Update 27 - Officially Released

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  • Update 27 for Fernbus Simulator has been officially released!

    We took a close look at the performance, fixed various bugs and imperfections and prepared a new (very soon to be released) DLC.

    You can find the complete changelog here:


    Changelog 1.27.37988

    • Optimization of streaming and performance
    • Crash fix
    • New localizations: Dutch and Portuguese (thanks to Danipo.nl and Marcosdrummond)
    • Camera pan when changing cameras for all vehicles added
    • Symbols above passengers have been adjusted
    • Snowflake size decreased
    • Fixed lag when changing radio stations
    • Corrected wrong traffic signs
    • Fixed wrong speed limits
    • Fixed the problem of the passengers “moonwalking” when disembarking
    • Fixed missing windows on AI coaches
    • Corrected incorrectly placed bus stops near Munich
    • Fixed incorrectly placed passengers in Halle
    • MAN Lion's Coach 2nd Gen: Wheels can now either have hubcaps or rims
    • The focal length in photo mode has been adjusted
    • Fixed various collisions
    • Parts of the Spanish translation have been corrected
    • Bug fixes
    • Preparations for new DLC

    Football Team Bus

    • Logo corrected for MAN 2nd Gen

    VDL Futura FHD2

    • Mirrors fixed
    • New configuration options: regular mirrors or mirror cameras and monitors, as well as rims or hubcaps
    • Better view to the dashboard
  • P.S.: The missing passenger dialogues will be corrected by a hotfix that will be released today. It's coming soon, but something else will be released first =O:D8|

  • The promised hotfix is now online, initially only as a BETA of course, but will be published in full this week. You can see the changelog below:

    HOTFIX 1.27.38085

    • Corrected missing passenger dialogues
    • Sunflowers are now disappearing in winter
    • Fixed missing wheel textures
    • Corrected errors in the world map
    • Bug fixes


    • The inside of the passenger door now has the correct colour selection
  • The Hotfix has officially been released!

    Changelog 1.27.38112

    • Corrected missing passenger dialogues
    • Sunflowers are now disappearing in winter
    • Fixed missing wheel textures
    • Corrected errors in the world map
    • Fixed missing doors of the Event Center
    • Corrected graphical errors
    • Bug fixes


    • The inside of the passenger door now has the correct colour selection
  • Hi,

    Eventhough the TML team is now officially on vacation until January i will be here providing the "limited support" up until the end of day on the 23rd of December, if anyone has a issue, please just bring it to my attention and i will do my best to assist! there maybe some issues that cannot be solved until the team is back in January, i will help out where possible ^^

    Kind Regards.

  • Hello developers,first of all, l want to give all developers a big thumb, for developing such an excellent game:fernbus:.

    Now,l have some suggestions for you to improve the game even further:

    1.road textures

    The road textures in France maybe wrong,l learn from the Internet that the highway sideline in France is dotted line,not the solid line.Like the picture l show below.


    For me,l prefer to use a single weather condition while driving one route. But at present, the available weather in the game is sunny,rainy,thunderstorm,foggy,snowy.Could you add the weather such as cloudy and overcast in the future? Thus can make the weather in the game varied


    Recently l see the video about another amazing game "the bus" ,which will be released in the future, l found that the textures about the cars seem newer than the textures in fernbus simulator, so will you developers update the textures?Including but not limited to cars in the future?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             best regards

  • Hi,

    dreamline - thanks for the well wishes and congratulations!, to answer your questions:

    1) - About France, we're aware that somethings maybe not 100% correct (like the road markings) but we just don't have time for that right now, maybe once "the bus" is into EA that could change, but no promises.

    2) Originally we did have "Cloudy"/"Overcast" but removed them, they could come back one day, but that won't be soon, we have alot we're focused on right now.

    3) Absolutely, that's the plan to soon™️ add the new vehicles from "the bus" into Fernbus and Tourist Bus, but a date is not agreed upon for this yet.

    Hope these answer your questions :)

    Kind Regards.

  • Meanwhile passengers on the new Man Lion's Coach cannot fit the bus :)) Their body parts coming out of the bus.

    I have another serious problem, tough FPS is generally acceptable like 35-55, i get some "lags" or however it is called, and it happens often and kills all the driving joy, i didn't have that issue before, it seems like rendering problem or something. It happens suddenly and FPS reduces for 1-2 seconds and go on but it is killing all the joy while driving as it happens so often, plus i lose the bus control because of it when it comes back to normal.

    Is there anyone living this problem or only me?

  • Hi,

    Hamshentsi - we’re aware of the passengers sticking out of the sides of the MAN Lions Coach 3rd Gen Busses, this will be fixed in Update 28, which will be released next year, as for your FPS problem, what GPU do you have?, does your system meet the requirements? Have you ran the auto-detect in-game?, this allows the game to determine the best setting for your system.

    Kind Regards.