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    The France DLC looked fantastic when I managed to play it. However, it has now become difficult for me to play Fernbus Simulator as I'm getting UE4 crashes very often. There are also buildings on the autoroute when leaving Paris in the direction of Lille which you can see in the attachments.

    Edit: After trying the same route again, I noticed that the crash occured again at the same exact place as last time. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to take the screenshot of that location due to the crashing, but it happens when approaching the Lille bus station, near the autoroute which happens to be near "Casino" sign.

    ETS2/ATS is great in terms of modding capabilities which Fernbus currently lacks. It gives the user base the ability to create their own modifications, models, sound edits, etc. I have tried driving coaches and transporting passengers in ETS2 but because it's not a native feature it also lacks many things like realistic models i.e. passengers which is hard for the community to implement since they don't have native support - they are treated as invisible cargo. I'm personally interested in cars so this is how I travel around Europe 8)

    Hello, the colours in the latest version of Fernbus look much more washed out than before and the overall image appears to be more blurry. In contrast (:lol:) to that, I did find the gameplay smoother. Maybe you're trying to find the right balance between graphics and performance? :/

    In Poland, in many places there is also very poor internet, it is not that Poland in the countryside has a great internet place 23 place ranking world Polish is a clear example

    It's obvious that you won't get a very good connection in the countryside in any country. But what I'm talking about is the great variety of providers with much better speeds. As you can see in the speed test image, my connection is faster than 94% of UK and it's not even that great but we don't have many options to choose from sadly whereas in Poland there are so many and I'm not even going to mention the pricing.


    There are other providers that offer higher download speeds but at the cost of much lower upload speeds therefore I'm happy with my connection as it's alright for streaming on YouTube or Twitch. However, I wish broadband in the UK was as good as in Poland :(

    Not only FlixBus is taking over Europe, but also other continents such as America and Asia with the addition of Turkey :)

    Last year FlixBus took over Poland's largest (in terms of national routes) bus company - "PolskiBus".

    Since Fernbus Simulator is built upon the co-operation with FlixBus, I think this makes it more likely to see these countries in game, where FlixBus is operating in real-life :)

    However, I think that there's a long way until we'll see countries from other continents as there's so many countries in Europe that haven't yet been implemented in Fernbus.

    In my opinion, the map should be expanded in a logical order, starting with the countries bordering Germany, so that we'll get the largest map size possible.

    More passengers, transporting 10 people per 500 km is sad.

    This is the response from TML-Studios on Fernbus' Steam Discussions page:

    "Most users are satisfied with the number of passengers and luggage currently visible in the game. So, we don't have any plans to increase that number which would only reduce the performance."

    I don't believe that most users are satisfied with this since users are constantly asking for more passengers on this community forum and therefore I think this issue should be reviewed again.

    MBO530 I agree, it makes it more realistic :)

    This is a very good update. After doing some testing, here are my results:

    • The physics are now more realistic thus making it much more pleasant to drive :)
    • The "jumping" bus bug had been fixed! (yay)
    • The framerate has improved :thumbup: - the game is now smoother! It's great because it's fundemental for a pleasant driving experience.
      However, there are still some stutters when driving on the autobahn at high speeds, especially with traffic nearby. The framerate is also lower in Switzerland & Austria regions (e.g. Zürich) than in base Germany as it had also been in previous updates (more demanding assets maybe :/ ).

    [Attachment] Are the "shadows"/"reflections" on the bus supposed to be like that? It looks like there are some weird lines on the side of the coach which I've also seen in previous updates.


    The Google Translator speech doesn't sound too good, I agree. in my opinion, it would've been better if the community had the chance to do some of the recordings for Tourist Bus Sim, especially in different languages, since we come from different countries :) But then again, it's better than nothing :D

    I also think that passengers will speak French as it's more realistic for passengers to speak the official language of the country they are in :)


    If you want to play X-Plane, you'll need a lot of time and patience to learn how to fly an aircraft. I've spent over 45 hours so far in X-Plane, and I still need more time to master a single aircraft (the Boeing 737-800 to be precise). Almost everything is made how it is in real-life.

    When it comes to Microsoft's - next-gen - Flight Simulator, it seems like they want everyone to be able to able to play the simulator; casuals and enthusiasts.

    If you're not an aviation enthusiast I would suggest you wait for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and see what it offers.