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    you be sure to watch the video. this year is The Bus year :)

    There is a bug in the sound mechanism (maybe in the scripts) on the bus. Sometimes when accelerating, specifically when starting from the headlights, you can hear the retarder engaging (13:40 to 13:49 and 14:40 to 14:48 from driving) and this is an error because the retarder should only be heard when braking.

    It is not about the specificity of the Usedom region. The next DLC shows that there are few roads and cities in a given country. For comparison, this screen from the map of Germany and the Netherlands. Please compare the same area in both countries.

    There is one road in the game from Monchengladbach to Rotterdam via Arnheim, and you could have added a shorter route via the big city of Eindhoven and Breda.

    I wonder what happened that there is no continuation of creating more maps with such an interesting route as Usedom-Ahlbeck-Stralsund-Sellin (eg. Road by the sea !! via Wolgast). Every now and then there is a new, varied view with small towns, not even marked on the map.
    I bought France and what about the fact that there are really beautifully made cities when the road is boring and very similar, and sometimes even empty.
    Is it worth buying the Netherlands for just a few places? I spend most of the tour between cities, I wonder if this DLC will also be boring and empty on the tour?

    Buildings are mostly standard on every map and unfortunately the differences between countries are getting smaller. Ensuring map performance as recommended for the game is a brake here.

    Perhaps TML-Studios will have to decide to increase the recommended PC hardware configuration in order to play smoothly, and this could result in significant differences by country.

    More unique buildings at the cost of lower efficiency. Take Paris, for example, where the performance is much lower (less FPS).

    If we want a better game, we need to have better hardware than in 2016 when the game was released.

    Eventually, the introduction of pedestrians will also lower productivity. For this, you also need better computer hardware. If a map of Poland is created in the future, remember that there are completely different road markings and unique buildings.

    The maps should look like this, that immediately after entering a given country, we immediately see the differences and feel the specific climate.

    Hi there!

    Glad you liked the little clip, it is still not final. As soon as it is and we figure out, how we can implement pedestrians into FBS without a huge performance drop, we will do that. But it will probably happen after the EA of The Bus.

    Games keep getting better and better computers are needed. The number of pedestrians on the streets should be set in the game options, depending on the performance of your own computer. An example is the OMSI 2 game menu. This can be entered into FBS as another slider in the menu.

    .... Fernbus already has the option to move between 60-90, but the slider doesn't do anything (seemingly it doesn't matter what you set it to), and 90 a little too less for VR anyway. If we could get the option to actually change that value, and get it up to around 110ish (probably with framerate punishment, but that's fine), ....

    In Fernbus Sim, you can manually enter the FOV value, such as 110.

    Compare the view between 90 and 110 in FOV.



    I really like the driving show [Alpha version] through the streets of Berlin, but nobody crosses the street.

    Are you planning to introduce pedestrians to crossings?

    This is the case, for example, in Bus Simulator 18 (it is also a game on the Unreal Engine).

    You need to improve the simulation of the passenger movement in the bus, there is no movement of the passenger to the seat. Now in The Bus [Alpha] and Tourist Bus Simulator, the moment of sitting down is invisible, passengers get on the bus and suddenly appear on the seats.

    An example of a full simulation is in TramSim (0:16-0:19 and 3:06-3:11 of the movie)

    It looks similar in Bus Simulator 18

    The OptiView camera system does not perform well in bright sunlight. The camera view is too dark and not easy to read. Changing the graphic settings of the mirrors (Medium or High) does not do much.

    As I wrote earlier, when driving in the rain, the view from the cameras is ok. I checked that the view from the cameras during night driving is also ok.

    I like the OptiView system, the best image on the monitor can be obtained if the mirrors are set to medium in the graphic settings.



    I have not checked it, but the "High" setting, a brighter view in the mirrors will be needed at night on unlit roads.