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  • Hello guys! I wanted to introduce you to the new skins that I created and available on the steam workshop!

    Currently available for:

    • VDL FUTURA FHD2 106
    • VDL FUTURA FHD2 122
    • VDL FUTURA FHD2 129
    • VDL FUTURA FHD2 135
    • VDL FUTURA FHD2 139
    • VDL FUTURA FHD2 148
    • W906
    • BB40
    • Comfort Class S515 HD
    • Comfort Class S516 HD
    • Comfort Class S516/2 HD
    • Comfort Class S517 HD
    • Comfort Class S519 HD
    • Scania Touring 121
    • Scania Touring 129
    • Scania Touring 135
    • MAN Lion's Intercity R60
    • MAN Lion's Intercity R61
    • MAN Lion's Intercity R62
    • MAN LionsCoach 3rdGen
    • MAN LionsCoach 3rdGen C2
    • MAN LionsCoach 3rdGen C3
    • MAN LionsCoach 3rdGen L


    I'm working to create them for each available model

    Clikbus is a brand born from the will and passion of Abruzzo entrepreneurs (Italy) operating in the transport sector to offer, through new and comfortable buses and highly qualified staff, daily connections from the main Abruzzo centers to Rome and to the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino.

    In providing this service, our goal is always to be on the cutting edge, committed to research and development of new technologies and travel solutions. In all, ensuring maximum quality, safety, competitiveness and economy, harmony with the environment, and pursuing the full satisfaction of our customers.

    here are some screenshots

    hope you like it! let me know your opinion !!

    these are the real model to which I took inspiration

    you can download everything from here:…iledetails/?id=2140269430