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    The animation of the passengers entering the bus was done during the development phase. The problem that TML removed this feature in the release version.

    I know this because in the first videos a year before the launch, some passenger animations were shown.

    It was a demonstration of the bus arriving at the stop and the passengers entered. I don't know why it has not yet been implemented in Fernbus and the feature is present in the Tourist Bus. :rolleyes:

    Another thing they removed from the game was the passengers walking the streets after arriving at their destination. Currently passengers are stopped at stations. People who arrived at their destination have to walk, some may stay put, maybe they want to take an Uber home or are waiting for someone. ^^:D:D

    But I can't even complain too much because the latest updates are adding good resources, TML's team is working hard on this last year so far. <3:):thumbup:

    More I agree that this is something basic and should never have been absent for so long.

    At the moment I am really waiting for the vehicle sounds to be updated, I want something close to the reality of each vehicle, Fernbus will be celebrating its 4th birthday and these generic sounds are already tired, unacceptable. ;(?(

    The upper windshield should work normally and have something optional in the settings.

    More is not a priority at the moment.

    The issue of passengers and pedestrians on the streets is inevitable.

    The objective of the game is to transport people it does not make sense to limit you for performance reasons. If gaming games have performance issues, ways to lessen this impact need to be studied.

    More is something I can understand at the moment of the game, going through transformations and should keep the performance in the best possible way. The solution is to add an option for the number of passengers in the main menu, just like the vehicle graphics.

    OMSI 2 has these options for both pedestrians and passengers.

    My suggestions for increasing realism:

    1. Bus circulation in the terminals arriving and departing.
    2. Rest stops need to be improved, all are the same should be changed and put other models of stops and gas stations.

    3. Lighting in terminals and rest areas is dark or too resized to the point that everything is white and saturated.

    The lighting at Toulouse Station is terrible.

    I still need to report it in the right place. =O

    4. Repeating passengers is unpleasant.

    Add a greater number of people with different characteristics and program not to repeat during the trip. ?(

    5. Embarkation and disembarkation platforms should be numbered the moment we create destinations. It is boring to always leave the same platform. There was a change in the positioning of platforms between the game modes but it remains somewhat fixed.

    The Munich and Augsburg stations, among others, would have a better use with this dynamic platform system. In Munich it is sad to park in that outdoor area, losing the shine of parking in that outdoor area.


    Cool novelty.

    I imagined that this moment would come. With new features like Ray Tracing and DLSS something would change.

    New boards containing artificial intelligence engines need to be improved.

    Greater concern is the weight that this new engine will bring on old hardware. A new generation of GPUs and processors arriving this year should bring some gain (even Nvidia's RTX series 20).

    If Epic Games does manage to get developers to make the content created on Unreal Engine 4 be supported in version 5 it will be interesting for TML, of course if you add something significant (benefit) with the change.

    Chinese vehicles look good.

    This Volvo 9000 series is beautiful, I had mentioned it before, a charm.

    My favorites remain these.

    1. Irizar (Components: Scania, Mercedes and Volvo)

    2. Mercedes-Benz

    3. Volvo

    4. Some Double Deck model (

    SetraS 531 DT)

    In Brazil, Double Deck vehicles are the most appreciated.

    I don't know if in Europe there are models with 4 axles.

    Access the website to see the vehicle in 360 degrees.

    This Van Hool I met in your publications.

    Guys published some older models. I really liked the models.

    A good option is the TDX25 and TDX27, I really liked these models.

    The map of Turkey would be a differentiator for having an architecture more distant from western Europe. :saint:
    Roads and cities with aspects that are distant from what we see on the map of Alemenha and the other existing ones.
    A very big visual change from what we have at Fernbus. Plus, the map's logistics does not allow to be added at the moment. :|?(

    The most likely countries in the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Holland and Belgium.

    In the sequence for being countries with relevance would come Italy and Spain. Portugal would be interesting if it is added to the DLC Spain or in free updates adding some regions in future updates. 8o

    Nothing further prevents TML from investing in Eastern Europe, following neighboring countries to Poland and the Czech Republic.

