (JPG Mod).

    I use Photoshop and when saving the image I only make a simple change when it exceeds 1MB.

    I change the quality from 12 to 11.

    Quality demonstration (Photoshop).jpg

    I keep the image always in Full HD (1920x1080).

    More if you prefer it decreases the resolution of the image.

    Maybe you use Corel Draw, I believe you should have similar options when saving your file.

    I used Corel a few years ago I don't remember the interface.

    If I had it on the PC I would check the settings.

    I hope it helped.