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    Does anyone know how to fix this? I have followed everything mentioned above and nothing has helped.The game runs fine for a while but the moment I confirm the course selection, something like this pops up


    I haven't encountered this error myself, but I've found something that might fix the issue for you. I did some reasearch and found that the issue might be related to the location you installed your game at.

    Is your game installed on the C: drive? If not, try installing it there and share if that worked.

    You can find more information about the error if you google "failed to load shaderlib".

    Hi thanks for your reply. I tried all these steps including deleting the installation files, clearing my browser's cache (google chrome), I redownload the installer many times from gamersgate and still no luck. My Ram is brand new but I tested it. This should not be an issue.

    Such a shame it doesn't work. For now I don't have any other ideas, although you could contact GamersGate support since it may be an issue on their end.

    Hello, I am reaching out regarding issues I am having with bus and cable car to install. I have bought this game and I was looking forward to playing it again on my new pc but I cannot get this game to install properly. To be specific where I bought this game is on gamersgate website. When I try to install the game I bought in the middle of installing I get an error message saying this exact message: "Bus and Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco has not been totally installed because of the following reason: Data 2.V: This file contains invalid data. (Error 11 FD). You will have to run this utility again to completely install Bus and Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco".

    I did rerun the installer that didn't work either. I also tried disabling antivirus software and that didn't help either. I uploaded a picture of the error message below. Please help fix this I really want to play this game again. Any help is appreciated Thanks.

    Note: I also tried running the installer in compatibility mode of windows 7 as mentioned in this forum and had no luck and I also tried running the installer as admin and still had no luck.

    Sorry for such a late answer, haven't been active on the forum for a while.

    From what I'm aware, error "11FD" usually means that some of the installer files may be corrupted, it could also be an issue with your RAM. I searched for solutions and found the following:

    1. Delete all of the installer files.
    2. Clear your browser's cache.
    3. Re-download and re-run the installer.
    If the issue persists, run a RAM test to see if your RAM is okay.

    You might also need to install microsoft latest service packs. Make sure to pick the files that correspond to your system's architecture.
    Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 (Multi-pack)

    I'm not certainly sure if this will fix the issue for you, but it's sure worth trying. Tell me if it worked! :)

    This is what I've found regarding what you've said:

    1. The PhysX error is probably related to outdated drivers. I'd suggest downloading the latest PhysX drivers and re-downloading the game. But if you're up to the challange of making the game fully enjoyable, you may fool around with these 3 PhysX versions: (I don't guarrante that they'll work!!!)
    NVIDIA PhysX Legacy System Software
    NVIDIA PhysX System Software 9.12.0613

    NVIDIA PhysX System Software 9.10.0513

    2. It's possible, but I'm not in any position to verify if that's the case, we don't have the game's source code, and I'm pretty sure the game has been deemed "finished" by the developers for quite a while now.

    3. I agree, there's no other game like this, It's really one of the kind. In my opinion this is the only good bus game that keeps the vibe, the newer bus games like BS21 or BS18 seem really fake and unappealing to me. They simply don't have that feel to it.

    I feel like BCCS was made with passion and love, in the golden days of gaming. Now it's all just about the money and concurrent players.

    BTW you are comparing phenom and geforce 30 series cards. However, the problem already existed on the GTX 970. I do not know if it is also a question of the card or the processor, and if the card which series could be the cause of the beginning of the problem

    I compared your old card to my current card, my RTX 3060 somewhat works, but still gives the error quite regularly.

    To this day, I remember regions of some huge plant that were not optimized and those FPS drops when I was looking for hubcaps on them

    When it comes to FPS, all I can say is that my really old laptop ran this game really poorly, but there weren't any fatal errors.

    Really the Bus and Cable Car Simulator was a game really close to my heart in which I spent thousands of hours

    I have actually watched your whole BCCS series on YT, I quite enjoyed it to be honest.

    For me, the problem occurred after changing the computer components, not the operating system. On the earlier 4-core AMD some Phenom versions a critical error has never occurred. Of course windows 7. Then often on new components already appeared. It seems there is a connection with the technology of the old processors or as you write about the CPU GPU connection. It's hard for a private user to get to the problem. because it would be best to go back to the old components where the game worked perfectly and change the different types of processors and then the GPU one by one. This would require having a large number of components from different models and companies. I regret very much that TML has not addressed this problem sufficiently as it is not marginal however

    If that's the case, then we can't do much.

