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    I managed to drive a route with 2 stops for rest with a result of 100%.

    My route is "Nice - Clermont-Ferrand - Tours", The route marked by the game has no rest points on the way to the first city, so I was taking the replacement route to make it to the rest point:

    The second planned rest stop was too far from Clarmont-Feres so I went to Tours 40 minutes ahead of time to make it to the rest point:

    The most important thing is that the time between consecutive stop for rest should not exceed 4 hours of driving.

    Then we will get a positive assessment:

    Even if I rest each 2-4 hours on resting areas, I never get any XP for it. I've never understood what criteria should be fulfilled to do it right.:/

    This problem irritated me, but in the end I managed to get a positive result for a rest break. :)

    On the Grenoble-Parpignan route, rest was planned at 1 p.m. but I was at the parking spot at 12:08 and I got a 100% rating for "Resting Quality" on the ride summary.

    From this it follows that the rest break must start between 59 and 46 minutes before the date planned in the tablet (the stopping time is 15 minutes and it must end earlier).

    Rest stops are not well planned in the timetable.

    I have a stop for about 30 minutes before Clermond-Ferrand but between Lyon and Clermond-Ferrand there is no stop and I am not able to complete the task and I will get -50 XP

    Please change @TML-Studios this system to include the actual parking places on the map or change the map and increase parking spaces, just small ones like this are enough

    You will probably get such a response from support:

    "If you still experience frequent crashes, I could suggest then trying a complete reinstall of the game.

    1. Uninstall the game via Steam, when uninstall is done open the folder:

    2. C:\Users\Your_Windows_Username_Here\AppData\Local\TouristBusSimulator\Saved

    3. Delete the folders:



    ---and "Routes"

    4. Now open: C:\Users\Your_Windows_Username_Here\AppData\Local\TouristBusSimulator\

    5. and delete the folders:

    ---"Cached Textures"


    6. Now open your Steam-Installation folder:


    7. and delete the Tourist Bus Simulator folder

    8. Restart your PC!

    9. Reinstall the game."

    Sometimes it helps...

    It's good that in Fernbus Sim you don't have to turn the steering wheel so hard to leave the bus stop. ;)

    It is a pity that the published Scania Touring does not feel as active suspension work as it can be seen here in real life

    ok, do you get borded while driving a long time on highway? It can happend to me but not often

    Yes, I often admit that driving between cities is monotonous, because in the view we see when traveling on the route, not much happens. In addition to places to rest and refuel, we often see the same forests and nothing else. Even if we meet buildings from time to time, there is no detailed finish, only the building itself, no fence, no piece of orchard with trees, no parking lots next to the houses. There is basically a small variety of buildings in the game. In France there are buildings with square finishes the same as in Germany. There should be something different than in Germany, because it is difficult to notice the difference between countries along the way. If I see a farm building, there are no farm animals or machines etc.I also miss what is on the road ETS: unexpected road events (with animation), a greater variety of different objects in the interurban road environment.

    Basically, my excitement about the game increases a lot when I get to the city.

    I am eagerly awaiting the animation of the movement of people and trains at railway crossings in Fernbus Sim. I doubt if it will be even in 2020.

    At TBS, I was fascinated with building the company, discovering the island, and getting money. At the end I had a fleet of 14 buses, I had 3 villas and lots of money.

    It took me a lot of time to manage drivers, but I also missed more challenges what to do next.

    Maybe buying luxury vehicles would be useful in the game?

    After crashing and restoring Windows, I lost everything I achieved in the company and I have a new one.

    I don't want to grow the company anymore because I know it, I just like to drive.

    n the movie from @shmiel you can hear complex multi-layer sounds, drive system, engine, retarder etc.

    In the game these are rather individual sounds of the engine itself and I doubt that this will change in the near future. It is rather a matter of the complexity of sound scripts and probably it is not well understood by TML-Studios how important real sounds are for players.

    I like the contrast adjustment on the menu. Now everyone will adjust the brightness and contrast best for themselves

    It seems to me that you can better see objects in the mirror from a greater distance, and the image is more natural. I will check it while driving at night.

    I am glad that there are no more flashes of reflections of the headlights on the windshield in Lion`s Intercity and that is why I planned a trip on this Nice-Brest bus route through Paris (about 1500 km) and I will report if there are any errors on the map.

    Thank you TML-Studios for this update.

    In BS 18 there is a task mode and in OMSI 2 you go from A to B

    The BS 18 is an open world: you work occasionally as a ticket controller because you get paid to catch a free-rider, give passengers attention or help them with luggage, you can explore the city. In OMSI 2 there is only driving in the driver's seat.

    In my opinion, BS18 is the best animation for passengers and pedestrians, for example, they ride wheelchairs, sit on the bench when they leave our bus, walk or run with umbrellas as it rains (I dream it would be in Fernbus Sim once). In OMSI 2, this animation of people is very simplified.

    Undoubtedly, the great advantage of OMSI 2 are dozens of great maps and equally good buses available on various forums (mostly free). There are also some maps with trams getting bored by bus. In BS 18 there is one map + DLC that enlarges the map by a new area. BS 18 develops poorly :(

    In OMSI 2, a fairly simple editor is built in, there are also various guides published and you can create even nice maps, because the library of objects, streets, intersections on the Internet is huge.

    There is also an editor in BS 18 but it is a young game and there are few objects to use in the editor.