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    well.. u wishing things while the game is still in W.I.P. If The Bus gets released in the future, u can take use of the Map Editor to build that Map u want to. And if you say, that 99% are waiting for it (im counting to the other 1%), you will find a lot of helpers - maybe.

    I dont understand that discussion. As everyone knows, The Bus will get a map editor. So everyone can build his modern 2020/2021 Berlin (or could hope for a dlc). You guys know, that the BER is like on the otherside of Berlin? Its not like changing some routes. Its like building a whole new map from scratch. Nah guys. The main thing is to get a good release and finish the damn thing. Berlin settled in 2016 is very good idea for a start. What comes after could be discussed, but for now i dont see any reason to change the whole thing. You even driven the TXL-line? its a very beautiful, nostalgic and varied Bus-line.

    The other thing is, the release Map has no or just a small impact on the success of the game. Look back at OMSI 2 where the release map was settled on the older Berlin. Or ETS2 were the Map was just a import of the previous games. There are otherthings like KI, Physics, Multiplayer, Performance,... that have to be on point at the release.

    thats right^^ its a "small" fee like around 5% or smth like this. I mean its understandable cause they need to pay for their employes as well. and smaller studios like Tml dont have to invest 10 thousands of euros and many years of work to develop a graphic engine (and sound engine) that is, hands down, very good. Its a win-win situation.

    MuraT In Euro Truck Simulator 2 there is generally no interaction with the truck and no one complains; in games from TML-Studios there is interaction with buses. Almost all the buttons in the cab work and you can press them, whether it is the luggage compartment or air conditioning and much more. For some reason, everyone praises Euro Truck Simulator 2 and does not notice its shortcomings, and TML-Studios are constantly picking on games, although TML-Studios are much better in terms of technology.

    U cant compare Fernbus simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 in that point. ETS2 was never intended to interact with in the cockpit. But fbs was. And if u want to compare those two, why are u able to switch the displays in ets2 but not in FBS? Also, TML isn´t "better" in terms of technology just because they are using the UE4. Than, what they did and how they use the UE4 is just bad. Look at how good Assetto Corsa Competizone looks with the same engine with less(!) performance issues and a perfect night view (not like in FBS atm, its way to bright (i dont even need the lights to be on)), and than back to FBS.. Its like night and day. Washed out colours on the one hand and over satured colours on the other hand. No presets for the post processing. Blurred intruments inside the Cockpit(!!!) (using all settings on epic) (hmmm why is the "technical worse" studio better at all these points?). Than, you get every truck for free in ETS2, u have to pay very little money for the base game and the dlcs. U get them nearly bug-free when they are released (something TML the "better in terms of technology" company is still dreaming off), With Ets2 u get a KI thats worth the Name, u can see persons walk around the city streets (TML doesnt even know how to make the passengers walk inside a bus without losing massive performance). And you are still asking, why FBS gets all the hate and ETS2 all the honor??? Wow.

    Sry for off-topic.

    first of all, u got 2 coaches, the Lions Coach and Lions Coach C. U also got some free dlcs (like BB and Usedom). Second, if u look closely, u get the game as platin edition (which includes many dlcs like the skyline and setra dlc) for around 20 Euros which isnt that much and a very fair price for this game. And the purpose of the game is, to have some fun and relax.

    Edit: Martin was faster

    how late it takes. That does not happen as with Fernbus, three years ago it came out and is still unpolished.

    So u are a clairvoyant? Nice. Can u tell me, how many kids i will have in the future and how old i will get?:lol::lol:

    So many times now, there was this question and always the same answer from tml.. Yes, modding tools will come with the bus.. (included map editor).. keep reading guys, safes much time.

    what bothers me the most, isnt the fact that i have to wait long for a patch. Its more like, getting no information about what you are even doing. Feels like sitting in the dark. If you Quarney, wouldn´t answer here, i would think the game is dead. Maybe you could watch and learn from SCS Software. Because there communication with the community is just superior. I mean, you allready have a blog, but dont even use it that much. why? would be the perfect way to communicate with us about upcoming stuff or why the patch will take longer then others.

    Surtur the current sound is not real listen to all buses live and you will find that it lacks much of the original.

    yeah but I never said anything about realism ;) and that the busses doesn't sound realistic isn't a problem of the sound engine. It's just a lack of recordings from the busses. The sound engine just do, how the sounds are played inside the game. If you know what I mean.

    Mathias oh ok that's sad to hear.. and the developers of the engine don't care about it? I mean, they say on their homepage that the engine is fully compatible with the UE

    For all of you who missed it and are interested in ETS2 and ATS, SCS plans to implement a whole new sound engine into the game(s). It's called "Fmod" and it's the same as you can find in AAA-titles like project cars (2) and the Forza series. They also claimed, they will update the graphics this year (light system, assets quality and more).

    So this is a great start into the year for all simulation fans I guess :)

    I guess there will only be the models, that are actualy driving in Berlin. So that would be VDL EN15 (VDL Citea LLE) and Scania Citywide GN14-16 (Scania CN 320 UA Citywide LF).

    So, it was just confirmed: Update 23 will handle the light and color effects. This update is going to come out before DLC France, so it won't take months PeterS. Unfortunately, we cannot release a so called mini-patch.

    DLC France is going to come out in a couple of weeks, that means in an even shorter amount of time, Update 23 will be here to soothe your tired eyes ^^