    Just take a look at the differences:…MD_Phenom_microprocessors

    We could try limiting the performance of our GPU, but I doubt that would work.

    What's interesting is that I haven't yet encountered an older game that crashes on newer GPU's/CPU's/systems. It makes me think that TML Studios might've made a mistake while making the game. Especially with rendering.

    Here's my theory:

    On older GPU's the game runs fine as it runs along the script and rendering works just fine.

    On newer GPU's the game crashes as it outruns the script and renders ahead of what it should actually render. In my eyes, it's a faulty rendering system. Instead of falling back or limiting the render, the script continues which then causes it to crash. The game then sends an error, because a critical script failed and the c++ library with that script couldn't be loaded.

    I might be wrong, but that's how I see it.

    After some research, I came to the conclusion that there might be a possibility to use a Virtual Machine. What I think could work out in our case is:

    We could emulate an older operating system (Windows 7 is the best one in this case). It would be a little of a hassle to get it all to work though, it would consume more RAM, power and overall resources, but it should technically work better since it's an older game (released in 2011 - 2 years after Windows 7).

    There might be a problem with the GPU and CPU not being fully compatible, but I'm sure we'll find a way to make it all work, it would take some time and effort though.

    Thanks for the more detailed explanation. In 2018, I already tried to solve this problem, but to no avail. (Described in detail here:: Launched has stopped working). I will definitely check your advice from the two posts above, but unfortunately I will not digest the 30 FPS limitation on the 144 monitor. 60 is an absolute minimum and it is terribly uncomfortable to play on it. 90 was optimal for me. I was interested in changing capital letters to lower case. As soon as I return to the game, I will carefully check your guide. If you also find a solution to these single critical bugs in the future, please update this guide.

    If I find anything useful, I'll update the tutorial.

    30fps isn't that bad, it's mostly noticable when you rotate your camera in 3rd person view. The game is pretty playable with 30fps though. Give 30fps a try and see if it's good enough for you.

    The log is saying that there's an issue with the MSVCR90.dll, I had the same exact issue.
    What I believe is the reason for this happening is the game trying to load the newest "MSVCR90.dll" instead of the old "msvcr90.dll". Keep in mind there is a difference between uppercase and lowercase msvcr90. Thus, I suggested downloading "msvcr90.dll" and dropping it into the game files, just in case the game might try loading it from there. That's what fixed it in my case.

    The reason for the 30fps limit is that the old games usually run better at lower fps and crash at higher fps. I also suggest keeping Vsync off. So far my game only crashed once after the fix, near the dispatch on the north of the first apartment in game.

    Back to the msvcr90 - if you were to go to this path:
    You would see the files for the c++ 2008.

    If the fix didn't work, you can try installing the older version of c++ 2008, this one:…oad/details.aspx?id=10430

    Alternatively, you can try manually replacing the .dll's, but I don't suggest that, since you'll need to mess with the files in WinSxS, these files are crucial for windows to work and we don't want to accidentally delete them.

    About the game itself, it's truly a masterpiece. The newer bus simulators feel fake while BCCS feels just right. No tutorials, no guides, it's an actual challenge unlike some of the new TML-Studios games. I'm not sure if I'm right, since I'm not a game developer, but a remake will be hard to pull-off since only the creators have the source code, someone would have to re-script the game from scratch. Let's not lose hope tho, hope dies last.

    To start off:
    I love this game, It's my favourite TML-Studios game. It's such a shame this game isn't on Steam, Bus simulator 2012 made it to Steam, but why not this? BCCS is way better than the 2012 sim in almost every way.

    All required files will be attached in this thread, in case you can't find them by yourself. BCCS Required Files.rar

    Let's begin!


    Section 1 - How to obtain the game:

    Bus & Cable Car Simulator can be bought on the Deutsch Amazon site.

    Section 2 - Installation:

    In order to install the game you just need to run the installer. Easy!

    Section 3 - Installer issues:

    If for any reason you can't install the game, do the following:

    Run the installer as admin. If that doesn't work, run the installer in compatibility mode with Windows 7 (right click > properties > compatibility). If that doesn't work, it's most likely an issue with the installer or your configuration.

