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    One way to alleviate the problem of mirrors. :):thumbup:

    The bad thing about putting Anti-Aliasing at low is the knurling.

    On my monitor, it sucks to leave Low, and that bothers me.

    The minimum acceptable is to leave it in the Middle in my case.

    But it is good to do this type of test, also help TML understand the problem. :/

    Another example; problem of white tone, placing Post-Processing in Medium improves the situation a little. ?(

    I managed to contribute a little. ^^

    I am trying to maintain the paintings too but the day-to-day work takes me time.

    In my spare time I try to play a little and create the paintings.

    I know how important the work of the mods is in attracting people to the game.

    Our community is demanding but we understand the difficulty of developing with few resources. 8o

    I appreciate the efforts of the entire TML Studio team in bringing improvements and adding new features.

    I hope you grow. :saint:<3

    The longevity of this 1.24 beta was good. :)

    I forgot to thank you for adjusting the lighting of the Flensburg stop. I didn't check the place after the correction but I believe it is good.

    I didn't have time to check the collision problems of Scania vehicles. ^^

    Sure it is nice to see the logo but is it that much important? I drive Setra without logo and i don't feel anything bad about it. I am okay if MB Travego, Tourismo buses come without logo. Or any other good bus options. If they can get, i have no objection on it but if they cannot, it is not so big deal. Imagine your bus got old and logo fell :))

    Imagine your bus got old and soon fell.

    I laughed a lot. Good. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    It is important for brands to be present, it adds value to the game. People are also attracted to brands because they are global companies.

    In the long run, having a bond with these companies is good for the development of games.

    The question is variable, there are people who don't care and others do.

    In my case, I would be upset if launching the Irizar DLC comes without licensing. Because of all these exist in Europe it is the only one that is manufactured in my country.

    This approach is good because in the case of Irizar it uses Scania engines and would be more of an added brand in the same vehicle. TML currently has this involvement with Scania and licensing other DLCs will not be a problem.

    I believe that you understood me, where I am trying to get to. :saint:

    I was waiting for this correction of the mirrors on the Scania, thank you. ;)

    I dream of the day that you change the sound of the vehicles.

    Lately I like to use MAN InterCity. :):thumbup:

    I liked the vehicle color customization, our first personalization feature, thanks. :saint:<3

    Take care of your health. :*

    I just had a word with our graphic artists, the inside mirror is correctly attached to the windshield on the back. The rails are for the sun visors. It unfortunately is a bit misleading, but that is how it looks like in reality.

    Kind regards!

    The situation is funny. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I've never seen anything like it.

    It is strange to be glued directly to the windshield glass, the more you created from the real model, I believe it is correct. 8):thumbup:

    Thank you for informing me about the collision. ;):*

    I was in doubt if the problem was the vehicle or objects in the scenario.

    Today I will address some problems that I encountered.

    - The parking icon is visible on the inside of the vehicle. (Saarbrücken)

    - Some signs are badly positioned, the signs invade the track area.

    I collided with this sign precisely because it invades the highway.
    The sign showing the destinations is too big for the location that was placed.

    - In the tollbooth I had another collision problem, I usually passed within the allowed area, even so the collision was registered.

    The images show that I didn't touch anything.

    I had to do the maneuver a little to the left side and get out of the toll.

    - I mentioned about this problem before and I will report again.

    The bus terminals are dark, the lights are ineffective.

    - Character coming into conflict with pedestrians.

    This happens with some objects in the scenario.

    This problem I reported other times.

    These problems occurred on a single trip to just 3 cities.

    So I always comment that games need object-related reviews. Many minor errors of this kind occur.

    Lighting is complicated, it takes a while to find an adjustment that comes close to something realistic.

    The question of this excessive white must be resolved. It is clear that the cloudy climate must exist more in isolated cases when bad weather is applied. :/

    It is good for the TML team to work better with the Beta and extend the public launch. :saint:

    Work calmly to deliver a better update than the previous one. The community wants a stable version so I don't have to stop playing the game because a bug prevented me from playing and relaxing.

    I have some issues to publish, soon I'll share.

    I have a suggestion.

    Did you think about the possibility of adding some information to the GPS? Example: I have the habit of looking at the GPS on the vehicle panel to get ahead in reducing speed when the road has sharp curves.

    But my suggestion is the following, put the icons of petrol stations, rest areas, tolls, if possible the limit of the road and other options available on the map.

