Shortcut keys for Sim Dashboard

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  • Hi there!

    I am working on a sim dashboard design, is it possible to get key assignment configurations for all the interactive cab stuff? I.E. Hostess/Kitchen Clearance, baggage lock etc?

    Thank you!

    (I am not yet finished but will look something like the attachment)

  • SimDB now officially supports FBS/TBS

    What I was asking is if the developers can allow us to operate all functions with a keyboard, currently

    • Kitchen Clearance
    • Hostess Clearance
    • Lock baggage left/right

    cant be operated with hotkeys from the menu

  • I am using keyboard emulation so far for doors etc, I will add telemetry to my design for speedometer, rpm and lights later, this is still a WIP, we can have shortcuts for most functions, it would be nice to have Kitchen/Hostess clearance and to lock/unlock baggage bays please, then I can share my design with the community :P

    • Official Post

    Maybe you should try the telemetry interface because there are a lot of commands that aren't available for the keyboard.

    Here is a list with some of them: