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    In the video, when you look at about minute 25:20 and further, you see a very strong jerking, like a slide show. This is maybe because he was driving too fast for the game engine to load all the stuff in a timely manner? I never had this jerkiness during my playthough. Maybe a little bit here and there, but not that long in any way. However, I just can't imagine what he is trying to prove.

    must be the recording program. you can see, that the ms and fps are stable. so its defintely not the game (engine). Or his hard drive he is recording on, is the same the game runs on. Only things that i could imagine happening here

    ich bin etwas schneller gefahren weil ich denke durch schnellere Bilder die sich bewegen muss das Spiel sich besser bewähren xD

    Schwachsinn. Die UE4 hat mit schnellem Forwärtsbewegungen kein Problem. Das, was du damit testen wollen würdest, wäre das Nachladen von Objekten, Texturen, etc.. Das das von der UE gut gehandhabt wird kann man zum Beispiel beim TSW2 oder ACC schon gut beobachten. Dafür braucht man nicht mit nem Bus mit 70 durch Berlin kacheln. Aber wenns dir Spaß macht...

    VVTS -> VHHH

    moments like those, remind me again, why MSFS is the most beautiful sim on the market right now! <3

    descending into Hong Kong VHHH

    landed (safely.. more or less :P)

    incredible, outstanding work from WF Scenery, the devoloper behind this beautiful Addon (worth it every Euro if you want to fly more often in Asia)

    such a queen :love:

    I heard that the city is planning to turn it into a recreational area with a shopping centre but it might still take years until the city of Berlin would realise this. Also, the city is always lacking money and they change their mind all the time. Just look at the disaster of the planning and construction of the new airport.

    You may be miss informated. They actually planning to build mainly more than 10000 apartments, a "urban technology area" where young and old, small and big companies can produce and experiment with technologies for the modern, future cities, a new campus for the "Beuth Hochschule" located in the old terminals of Tegel, huge area (200 soccer fields) for leisure activities, as well as schools, kindergarden, a new academy for the fire brigade and rescue services in the old hangers of Tegel. Those are the official plans by the Berlin "Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung" (engl.: Senate department for urban development). Source: https://www.stadtentwicklung.b…ft_txl/zukunftsplan.shtml

    hmm, I've never been to Berlin, but as you know, I have a dream to visit this beautiful city.

    I like the place under the dome in the first photo, and in the last 4th photo, the two buildings look like a theater.

    Photos 2 and 3 - places that are already in the simulator and are located in the center of Berlin, not far from the Cathedral.

    the first one is the very famous "Sony Center". Sadly the architech of this very special building past away earlier this year.. Its also very well known for its awesome lighting at night

    Actually you'm right, but I think it could have been done like

    Such a board inside the cockpit, where there are tasks you need to perform, and where there are the steps to everything that needs to be done. I think it could be a lot more accessible

    well actually, something like this excists in MSFS :) (a interactive checklist. you click on the tasks u have to do, and it will highlight the actual button u have to press)... That works pretty well (i dont know if it also works in the modded a32nx but it does in the standard one)

    As you wrote as "we" I assume you are either a alpha tester or somehow in the development team so, wouldnt it be the best to let the players decide what they want? Like, you can toggle the integration of these buses in FBS/TBS on or off via setting in the menu? Maybe the best way is to do a community poll? you could suggest the devs those solutions^^

    So, today i flew a interesting but a bit longer route.

    Departure: NZWN (Wellington, New Zealand)

    Arrival: NFFN (Nadi, Fiji)

    Aircraft: A320Neo (with the experimantel vers. of the FBW Mod)

    Airline & Reg.: Fiji Airlines; DQ-FJV

    Flighttime: About 3:30 hrs

    Waiting for takeoff-clearance at NZWN (RWY 16) at beautifull weather with a strong breeze (32kts)...

    ...finally in the air...

    ...and what a view! ...

    ... after about 3hrs flying, just before I arrived the top of decent, the weather kinda changed (was actually a little thunderstorm)..

    but just after a few minutes, I broke through the clouds and had a wonderful view over Nadi...


    Thats it for today. cheers!

    (custom sceneries for NZWN and NFFN as well as the livery can be found over at