    In certain games of the genre I have always noticed this information and in Fernbus and Tourist Bus I feel the absence of this feature. ^^

    Mercedes-Benz licensing is vitally important to bring a positive image to TML games. :/

    This link with brands is very aggressive and can be good for the future in the development of projects.

    Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo are brands present on all continents, whether it is a self-made bus or distributing components to automakers.

    Mercedes-Benz is one of the market leaders in the segment.

    It would be a mistake not to try licensing, of course that is a good business deal for both sides. 8)

    Happy with Scania in the game. :love:

    Despite being a big fan of Mercedes-Benz. :love:

    My first choice at the moment are Irizar's models.

    The reason for putting Irizar at the top of my list is simple, the brand is present in South America, the models are the same present in Europe which are the i6, i6S (i6 Plus).

    What changes is the interior, the bathroom that is at the back of the bus, so there is no second door that is in the center of the vehicle.

    These images are better for understanding the pattern of South American manufacturers.

    This is why I want to Irizar. 8|:thumbup:

    Whenever I leave the house I find an Irizar i6.

    This is an opportunity to become more familiar within the game.


    Great issues addressed. :)

    I also agree with the suspension, it needs adjustments to the characteristics you mentioned. This horizontal balance is missing.

    I will add, there is a lack of deformities on the track so that vehicles have this reaction when passing on a road with undulations on the asphalt. The roads are not perfect in much of the world. These difficulties are important to bring realism to the game, suspension is reacting is something we notice when we are on our travels.

    In my country there is also this type of change in the asphalt (0:58) to alert the driver that it is a dangerous stretch and needs attention. I noticed these features in other videos. :/

    In the image (1.24) of our friend, the shade of blue is very strong near the horizon. The warmest colors ranging from white, yellow and shades of red should also be maintained.

    This image below is a good example of the transition between colors and lighting along with the gradient between the colors I mentioned. This photograph was taken in the summer in my country last year. Clouds should also influence this issue of light.

    Night vision has had its glory days.

    The appearance of the moon and lighting effects were already better. I remember taking great image captures, beautiful. It is currently well below what it was in previous versions.

    The team lacks a little observation and sensitivity.

    A simple night observation by the team in an area away from the big centers would help the TML team to have a base to work on the night aspect to reproduce in the game.

    Now at night I was watching the night sky in my backyard. I live in the interior of São Paulo - Brazil and I can perfectly see the starry sky with few clouds and a beautiful and bright full moon (summer). Making a comparison with the game is very different.

    Vehicle headlights have also always been a problem, they never work satisfactorily. I like to travel at night nowadays I avoid this period in the game because a lot of the lighting in the game is ineffective. Many stops lack lighting, exits and entrance to cities and highways lack lighting.

    On YouTube we have a lot of videos to have a lighting base on the roads. But there may also be a lack of a study of TML in real environments. They should rent a vehicle and go through some roads with the bus and doing tests. Logic record this whole experience to serve as a basis for reproduction in the studio and the best thing to have is this sensitivity when making the necessary adjustments within the game.

    Also taking the opportunity to review the internal lighting of vehicles that ultimante left to be desired. I turn on the vehicle's interior lights and I can't see anything clearly.

    The community is a kind of thermometer to measure and evaluate what the game has evolved and regressed. :/

    More I noticed that my colleagues in the forum like the new adjustments of this last version of the Beta. I will analyze the game this Saturday and leave my conclusions. ;)

    I see this happening a lot with the passengers sitting in the seats. If they collide with objects.

    I get the impression that passengers are bigger than the seats in some models of buses. :|

    Something that I have always commented on, you need to increase the variation of characteristics of these passengers and pedestrians to avoid repetitions. It is boring to see two passengers alike and a single service, you should make a schedule to avoid repetition.

    The image below is a great example of what happens, along with the positioning and behavior bug. I enjoyed it when the trip was over and the passengers took their bags and walked out on the streets.
    It was a mistake to remove this animation from the passengers, it left the natural environment when they left. :)

    I know they are small details, plus these details that make the game more realistic. ;(

    This is another problem that happened the scenery and textures did not load. It took some following to normalize. :/?(

    I parked the vehicle and saved the game and the next day when I loaded the save to continue the result was this. :rolleyes:

    It does not make sense for a low level API (open source) to have an advantage or privileges only in a certain company, especially when talking about API.

    Vulkan is from the Khronos group and the API is derived from AMD technologies.

    To my knowledge AMD has made major contributions to the Vulkan API, along with Intel, Nvidia and even ATI.

    With the arrival of Vulkan, platforms that used OpenGL started to use Vulkan, for example development for Android and iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS.

    Unreal Engine was one of the first to have support for Vulkan.

    I remember that they did a lot of marketing together with Samsung showing the potential of the API.

    Vulkan is implementing great technologies such as Asynchronous Shaders that makes better use of Hardware that is not being used to advance the execution of other tasks.

    The use of Vulkan will actually depend on the programmers that TML has available.

    In tests Vulkan is the best option compared to DirectX 12 and 11 especially when it comes to new micro-architectures.

    Recently the game Rainbow Six Siege had an update that was added Vulkan and the result is better even using Radeon or GeForce.

    TML tested DirectX 12 and it seems that it was not used very well.

    TML games have performance problems and Vulkan's main objective is performance and communication between the Software and Hardware. :/

    A question outside the context of the update.

    My doubt is whether API Vulkan will be implemented in Fernbus and Tourist Bus Simulator?

    Did you do any tests? :/

    This API in different current games proved to be better than DirectX 11 and 12.

    Vulkan focuses a lot on performance and I take advantage of the hardware.

    All of these issues have been addressed for a long time.

    - Constant optimization in both games. (Priority)

    - Bug fixes. (Priority)

    - Traffic intelligence. (Priority)

    - Manual transmission.

    - Add pedestrians in the cities and getting in and out of the bus.

    - Realistic vehicle sounds (one of the topics I discussed most on the forum).

    - Review of the entire map in order to correct and improve the expectations of cities, bringing realism and indetity to each region.

    - Most of the bus stops are unfinished and seem to be under renovation. This is a key part of the game.

    I don't personally know any more comparing with the real places I am a little disappointed.

    Luxamburg has been added and the bus stop is terrible. I did a little research and found the address of a place where bus companies have their passenger arrivals and departures is so nice and the location shown on Fernbus is totally different from reality.

    Place de la Gare, Luxembourg (Map)

    - Modding tool.

    Something needed to raise the game's popularity.

    This tool will be useful when TML fixes all the problems listed. Launching this tool in the middle of this mess will be tragic for both games.

    All in all it is a good option for creating new content for game outsourcing, for sure I would create realistic maps of cities in my country.

    - Vehicle customization.

    - DLC of new buses and maps.

    New content is always good, but the biggest problem is the problems that these contents bring to the game, which are more errors and a poor performance.

    When the game has normalized, it is time to start new content releases.


    Yes, viewing the map in the menu is practical.

    So I make the choice right there of the vehicle that best fits the route.

    I would not place a large vehicle on a road between Llanos de la Concepcion to

    Pajara. A better choice would be a smaller or medium-sized vehicle.

    These roads are on a stretch of mountains that are narrow and have many curves. The speed has to be reduced as well.

    Currently I have to look in the menu "new trips" to the city of origin and destination, leave the menu and open the map and try to find out which way is correct.

    With the map in the menu it is dynamic and detailed.

    It's a small detail that makes a huge difference.

    A.I. of vehicles (transit) needs improvement many times the vehicles are reckless. Finally I get very irritated so I avoid colliding as much as possible so as not to damage the bus but the cars always make maneuvering difficult and the collision is imminent.
    This applies to Fernbus as well. =O

    Performance in the office area (near the airport) is very poor (10 FPS). When I move away from this area the game works well. This started from version 5. ;(

    Suggestion: In the New Trips menu, a mini map showing the route would be useful. Something similar to Fernbus.

    This makes it easier and I look at the cities that I will pass before accepting the service. Usually I have to leave this menu and look at the map before accepting.

    Camera mode is great, I liked it. Thank you for that. <38):thumbup:

    Let's be realistic, the latest updates for both games were disastrous when it comes to performance.

    The performance worsened a lot and silly errors regarding object positioning killed the DLC France in some parts of the map.

    After so many years this problem of objects should be solved.

    I am patiently waiting for improvements and news.

    At the moment I am enjoying the game again.

    I was really enjoying the Tourist Bus but as the latest updates worsen the performance of the game I stopped playing and went back to Fernbus which has the same problems in certain places.

    I like several parts of the 3 maps.

    I suggest that TML continue with revisions in the 3 maps to make each city and road with more identity.

    But as we are in the Tourist Bus poster, I will not extend. Seize the moment and tell them to work on the intelligence of the bots, because these cars on the streets are difficult at times.

    Everything I said can be taken into account in both games. Because they both have the same problems.