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    Natural image never looks and the adjustments here will not change anything because you have to play at the highest settings, there is a mistake with the lighting with its brightness, which is clearly visible in everyone, there is fog, TML STUDIOS and the testers Maximus have already clearly said here that the image changes will have to be be darker. Currently it spoils the terribly natural view so it does not exist in the real world and white milk because it spoils all the sharpness and colors, this bug is also less in the game Tourist bus simulator and posted Quarney that it will be corrected there, and here it is much worse and also needs to be fixed, the current image is unacceptable and anyone who has good eyesight, a good monitor and real thinking knows perfectly well that the current image is too bright, there is no need here to discuss ,fix it and to issue a patch to the BETA version.

    manual settings do not change anything, I have the same all the time and it is too bright and foggy

    I do not agree with you the version is for BETA 1.26 to change it, the present image of most of the forum do not like what they expressed their opinion and liked my post, they themselves show a bad image in their reports. This is what beta versions are for to change, not to leave something bad behind, and you probably haven't read what he wrote Quarney , Tourist bus simulator of the game lighting bad and will be changed now additionally Fernbus has it spoiled very much. You will find that on Monday it will confirm TML STUDIOS that changes to the lighting image must be applied. Reduce fog and white brightness. Because currently playing is not real and good. I was right with Toursit bus simulator and there will be changes and here I am also right Ryan [TML-Online Team] , I am waiting for a response Quarney

    Maximus MBO530 let him say whether this image is good or change it, being a tester has a lot to say as well.

    Maximus also confirmed that it is too bright image and there will be changes to the game lighting in version 1.26 Beta.

    sosi0089 I reported this error to MENU as you can see, DavidGamer401 I am glad that you see this image error, this brightness and fog definitely spoiled the picture beauty of the game I hope that TML STUDIOS will improve it quickly because unfortunately the picture does not lie and this is the most important thing for all of us, the realism of terrain driving is now bad. The vegetation deserves recognition and the wind effect on trees and vegetation is a big plus for the team.

    You're right, in Poland the price of PLN 259 , steam store, but I think I'll buy . i will fly on the gamepad :). also has Polish subtitles, that's great. Whoever buys should write, or you too Surtur @Denis_W and other colleagues. I think the standard version is enough , 20 aircraft and 30 airports.

    For Poland the price of the simulator is expensive, it must be admitted, I will play the recommended requirements according to the specifications :)

    Additionally, you can fly around the world by choosing WORLD MAP, I will be able to fly in POLAND :), it's an interesting feature for everyone.

    serdar_u DavidGamer401 they have the same image as me, i.e. very bright the fog spoils the real view it is perfectly visible in the pictures and film, the bottom photo is much more beautiful than the present one I think that TML STUDIOS sees it and it will fix it because they learn themselves experimenting with the lighting of the game and the sky, as evidenced by the still bad image in the tourist bus simulator, I want them to improve the image because it really spoils the current image Ryan [TML-Online Team] , only the vegetation is correct, there are also serious other errors in my report.

    Thank you work TML STUDIOS, the grass looks very beautiful and natural :):thumbup:

    The lighting of the game is not good the sky shown in the film and photos, the film shows the faults of the game that I will describe.

    Please watch the movie. The entire TML STUDIOS takes a few minutes.:thumbup:

    1.The beginning of the movie you can see how the image is flashing in the game what someone has already reported on the forum. Time movie 1.21 - 1.33

    2.Too much reflection spoils the color of the vehicle.

    3.Black buses, all the ones we have painted.

    4.The current image is too white, it loses sharpness and the colors of the game, the earlier version was much better, now it's milk,fog , the image looks. Much better in Tourist bus simulator.

    5.The game menu is now slower ,sometimes it locks up

    6.Winter snow - when we choose after loading it rains, only the selection from the smartphone causes the snow.

    7.You can clearly see where I'm going from and you can see the grass on the street in my movie. City Kassel - time movie 5.39 - 5.46

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    you can clearly see how this brightness fog spoils the picture quality. for comparison, at the bottom, a photo from the old version of the game looks much more beautiful and you have to return to that TML STUDIOS. Nice sky, asphalt, everything is much nicer except for vegetation no fog and brightness here a beautiful natural image colors sharpness, this is missing very much I hope you will improve it because it is very important, everything that I describe also.


    Another route , Fuerteventura tour ,bus MAN LION COACH :):fernbus:

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