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    Great idea, I forgot about event viewer!

    So many thanks! Support is also following.

    (Thanks <3)

    Hi there Chris, many thanks for your answer!

    Yes, for sure! I didn't want to blame TML or criticize response time, I apologize. My intent is to see in forum if someone faced this issue to give a tip.

    About specs, yes, my hardware can run it. I play Fernbus Simulator more than one year to now, but after update 28 things started to mess up.

    On first, game didn't start but an UE4 error shown up, and rollback to previous version solved once. Second launch, problem I'm facing right now started to happen. And no sucess until then. :(

    Anyway thank you so much! I will wait for support tomorrow. I really miss this game!

    Hello! I hope I'm publishing in the right place.

    Please, could you help me?

    Some weeks ago I'm facing issues to start Fernbus Simulator, it doesn't start when clicking in "Play" button on Steam.

    What happens is: Click in "Play", it changes to running for few seconds, game doesn't start and button turn back to "play".

    I've tried all things below:

    • Reinstall the game after deleting Appdata Folders and Steamapps\common folder (lot of times).
    • Verify Integrity of files (lot of times).
    • Rolling back to Previous version, official and beta (lot of times).
    • Completely disabling firewall and antivirus.
    • Trying manually unninstall\reinstall UE4 prerequisites.
    • Updating windows (10 Pro)
    • Updating Graphic card driver
    • Set up and Execute Steam and Fernbus Binaries as administrator.
    • Opening up a support ticket (They asked for some things above, and didn't answer no more after that).

    Attached my directX settings, and also a crash report from UE4.

    Please could someone help me, I've bought a new Logitech wheel (only for Fernbus) few days ago, but Couldn't use it yet ;(.

    Thank you all, in advance.

    Hi guys,

    Berliner Fernbus is a fictional company I've tried, a more simplistic paint job this time, for ComfortClass, MAN and Skyliner:

    [Steam Workshop Link]

    Along with Vistabus, another fictional company:

    [Steam Workshop Link]

    And an alternative version for Flixbus, tried to use a softer green for it:

    [Steam Workshop Link]

    Two last items above are available only for S519HD for now, but I will do the same for all models soon.

    Thank you!

    Hi guys!

    Another trial, I've got some inspiration in colors of a brazilian bird, the Arara-Vermelha (Red & Green Macaw).

    Result was a colorful painting, and searching about some names I found "Farben" and "Wunder" from beautiful german language, and voilá. I got a name haha.

    Like the last one, I made an alternate version, less colorful:

    If you like, I will try to make it for other bus models.

    Download Link:

    Steam Workshop: [Version 1] [Version 2]

    Thank you!

    Hi Deleted Account and all TML team.

    One thing I really miss in game, is interesting bus stops to passengers rest, make meals, and use comfortable toilets.

    In main highways, we could have large stops like these:


    In my country we have some companies that franchises this type of business in all main roads, with dedicated bus stops (and contract with bus companies). As example: Rodoserv and Graal.

    Here a little idea for entrance:

    And here a passenger's view video from a bus entering to Rodoserv Sorriso (known luxury bus stop for long travels):

    [Youtube Link]

    [And Departure]

    One video recorded on Graal bus stop:

    [Youtube Link]

    Thank you guys.

    You are awesome.