    If you asked me which map DLC I would like would be Scandinavia. The part of Norway is fantastic, cities and roads with interesting landscapes. Much of my experience at ETS2 was in this DLC, before that I played a lot in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. 8)

    I confess that I like Italy visually and would be a DLC I would like to see on Fernbus. The smaller towns are a charm, the Basilicata region is a great example. :love:

    The most likely thing to do is to create DLCs from countries that have a connection with Germany and then start following the countries that have a connection with the other Switzerland / Austria and France regions. :/

    More to the end, I leave a little of my taste and my suggestions. ^^

    Update regarding suspension would be valid if some changes in the game's physics were revised.

    In my perception, this improvement would have made sense if something were added to the physics such as vehicle reacting to the impact of the terrain.

    Another valid point is the introduction of the sounds of this impact between the terrain and the vehicle. If you don't have these junctions synchronized, it doesn't make sense. :/

    The main part is at 4:29, the driver went on an alternative street because the main avenue was closed. :fbs-sign-123:^^

    I suggest watching the entire video is interesting and pleasant to the ears.

    This video is a good example when I am referring to impact, vibrations, sounds and deformities of the terrain (asphalt).

    This situation is a reality in some parts of the world. The climate issue is also part of this issue that I have addressed.

    At the moment I am concerned with the sound part of the vehicles and terrain (all connected to these two elements).

    This video I shared is a reflection of what I want to create when I have the mod tool. I want to reproduce some regions of Brazil, mainly some states, far from large centers. 8)

    We also have great roads similar to European ones and you like that.

    The great charm in my perception are these small roads, cities and their streets. :love:


    Martin 40 Bus
    I agree that the IKARUS 260 becomes strange for Fernbus, Tourist Bus would be interesting for a smaller model.

    The suggestion of our colleague Denis_W is perfect for an old tourism vehicle.

    The sounds of these old vehicles are interesting. :/

    In my region there are still old vehicles circulating in the tourism area, of course vehicles that are internally renovated to offer better comfort.

    I mentioned earlier, these older ones do not need licensing. More if you get it is cool. 8)

    Kadimbey You made a beautiful description of what we want. Realistic sounds regardless of whether the vehicle emits less or more noise.

    It is a combination of three factors, all the noise that the engine and its components of the vehicle, impacts related to the speed with the terrain and its variations (including internal and external sounds) and the sounds of the environment related to climatic reactions (external).

    Vehicles available in the game are old models.

    All references I have to the MAN Lion's Coach are robust noises in every way. Probably the 900 would have much less noise than other generations.

    The big inconvenience is the absence of a sound system compatible with real vehicles and everything that involves the real experience.

    I was forgetting, I prefer some older vehicles precisely because it has this sonic identity more touched on.

    This feature is present in several games. OMSI is a great example, the base vehicles and DLCs are mostly focused on old vehicles and the thousands of mods created by the community.

    Many people want to experience what they have seen in the past. I don't want to belittle modern vehicles, I like them all because they bring comfort, technologies, elegance and a fantastic design.

    Yes, we don't see many simulators being developed on the Unreal Engine platform. I believe that the games are advancing in the best sonorous, see the announcement of the new system of consoles, improvements were mentioned in this sector.

    And the UE4 is a modern mechanism in constant evolution and in the long term it wants the best option even if there are difficulties at the moment, but we also have to take into account that TML has few employees and a reduced annual budget in view of the large market that focus on in other genres.

    But hope remains alive around the subject now that TML has positioned itself and is analyzing and working in the sound field.

    It is good to make it clear which way the games should go in terms of improvements and which should be concentrated. The community is a kind of laboratory, many are active and attentive to mistakes and also to success.

    At the moment I have no way to add anything else.

    Now is to wait for the right moment when something is implemented to the games.


    You are right, I would play Fernbus and Tourist for longer if the sound of the vehicles was more real. ^^

    I always liked the vehicles and what catches my attention is the sound of the engines, shifting or slowing down among others.

