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In recent years, a large and active community has emerged on our Discord server. Many members are therefore no longer active in this forum and contributions from new users were not answered or only answered late. We are therefore closing this forum with immediate effect. Old posts will still be visible, but it will no longer be possible to write new posts. You can find our discord server here: https://discord.com/servers/tml-studios-224563159631921152

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    World of Subways Vol. 1 - PATH-Route - Frequently Asked Questions

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    Error: Access violation at 0x02428760 (tried to write to 0x00090FFC),
    program terminated

    Error message: "Sound card is missing"

    Error message: "xinput9_1_0.dill is missing error 126"

    Error message: "The engine was unable to create a suitable..."

    Game: "Simulation speed"?

    Game: Ctrl and clicking with the mouse doesn't work

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