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    Hello everyone.

    I return to the development of the game and I like what I see to be an Alpha. The experience driving the scania is very pleasant. the sounds and effects are superior to the Man for my taste, but also has a very pleasant handling for how big it is.
    I love lighting. Much more real than its Fernbus and Tourist relatives.
    Performance is stable for me, with no big frame drops except on rare occasions.
    no crash. nice job!

    -The automatic cabin light for open doors does not work.

    -with the scania, I feel the sensation of going on a boat. parked makes small jumps. It's not much and I even like it... at Man that doesn't happen.

    I use a translator.

    My opinion

    And if we focus on solving basic problems rather than secondary things (decorations, tires) etc ...

    -The traffic AI is terrible and it is frustrating that they do not respect the rules of the road.

    -The change in ambient light should be more gradual and not that it suddenly dawns ... it's like someone lighting a huge lamp.

    -I consider that these are important issues to leave the game polished and together with the optimization that always comes in handy and from what is seen in the last patches you know how to do it very well.

    DLCs are always welcome and necessary for the business to prosper and motivate us to keep playing.

    Excuse the language, I use a translator. THX

    I have a very important problem ! I play Fifa 20 at 100 fps in ultra settings. I play Euro Truck Sim 2 at 68-70 fps in ultra settings and with many mods. But I play fernbus at 8-10 fps in normally settings. I don't understand. I'm extremely uncomfortable with this situation. I can't enjoy the game and I got away from the game.


    more ram 8 is little.

    and important, graphic card?

    Quarney sorry for asking you to confirm, but you say that feedback is taken on board, however that sometimes is not the case, things have been reported for ages and not fixed, how can we help improve anymore? If you don’t fix what we report then what is the point? maybe concentrate on fixing things like AI behaviour and stop them spawning right in our line of sight, manual gears for coaches, pedestrians on streets, FPS increase in DLC France, DLC Scania Touring fixing indicator, incorrect “vehicle off road” motorway A7 Flensburg towards Kiel, AI crashing into Scania 129......, I could be here for days saying the things that need fixing and have been reported but not fixed, it’s not sinking in, fix the game first, before adding new things, because once new things are added, you abandon everything else, and why is TBS getting better treatment than FBS? It bothers me, so we will see Update 25 in May yes?

    I want to bang my head against a wall, because I love Fernbus so much and it’s sad and frustrating that it’s not treated better because it’s got much potential and is not taken advantage of.

    I’ve paid collective £200 for all the DLC’s and the game, I’m not saying I expect anything, but guys it’s should be better than this, Fernbus is 4 in August, listen to community, we play a lot like Martin 40 Bus and we reported you do not fix.

    Kind Regards.

    If I were to moderate the forum, I would penalize you for being childish and heavy.

    I just made the trip BIARRITZ - BORDEAUX. What happens to that part of the map? constant descent of frames 9-17 maximum. when the rest of the map I play it at 30-50.
    100% gpu, 40% cpu, 56% memory. (gpu amd rx580 8gb. please solve that problem.

    Traffic intelligence is a disaster. they crash alone, they disappear ...

    Don_Castor : So you imply that Epic Games and TML do not discuss about those reports ? Yea, that might be the case. Even more so I would like to know first TML's opinion how to deal with those crashreports, to report them only via the too to Epic Games or also to TML's own support. Luckily I have experienced only a handful of those and so far I have only used the crash report tool, not raising separate tickets to TML. But i'm sure we will get some clarification here next week.

    Martin 40 Bus : I find the way you write to me quite disrespectful. Obviously you are not very good with English, so please take some time and learn how to write more respectful to other people. I'm not looking for any fight here so peace out man.

    And if we focus on the subject? the beta 5?
    The "moderator" side of Martin 40 bus is already known. Whether by the translator or not, he has already been penalized in the forum and I don't think he wants to act the same way again. let's be patient If you disagree you can always report.

    At least I can say that Martin 40 Bus is not saying anything wrong. I'm not playing Fernbus right now. Because the night is too dark that is unplayable. In addition, I have not yet written a review of the steam. Because I cannot recommend this product to everyone unless the problems I mentioned so far are fixed.

    We return to it always. I think the team knows very well what it has to do and what our preferences are.
    Now let's let them work! that sometimes we are a little anxious.