    The vehicle emits sounds like a musical track with its percussion, melodies and various instruments. It is something programmed, you have to follow the score to make sure everything works.

    Lately I am restrained waiting for news. I know that the subject was discussed at TML and the work was started, I believe it will be laborious and complex if you want to have a result that pleases the expectations.

    I am happy that the subject returns in the discussions through other forum members, I like to read the opinion and other points of view. :):thumbup:

    A good base is to listen and watch videos like the one above.

    Even with the isolation of newer vehicles, the noise is evident.

    This video is from a current generation of the Irizar i6 with Scania engine and components. If you have a relatively good headset, listen for a better experience.

    What I hear in this recording is practically the same thing that I hear in vehicles in my region with Marcopolo, Busscar and Comil buses.

    If we listen to the video of our friend Martin 40 Bus we will see that in the comparison we have nothing similarity between the videos. My biggest frustration is not having the same experience as when I'm on a real trip. ;(?(

    Martin 40 Bus Great gameplay, thanks. :*

    I said at some point in the past that certain noises were added mainly when the ComfortClass DLC came out. Something that made me very happy because months before I requested improvements of the kind.

    More importantly, the team destined to work specifically with this sound part has the experience of driving the vehicle.

    In fact at the moment with the pandemic this is not possible because it will involve many people, I believe that almost the entire TML team. 8|

    The team needs a certain amount of time to invest in this sector and aiming for quality and something close to the real thing.

    I do not want anything to be released prematurely mainly on the subject.

    Some information, however irrelevant it may be, is important for us members (animator). ;):love:

    I have the same opinion as our friend Martin 40 Bus

    Many of the things listed are things that we discussed in the past here on the forum. It is nothing new for the TML team. They know very well what we want.

    - I add the personalization of the vehicles, tires, hubcaps, floor, upholstery of the seats, lights etc ... (this was aborted in the past).

    More is an interesting thing if you had it in the game.

    Recently they added the color palette to the menu which is something I really liked.

    This type of personalization that people like, leave the vehicle to their liking. In the Tourist Bus Simulator this makes even more sense, I will go to the MAN factory with the vehicle and customize it the way I want and return to the company or buy a customized vehicle.

    Something found in several games.

    Free DLC is important to strengthen the base game.

    One suggestion is to bring old vehicles into the game without having to be licensed.

    TML has features from older vehicles and can be a way to get some marior in these DLCs.

    Paid DLCs if it is a known vehicle and a strong brand in the market I believe that the brand appeal attracts people to buy. People who like buses have a certain feeling for a particular vehicle and familiarity and contact with the vehicle in real life.

    I have no real contact with the game's vehicles but I know the brands, some for supplying components to manufacturers in my country and I am satisfied with that.

    Perhaps on the day that TML launches Irizar I have this feeling from many of you. Although the paintings I create give me an extra boost when playing.

    The Scania vehicle brought me this feeling inside the game, if the vehicles sound was not so generic I would have no problem with the vehicles. Also because the sound of the Scania Touring is similar to the vehicles of Marcopolo, Busccar and Comil and have Scania engines in some cases. They are different engines even though Scania but the sound is similar. One of the reasons that I criticize TML a lot for introducing a generic sound in the game.

    If TML has the intention of being recognized in this segment worldwide, the great appeal is to bring vehicles of different known brands from each continent. Imagine I see a Marcopolo, Busscar and Comil vehicle on Fernbus and Tourist Bus.

    At the moment the only possibility in my case is to Irizar and make an appeal to TML to include a variant of the vehicle marketed in South America. Something that would not be difficult and laborious because it is only an internal modification of the vehicle.

    As I like buses and even not knowing the vehicles I start to like them and I research the models a lot.

    When I have the opportunity to go to Europe, I will meet these great vehicles personally.

    Comparing SCS to TML Studios is unfair.

    SCS has been in the same segment since 2002, the first truck game was the "Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel" nowadays is the ATS.

    From 2002 to 2020 SCS's work has always been on direct development in truck games and the difference from one game to the next is practically none. She has been improving some aspects more since ETS2 and the advantage of being on Steam and being able to make updates has changed the way she makes money and not having to release another game copies of a previous version.

