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    Hi guys,

    Berliner Fernbus is a fictional company I've tried, a more simplistic paint job this time, for ComfortClass, MAN and Skyliner:

    [Steam Workshop Link]

    Along with Vistabus, another fictional company:

    [Steam Workshop Link]

    And an alternative version for Flixbus, tried to use a softer green for it:

    [Steam Workshop Link]

    Two last items above are available only for S519HD for now, but I will do the same for all models soon.

    Thank you!

    Currently TML works with a quality graphics engine and there is a possibility to implement these features again.


    I've recorded a video sample, trying to drive looking as a passenger.

    Such a horrible driving for sure, don't mind it please.

    Now, imagine a mode that we can select a route, climb the bus, take a seat, and AI drives for us to enjoy that Wi-Fi and 21ºC A/C <3:love:<3

    Hi guys!

    Another trial, I've got some inspiration in colors of a brazilian bird, the Arara-Vermelha (Red & Green Macaw).

    Result was a colorful painting, and searching about some names I found "Farben" and "Wunder" from beautiful german language, and voilá. I got a name haha.

    Like the last one, I made an alternate version, less colorful:

    If you like, I will try to make it for other bus models.

    Download Link:

    Steam Workshop: [Version 1] [Version 2]

    Thank you!

    Hi Guys,

    I had a little problem at start from a trip.

    During Check-In, one passenger request a ticket, and when I went to sale, I've got stucked, no ESC key, or any command worked anymore and I needed to force game to quit.

    I recorded this video to show:

    Fernbus Simulator 04_07_2020

    Ticket Sale session in Flixbus App also have no working controls, and icons to reject or accept disappeared too.

    I couldn't walk, or hold Smartphone.

    My guess: This happened when I tried to acess Settings menu, during ticket processing to passenger.


    Thanks for your answers guys!

    Travel times to the number of passengers are irrelevant, it depends on the route, the increase in passengers on buses has long been reported but for now this change has to wait because it is a reconstruction of the game.

    Ok, no problem, we wait! haha

    Thanks Martin.

    Other TML games like Bus and Cable Car Simulator used resources where you roam freely in the city and used public transport. I confess that I really liked getting on buses and enjoying the city looking like a tourist. I looked for a video as an example but I couldn't find it.

    I also liked to drive other vehicles as a passenger in the BTCC-Simulator. It’s just there, when cornering, they threw it out of the vehicle

    Man, I don't know these games. My shame, but I need to.

    Do you know I've played GTA V sometimes to take cabs and look to the window, seeing city skycrappers, life running and all that!

    Just satisfactory I can say.

    Hi dear friends,

    I know that requests about increasing passengers number was related sometimes here, and TML got it for future changes, totally okay with that.


    This thread I want to discuss to understand if there's an existing particular parameter, that varies passengers amount, like hour of the day, week day, route, cities, and so forth.

    Also, I would like to ask if there's a way to set custom cameras inside vehicles.

    Clarifying about Passengers

    I've made this route starting at 15:00 :

    At end, a lot of passengers from initial cities wanted to go to Dortmund (final terminal), and at end of the day I've got almost 40 passengers inside the bus.

    But, when I tried to make a route: Rennes (22:30) - Limmoges - Toulouse - Marseilles.

    Only 8 people were on board to Marseilles. Yet, Toulouse had no passengers boarding.

    The question

    Considering situations above: Route I've taken, times, or cities could potentially affected passengers boarding in? Or actually all "sold tickets" are totally random, a matter of luck?

    Finally, Interior Cameras

    We all enjoy Fernbus, when it allows us to drive buses, and I guess that a lot of us cannot drive a bus everyday (or never like me), and it is fun and very satisfactory.

    But, along enjoying to drive, I really love ride buses too, as a passenger. Now, have we some sort of camera setting to place a point of view from a single passenger? I would love to drive and have a little view from a side window to look environment outside during our jorneys, in gameplay or some sort of replay feature.

    Thank you so much all of you.

    Gute Reise!

    Hi Gino and all TML team.

    One thing I really miss in game, is interesting bus stops to passengers rest, make meals, and use comfortable toilets.

    In main highways, we could have large stops like these:


    In my country we have some companies that franchises this type of business in all main roads, with dedicated bus stops (and contract with bus companies). As example: Rodoserv and Graal.

    Here a little idea for entrance:

    And here a passenger's view video from a bus entering to Rodoserv Sorriso (known luxury bus stop for long travels):

    [Youtube Link]

    [And Departure]

    One video recorded on Graal bus stop:

    [Youtube Link]

    Thank you guys.

    You are awesome.

    Hi guys,

    I'm loving Fernbus, and I just drive Neoplan Skyliner (because is my fav!), and my preferred cities are that ones with platform bus stations.

    Traveling to Koblenz with Neoplan, when I entered station, I've hit station roof.

    There is some possibility to rescale ceiling height of these stations?

    (Sorry if I'm posting in wrong place, I'm new here).