CBS 2010 - Update 1.3

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BUS Update for version 1.3. Includes 5 extra buses and a hotfix.

City Bus Simulator 2010 - BUS Update for Version 1.3 English
If you bought the English full Version of "City Bus Simulator 2010" - release 10/22/2009 - the Update 1.3 WITHOUT extra buses is already included!

Extract the downloaded ZIP archive and run the EXE file. Please make sure to select the correct installation path of City Bus Simulator 2010.


5 brand new buses made by Design-X Team exclusively for „City Bus Simulator 2010“!
Special thanks to Design-X Team for building these excellent buses and making them available for FREE to the community.
All the buses are immediately selectable from the menu after installation.

To make it easier implementing vehicles in future, we made some changes in the game system. With this Version 1.3 you only need to copy the files for buses or cars into the vehicles folder of „City Bus Simulator 2010“. They are then immediately selectable in the game menu.

Also includes a hotfix that solves some translation and mission errors.