5 out of 45: Lotto at TML on Air - RAFFLE

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  • Raffle on FlashBass.FM

    To win one out of ten keys for our upcoming DLC Scania Touring, just click subscribe on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tmlonair/and write us until Friday 8pm (UTC +1) via direct message 5 numbers (between 1 and 45). We will then draw the numbers from our big lottery pot during the live show and announce the winners on Monday!

    The same goes for Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tml_onair/ There, too, you can try your luck to increase your chances

    Briefly and crisply summarized:

    • Subscribe to TML on Air on Facebook or Instagram (only subscribers have a chance to win)

    • Send a direct message to TML on Air on Facebook or Instagram with your five numbers (numbers from 1 to 45)

    • Submit your response by Friday, November 29, 8 pm (UTC +1)

    • Listen to the live show to see if you have won

    conditions of participation

    The participant agrees that his name will be published on our social media channels in the event of winning. The raffle is not affiliated with any social media platform or Steam, it is not sponsored, supported or organized by them. The legal process is excluded. The organizer reserves editorial freedom regarding the design, the content and the form of the competition action. In particular, the organizer is entitled to change the form and content of the action. Of course, participants from abroad can also attend (no German language required).

  • The results of the winners will be announced on Monday directly in a private message, maybe also on the forum it will turn out, we are all waiting for Monday who will win the Scania bus, I wish everyone good luck the competition :):thumbup::fernbus:wish it for myself too for myself shubham sidana

  • The winning numbers are:

    35 | 42 | 6 | 13 | 2

    Unfortunately, no one typed all the numbers, but of course we distributed the keys to those who were close enough. Many thanks to all for the active participation, we had a lot of fun!

    Note: We will be holding a small raffle every week before Christmas, so be prepared 😀

    More information will follow soon!

  • These were my guesses! Mighty close! And remember kids, always, ALWAYS go for 42, since it is the answer to life and bloody everything!!! And since I didn't get any reply, it means it wasn't close enough haha

    7 13 21 36 42

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