BETA Update 1.15.14439 - Feedback & Bugs

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  • Hello,

    What a wonderful update ! Day performance are better ! How did you get this result ? Only Unreal optimization or trees reworking ? I didn't try the night and didn't do a long ride, but IA seems to be better.

    I saw that you decreased the number of traffic light in Duisburg for example. The run goes then faster. Essen was also reworked.

    I have to become accustomed to the new engine sound, I will see later (I loved the old engine sound, which was like an encapsulated engine).

    Only bug I noticed myself : the color grading slider seems to be inoperative.

    A big thank for all this work !

  • I have the same problem

    yea i confirm that too, and sometimes street lights behave wierdly

    as i go closer


    bus headlights still need fix for e.g

    on epic shader setting it focus right below the bus.


    it should behave like this,
    i changed shader settings to low to get this result.
    see that traffic :D

    default seating position seems wierd to me quite down looking angle and far from steering, if you brake hard rear view mirror gets almost out of view,
    i hope there will be some option in future to adjust seating positions for personal taste or please tell me how to adjust it if you know.

    *edit- i forgot to mention driver lights not working just like street light.


    and for consistent fps disabling vsync works on borderless mode. :thumbup:

  • Hello,

    I love this update a lot....but unfortunately, there is a LOT of things I really do not like about this update and I seriously hope you can fix this in the next update or a hotfix.

    My major concerns is the sounds. The sound in the bus is WAY too loud as you can barely hear yourself talking, nor the announcement. The previous sounds was just PERFECT. It's a shame you changed it. The sounds outside before you go into the bus is perfect in this update as it wasn't that good in the previous one. The sounds in my overall opinion needs to get changed back to the way it was in the cabin. The cabin sounds is what I think really needs to change.

    Another note about the sounds is when you drive in third person, you can hear the outside, like birds chirping, or sheep and pigs if you're going through a particular area. That's great...but the sheep, pigs, hens sounds changes within seconds from each other which I found very weird. These sounds are constantly on when going through the areas. I'd love to have the window open without those annoying sounds. They are a great detail but seriously need to be toned down.

    I have not played a lot with this update but I can see that the Stralsund GPS point needs fixing quite badly. Going to Stalsund from any other city does not show up on the GPS and that is because the road is not connected to the map which allows the GPS to go through. The GPS fixes itself when you drive into the bus station.

    In the picture below, I've painted some red dots on the locations where you need to fix the road. The red dots I've marked is where the map needs fixing because the game tells you that you are going off-road where there is already roads in the game. It is the same with going into the bus station in Stralsund.

    I really hope you can fix these issues with a hotfix soon as I really hope you can change back the sounds in the cabin as it was before!

    Thank you!


  • Reporting Bugs:

    Sometimes they are still walking like crazy:
    Yeah from time to time the passengers walk wildly, now sometimes they even can do the impossible like walk above the others people heads :)

    - Do i need to really stay very close to each passenger?
    I would recommend to you guys put a little dot in the center of the screen just to let people know where they are looking at, since there's no coordination when trying to talk with the passengers, also for new players it will be very friendly...

    - When changing the graphics while in-game it could glitch a little bit the sound of the engine...
    This happened after i tried to change the graphic settings and the results was one sound of the engine repeating all the time, it doesn't matter if i was driving or not the sould didn't change, that was wierd, but i hope you guys can reproduce this bug... :)

    - There's a bug after you make the break, the doors are lock for some reason, even when they are opened and with the engine turned off, also some times we can skip to check the passengers if we press to open doors or turn on the engine.

    - Passengers are complaining about to turn the lights on when its on night, after you take a break
    - I don't know if the problem was fixed in this version, but on the final built there's a bug that the passengers also are complaining about the air conditioner, saying like it's very hot for them and also this happen after you take a break.

    - Some of the time breaks aren't following the order specified on the phone, i mean some breaks are for 12:00, but before that we need to stop the bus on 14:00, can you understand what im trying to say? If no, i will leave one more example below:

    9:45 - 9:47 Random City
    8:00 - 8:15 Break Time
    12:03 - 12:05 Random City

    - Essen (GPS):
    You guys probably should revise this city, because the GPS there is totally broken and it's redirecting the way to a invisible walls, almost every time, so we at least can take alternative routes, but the main one is still broken and it doesn't matter if we want to just enter the city or just leave it.

    - FPS Dropping:
    One more thing, i dunno what cities, but after some time, the city itself turns to be in a perfect chaos, i mean there're so many cars in every single way or they just get stuck in some part of the streets or they are colliding on each other (i dunno the exactly reason yet), but every single time there's a drop on the FPS, it literally drops to 1, and to solve it, probably it needs to limit how many cars can be in that city when it's on full traffic. (If we save the game, and load again, the traffic itself is gone and the fps is back to normal) [After 10 min waiting on the bus stop, during the day you can see the FPS dropping on the city

    And finally, i took some screenshots, just showing some very little bugs, that happen in the game...

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

  • Great to see that you're still working on Fernbus. My issue is one of the aforementioned, specifically the one in which the camera shakes terribly when you're in cockpit mode.

  • The driver's seat can be adjusted up and down as the steering wheel and rearview mirrors could be adjusted

    I know it's just beta but in many places the gameis quite choppy and before updating has not been hired on new objects I believe that it's done

  • Great work on the game so far!

    Unfortunately I have an issue when I start my bus, the whole game becomes super laggy. Almost like 2 fps. It's the second I start the bus up. I don't know what's causing this and I have tried changing graphics setting but nothing!


  • 1.From the perspective of transformation, the number of frames falls to 1

    2.In the indoor view, The picture will shake

    3.In some cities,Frame number instability

    4.Inside the rearview mirror,Lack of clarity

    5.Lounge light,Close on and off

    6.You can't control the switch when driving, and the key will be wrong

    7.The car decelerated automatically when it was downhill