Your favorite bus in the game

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  • Your favorite bus in the game 35

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    what's your favorite bus in the game?

    I'm looking forward to the result of the community vote :)

  • Nice idea to do poll about that ?
    I'm curious what all the favourites are.

    Feel free to also tell the reason for your choice. ;)

    I've choosen the 3rd Gen LC cause of the modern look and new Optiview mirrors ?

    EDIT: You can now also vote on Discord ?

  • I prefer the VDL over all, why? 1. Bus range, 6 total variants, which is the most of each bus, 2. Quality, the VDL coaches are together with the CC and Neoplan Skyliner the best quality coaches, looking to graphics and usability of buttons, 3. Non-cheap, the VDL, CC and NS feel really luxerious, while other buses, especially the Scania and Lions Intercity, as they feel really cheap and look like plastic, 4. Functionality, with the 6 options the VDL is multi-purpose, for TBS the 106-129 are great to use because they are short enough for the streets, while in FBS, you can use the longer coaches for Intercity services and even the small ones as they are good aswell to drive on the highway like real life aswell. 5. Price-quality, the VDL dlc is a high quality DLC that only costs €14.99 (no discounts counted) so that's around €2.50 per coach, while other coaches have a much smaller range so costs more per bus than the VDL coaches, which makes it very benifical, especially when it has a discount (CC €2.59, NS €14.95, LC3rd €3.24, LI €3.32, ST €4.32, FM €19.95, W906 €7.95) 6. Looks, the VDL has a great apperance, aswell as CC and NS, while the other coaches look cheap and unfinished. That are the reasons why I recommend the VDL for every FBS player.:fernbus:

  • I also chose MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Gen. Why? First of all, because I love buses from MAN and Mercedes-Benz (namely, large buses) <3

    I like the MAN Lion's Coach 2017 primarily for its design, driving physics and handling.

    The bus itself is well raised (kneeling system) and has very good suspension.

    I would very much like to see a sun-protection curtain (visor) in the future, which is sometimes very lacking. For me, MAN Lion's Coach 2017 is the best choice :):thumbsup:

  • Oh you're right, a sun shield or whatever it is called would be great, especially in The Bus.

    TML should put this on the wishlist.

    FYI: Little intermediate state of the Discord poll in the attachment. The result seems going to be similar.