    Section 4 - Frequent game issues and problems:

    1. Game crashes/freezes/lags

    2. Game doesn't start

    3. I can't configure my controllers in the settings

    Section 5 - Repair:

    Issue 1. Game crashes/freezes/lags:

    The most frequent issue, happens on Windows 8+ and with most GPU's/CPU's manufactured after year 2013. I've been trying to fix it for 2 hours and succeeded, now I'm going to share how to fix it. 😊

    Step 1 - Installing DirectX-11:

    Download and Install DirectX 11:…oad/details.aspx?id=17431


    Step 2 - Installing msvcr90:

    Download msvcr90 here:

    Drag and drop msvcr90.dll into:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\astragon\Bus & Cable Car Simulator


    C:\Program Files (x86)\astragon\Bus & Cable Car Simulator\Bin

    Step 3 - Installing the required c++ 2008 version:

    Using this link:…oad/details.aspx?id=26368

    Download these 2 files:



    Step 4 - Limits:

    This step is divided into 2 sub-steps. Step 4.1 is to be followed by NVIDIA Graphics Card owners, while Step 4.2 is to be followed by non-NVIDIA Graphics Card owners.

    Step 4.1 - I have an NVIDIA Card:

    1. Go into NVIDIA control panel (right click on desktop > NVIDIA control panel).

    2. Go into "Manage 3D Settings" tab on the left.

    3. Go into "Program Settings" tab.

    4. Pick "launcher (launcher.exe)" from the list.

    If "launcher (launcher.exe)" is missing, turn the game on and off again, it should appear on the list now.

    5. Pick "high-performance NVIDIA processor" from the list.

    6. Now we use the settings listed below:

    • Max frame rate - 30KL./S (On)
    • Vertical Sync - Off

    Then we click confirm and close the control panel.

    Step 4.2 - I don't have an NVIDIA Card:

    Download an FPS Limiter of your choice, there are a lot of FPS Limiters on the internet, just search "FPS Limiter".

    Set a maximum of 30fps in-game.

    Now start BCCS.

    Go into graphics settings and TURN OFF Vertical Sync.

    Step 5 - Compatibility Settings (Optional Step):

    Right click on the game shortcut > properties > compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode with: Windows 7

    Right click on the game shortcut > properties > compatibility > Run this program as Administrator

    Everything else should be unchecked/off.

    Issue 2. Game doesn't start

    Step 1 - Compatibility Settings:

    Right click on game shortcut > properties > compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode with: Windows 7

    Right click on game shortcut > properties > compatibility > Run this program as Administrator

    Everything else should be unchecked/off.

    Step 2 - Hard re-install (Only when Step 1 doesn't work)

    Go into Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall Program

    Uninstall "Bus & Cable Car Simulator" and close the control panel.

    Delete all of these files:

    - Shortcut to the "Launcher"

    - Folder with the name "Bus & Cable Car Simulator" located in C:\Program Files (x86)\astragon

    - Folder with the name "BusCableCarSimulator" in Documents

    Clear the trash bin.

    Then install the game once again.

    Issue 3. I can't configure my controllers in the settings

    I'm sorry to dissapoint everyone, but I haven't found a fix for this issue. The game is running on old code and there's no dev support for the game.

    I tried using programs such as:

    "vJoy", "Xinput Plus", "XOutput" etc.

    If you want to experience the game in full resolution, you gotta buy yourself a Logitech G25 or a Logitech G27 steering wheel. Logitech G29 doesn't work in this game.

    Section 6 - Some important stuff:

    If the game still crashes constantly after the fix, post a error log below, it will make it easier both for me and the dev team to help you. To get a log file do the following: Windows + R and paste "eventvwr.exe" into the textbar. Enter!

    Section 7 - Conclusion:

    This game is my childhood game, I remember playing it on some crappy steering wheel. I'm seriously dissapointed, because I don't have neither G25 nor G27, I have an G29, but it doesn't work.

    Dear developers, if you're reading this. Could you by any chance give me some advice on how to "bypass" the steering wheel issue and use it in the game? To be exact, the game detects the controller, but I can't assign any buttons in the settings controller tab. Please make an exception and maybe give us some kind of a temporary fix? It doesn't take much and surely would make some people hella happier.

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day!