    SCS is a much bigger company nowadays, it should go beyond 50 easy employees and they have partnerships with the brands, something that helps a lot in the development.

    TML will follow the same path more in the bus segment and now has two very strong products. The great advantage of TML is actually the Unreal Engine for offering greater opportunities to innovate your games.

    THE BUS will be the third game in the category and I believe TML will stop in this third game.

    The biggest move for SCS was to have kept the games on a simpler engine where many players with more modest machines were able to play acceptably.

    TML for using Unreal Engine 4 has a problem demanding better computers. In a while I believe that a basic PC will naturally support an engine like this.

    And I hope that by then TML will be more structured in relation to existing games.

    I strive to keep TML games relevant in my region by bringing painting mods. Many people in my country send me messages saying that they ventured into the game because they had the companies' paintings. And so far I am asked to create paintings. I try to do it in my spare time and when I'm in the mood to create.

    But TML has to do its job to gain the trust of new users.

    I appreciate the efforts of the entire TML team because if it weren't for them I would be playing BUS mode from ETS2 or OMSI2 trying to simulate road trips. :/

    The video seems to me more like I remembered, it will not really show news mainly for the people of the forum that have all the publications registered.

    Video suitable for people who still don't know the project.

    I hope to see a video that shows a little more about the multiplayer system. This is going to be the big move at THE BUS.

    MODS TOOL will be useful in the future when games are of a higher degree of maturity. I see an evolution in Fernbus and Tourist Bus but there are still many things to be added and improved and a tool of the kind will bring problems.

    Although I really want a modification tool to create maps. :love:

    Some time ago MAN published some things about the new model. I really liked the design of the vehicle.

    More I agree that other brands should be added to the game. I believe that the preference is still Mercedes-Benz and Irizar. :)

    Scania was at the top of the list but now there are two other giants on the market (mentioned above).

    My expectation revolves around Irizar first after Mercedez-Benz.

    I would add Volvo's 900 series to the list as a third place. :love:

    One way to alleviate the problem of mirrors. :):thumbup:

    The bad thing about putting Anti-Aliasing at low is the knurling.

    On my monitor, it sucks to leave Low, and that bothers me.

    The minimum acceptable is to leave it in the Middle in my case.

    But it is good to do this type of test, also help TML understand the problem. :/

    Another example; problem of white tone, placing Post-Processing in Medium improves the situation a little. ?(

    I managed to contribute a little. ^^

    I am trying to maintain the paintings too but the day-to-day work takes me time.

    In my spare time I try to play a little and create the paintings.

    I know how important the work of the mods is in attracting people to the game.

    Our community is demanding but we understand the difficulty of developing with few resources. 8o

    I appreciate the efforts of the entire TML Studio team in bringing improvements and adding new features.

    I hope you grow. :saint:<3

    The longevity of this 1.24 beta was good. :)

    I forgot to thank you for adjusting the lighting of the Flensburg stop. I didn't check the place after the correction but I believe it is good.

    I didn't have time to check the collision problems of Scania vehicles. ^^

    Sure it is nice to see the logo but is it that much important? I drive Setra without logo and i don't feel anything bad about it. I am okay if MB Travego, Tourismo buses come without logo. Or any other good bus options. If they can get, i have no objection on it but if they cannot, it is not so big deal. Imagine your bus got old and logo fell :))

    Imagine your bus got old and soon fell.

    I laughed a lot. Good. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    It is important for brands to be present, it adds value to the game. People are also attracted to brands because they are global companies.

    In the long run, having a bond with these companies is good for the development of games.

    The question is variable, there are people who don't care and others do.

    In my case, I would be upset if launching the Irizar DLC comes without licensing. Because of all these exist in Europe it is the only one that is manufactured in my country.

    This approach is good because in the case of Irizar it uses Scania engines and would be more of an added brand in the same vehicle. TML currently has this involvement with Scania and licensing other DLCs will not be a problem.

    I believe that you understood me, where I am trying to get to. :saint: