BETA Update 1.12.11759 - Feedback & Bugs

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  • Great step forward!!!! Realism has enormously increased when you listen to cars, light lorries, heavy lorries and other coaches pass by, or at traffic lights.

    The new system to check in passengers after breaks is much quicker, and funnier (you can read even their names), great idea. When
    you finish, thanks to the automatic appearence of the "mobile device" you will never forget to check them any more!

    The sound inside tunnels have improved, but the tunnel effect sound keeps going for several seconds after exiting them.

    About the new sound of the coach, I don't know, maybe I was used to drive it since last september and maybe the new one look rather dull to me. I suppose it is
    a question of time to get used to it. One suggestion: when you listen to the engine outside the coach, it sounds superbly well. Once inside, you can hardly listen to
    it, however you listen to all vehicles passing by much more clearley. I don't know if maybe equalising the sounds it could be better.

    I have driven two routes, in order to report any problem and everything worked as ususal, except when you finish the route and get the report. I tried to get to the main
    menu and both times a "fatal error" message appeared and I had to start the game again.

    As I said before, congratulations to the team, we (the superfans) are far from getting bored, thanks to your continuous updates and improvements and the superb paintings by
    people like Yannick. Thanks to all of you who contribute to improving this great game. And what to say about the "newcomer" Skyline!!! I have seen the videos and cannot sleep
    until tthe 30th when I buy it!!!!

    Let me left you on your desk some old suggestions in order to be introduced in the future:

    - Change of departing plattforms in stations like Hamburg and Munchen so that we have to reverse when leaving. I mention those two stations because the plattforms are already there and
    maybe making that change does not involve too much work. I humbly think that parking and leaving from there could mean a real thrill to most "virtual coach drivers"

    - Finally, I don't know if anyone have felt it, but I find it difficult to see at night (I don't remember from what version onwards) and during the day, sometimes because of a sudden darknes, it is
    difficult to distinguish vehicles ahead from the road.

    Cheers :) :) :) :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Edited once, last by Oscarlez: It is not Frankfurt station, but Hamburg the one with parallel plattforms which are suitable to leave them reversing the coach. ().

  • version 1.11.11608 picture was beautiful, seen driving in summer day , It was brighter picture more visible. version beta Update 1.12.11759 It is much worse, darker. Please fix it, do it as it was in earlier versions 1.11.11608 . lack of focus in the cockpit, bad lighting. poor focus most of the time.
    registration, fuzzy while driving. I showed all the pictures. Please fix it.
    good sound, environment, MAN engine too quiet, Please give a louder, so samy level as the environment. in the cockpit, and beyond. louder give engine MAN

    • Official Post

    Thanks for the detailed feedback! We're really glad to hear that we're going in the right direction.

    Regarding the sound in the front of the Lion's Coach, keep in mind that this is actually fairly realistic. You really don't hear the engine in the front! Especially when the aircon is turned on, etc - you only hear a dull sound in front.


  • Ok, I also tried the beta and I must say it is one of the better updates. I have a feeling that the bus is driving better than before, but that's could be illusion, because I don't see that you did something with driving phisics in changelog. When I drive with 100 km/h in curve, the bus is going better, I think. The lanes are better now, more visible and more white :) About the FPS, there are still the same on my PC 25-35 FPS, but it's better now, the picture is more fluid. Sometimes when it drops below 25 there are lags. New function Resolution Scale it works but it doesn't change my FPS in the game. Like OSCARLEZ wrote sometimes there are problem with proper light of the cockpit at night and during the day, when the sun is hide. Also at night in very dark places. The new sound is very good. I like it, but the sound of other cars could be a little bit quieter. Like MAKSIM32RUS wrote I also still miss the radio :-/ I noticed that you have added new trucks in the AI :) I like it, also the trailers with names of the companies, it look nice. I also have a feeling that the graphics looks better, I don't know why, maybe it's because Resolution Scale set to 200? All this new function makes that I want to play on Fernbus again :) Good work guys.

  • I've just tested a few minutes ago. Sound is nice, and perfomance is good. Trucks sounds on motorways are perhaps too loud ( possibility to add new sound sliders, one for inner motor sound, one for IA sound?).

    I know that the bug is known, but allmost all the time, I have blurry horrible textures (since 1.10 version). I have to restart the game again and again before all textures are properly loaded ( With 1.11 version, the dashboard was good but with current beta the dashboard also looks blurry when outside isn't good (see screenshots).

    In Essen, Flixbus offices have spherical surrounding red lines (delimitation box?) see second screenshot.

    @Marcin26677 i think that your license plate is displayed that way because of motion blur activation.

    Best regards !

  • I say it all the time @Yannick [FR] I know that the bug is known, but allmost all the time, I have blurry horrible textures (since 1.10 version). I have to restart the game again and again before all textures are properly loaded ( With 1.11 version, the dashboard was good but with current beta the dashboard also looks blurry when outside isn't good (see screenshots).
    Chris delete my posts do not respond to PM, I know you show defects is to treat us in a bad way , maybe the next person what he says @Yannick [FR] will eventually be heard,
    @Yannick [FR] early signs were good, license plate. you have to up the volume engine MAN, or give two sliders adjust the sound, engine, environment .Good ideas @Yannick [FR].

  • Hello, I have driven for three hours today and I think what Chris said is right:

    You really don't hear the engine in the front!

    Today I like the engine noise much more!!!

    But I think Yannick is also right and the volumen of "general noise is too loud" maybe that dims the engine sound.

    I upload a screenshot to illustrate what I mentioned yesterday (too dark to drive):


    Something strange was seeing how in Bremen I could see the cars light beems of traffic passing over the elevated road.

    Great news that of the radio.

  • Indicate with already, the game is generally too dark, shadows are earlier version was much nicer clearly. It was brighter and much more realistically. the rest of the faults here describe with colleagues. We hope that TML STUDIOS listen to us, Volume Up sound of the engine MAN, improve the sharpness of the cockpit, lighting cockpit red color and sharpness of textures. The game will load, good for 1 entire time texture map. registration will be smooth driving. The focus must be all the time, and not smeared. We like this game buses Fernbus we want to make it polished. Please do not be angry TML STUDIOS only appreciate our expectations. We are glad that creating this game, listening to us this game will become more beautiful.

  • Hi! I haven't been playing the game for a while now but i decided to test the beta when i read about the new sound engine. I have to admit i was really pleased ! It sound much better now even if i think, like other users stated here, that there's some adjustment to be done (for example the sound of ai traffic is too loud when driving).
    Performance is quite good and also the graphic is nice. I didn't encounter any problem after a 2 hours long drive. Something i hope you'll be working on is physics especially regarding the fact that i don't notice any difference if i'm driving uphill or downhill.. i hope other users can confirm that! There's also something strange about steering that i'm not able to describe at the moment: i'm using a steering wheel and when driving on an highway it seems that i need to steer too much even for a smooth curve and that doesn't feel right (hope to get some feedback from other users on this too). What else to say? Keep up the great work and i think i'll support you by getting the upcoming dlc. But please don't stop the updates! The game is getting really nice but it can still be a lot better!